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JOOLA INSIDE Ping Pong Table

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These tables can give you and your family lots of fun and exercise. Many people are surprised at how useful it is to find a good ping pong table, especially if you are looking for a table that you can use regularly. We say that because some people are really passionate about the sport and expect the highest possible standards when they play. Even if you are an occasional player, you always expect to play on a good surface with predictable rebounds and skillfully direct your shots as best you can. With this in mind, let’s find out which are the ten best table tennis tables that the market can offer at this moment. If you want to buy a better ping-pong table, you can use this shopping guide that is presented below. This content will illustrate about the different types of tables, as well as their incredible functions. Having a ping-pong or ping-pong table can be fun, but buying one can be extremely expensive. The best thing to do is to look at how to build a ping pong table and try to save exactly hundreds of dollars.


they have the same width, the same length and the same height. The biggest difference is the material used to make the ping-pong table. The interior tables are made of solid wood. The outdoor tables are a mixture of metal and wood and are covered with a coating that protects the table from the sun, rain and wind.


A table tennis table for interiors of high quality and high quality can be purchased for approximately the same price as a mid-range outdoor table, due to the cost of waterproofing outdoor tables. However, it may be a false economy to buy an indoor table if it is likely to get wet or used in direct sunlight. Indoor tables can be damaged quickly if they are exposed to high levels of humidity or heat and direct sunlight Manufacturers claim that interior tables should be kept in a heated, insulated building to eliminate the risk of table deformation. Therefore, if your table needs to be kept in a garage, ideally it should be an outdoor table. Table tennis requires a fairly large play area (approximately 17 x 11 feet), since a smaller area may interfere with the player’s movement. You can escape with a little less space, but we recommend that you try to make this space a comfortable place to play. Keep in mind that ping-pong tables are extremely difficult and expensive to transport. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to measure the playground if you are not 100% sure you have enough space, otherwise it may cost you a fortune. The decks of the ping-pong tables do not make the table waterproof or weatherproof and should not be used as an alternative to an outdoor table The rebound (or the quality of play) of a high-end interior table cannot be reproduced on an outside table. However, even if rebounding is important, for most people in the home who play for fun and exercise, it will never be a problem.


All outdoor tables that we provide can be omitted day and night, regardless of weather conditions, including sun, rain, frost and snow. Some “outdoor” tables on the market are not as weather resistant, so be careful when choosing the brand. Outdoor tables offer great flexibility, as they can be used indoors or outdoors If you plan to store your ping-pong table in a garage that is not completely dry or on a very hot terrace or that has no shade, an outdoor table will be better. Outdoor tables do not meet the same standards as a high-end indoor competition table. However, the total freedom of storage and use compensates for the negative for most people.


If we are talking about an official ping pong table, the size, as well as other requirements, can be a little more specific. According to the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), official tables are 2.74 m long and 1,525 m wide, 76 cm high and 76 cm high. The height of said table should be 76 cm above the ground and the surface should be flat. As for the material of said table, it can be of any type, provided it is resistant. The most commonly used material is wood, but it can also include a plastic layer or a metal frame. Different manufacturers create different models to gain popularity. But the size of a table of this type is respected throughout the world, especially if we are talking about the Olympic Games and other official competitions. In addition, the shape of an official ping-pong table should be rectangular to meet the needs of the players. In addition to the size of the official ping-pong table, some brands must be present. A white line should cover the edges of the table.


A table tennis game is a great way to meet your family, colleagues and friends. It also helps you lose weight and allows you to exercise. You need a ping-pong table to play ping-pong. But sometimes, your home may lack the space needed to install a separate ping-pong table. This is where the conversion of table tennis is useful. If you already have a large table or pool table at home, you can easily turn it into a ping pong table using a conversion tray. A conversion tray will not give you the same satisfaction of playing at a dedicated ping pong table. But a conversion table will surely help you save valuable space in your home. A conversion tray also gives you a decent gaming experience. The best models can compete with the mid-range tables in terms of consistency and rebound quality. Therefore, they are an excellent alternative to a complete table, at least for beginners or enthusiasts. There are also many poor quality trays on the market, which have a terrible spike and can even damage the table below.

Here is the list of some best ping pong table conversion top.

1. Joola conversion top with foam backing
2. Harvel conversion top
3. Martin Kilpatrick pool conversion top
4. Viper portable  tri-fold



The configuration of STIGA Advantage table tennis is very simple and fast. It only takes a few minutes and it can be done alone, but we recommend that you ask two people to play and return the table when you are ready to play. With 190 pounds in total, it is not practical to shoot yourself. From the moment that this ping-pong table is assembled, its quality is obvious. It seems that it was built at a much higher level than the price suggests, offering strength and rebound as many expensive and professional tables. This table would be suitable for an amateur or intermediate player who is looking for a table that he can use to train, develop and improve his skills. This is completely possible with the advantage of STIGA. The play surface of 15 mm thick exceeds the construction of high density MDF. It is not the thickest, but it is remarkably smooth and uniform, providing a perfect and sensitive playing surface for an ultra-fast game. Everything about this table tennis table is ready for the competition, including dimensions, materials and even the network. The quality network of the tournament is made of durable cotton and measures 72 inches in diameter, with the ability to easily adjust the tension so that it fits perfectly. Having a ping pong table and a set of networks already set up for a tournament is fantastic for anyone looking to compete at a high level.

  • Table ready for the tournament with a very smooth surface for a quick game
  • Fantastic quality and performance, giving the impression of a professional table at a low price.
  • It has a tournament quality network
  • Quick and easy to assemble (10 minutes)
  • Heavy (190 pounds)
  • The thickness of the playing surface is not as thick as that of most clubs or professional tables (15 mm)




This is a dramatic improvement at the Kettler table. This is a full size table, which offers a playing surface that is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. It is perfect for serious practice or to gather some friends to have fun in multiplayer mode. It can also be folded to play alone or for very compact storage. In fact, in terms of storage, this is one of the smallest complete tables we have found. Like the JOOLA medium-sized table tennis table, the two halves of the STIGA XTR can be separated for individual use as separate tables. Alternatively, the two halves can fit together, creating a thin profile that does not require much storage space. It was very easy to switch between the main game, the solo game and the folding configurations. The legs can be made of galvanized steel, but have been designed with an automatic opening function that facilitates the opening and closing of the table without worrying about supporting a heavy weight or pinching your fingers. When folded for storage, a padlock can be used to lock the two halves in place, which is synonymous with security at all times for the whole family.

  • Quick assembly time (10 minutes)
  • Can be installed flat, folded for individual use, nested for storage or separated to use as two independent individual tables
  • Includes rubber levellers and wheels for portability, but also stability on uneven surfaces
  • Full size table suitable for outdoor use
  • Very thin playing surface (6mm).



Like the STIGA XTR, the assembly of this ping-pong table has been remarkably fast. It was enough to tighten and tighten about 8 screws, unlike the hard times of the Kettler and MD Sports tables. The feet, which are 1.5 inches wide, are made of sturdy steel, but are folded for compact storage. In addition, the quality seems to be able to withstand a fairly aggressive attack game without bending, breaking or damaging. The sturdy frame has two rubber levellers to ensure a uniform playing surface, as well as wheels to move the table for storage. Like the STIGA XTR, they can be locked to maintain the safety of the table when not in use. Each half of the table (which can be folded for reading mode or kept separate) has four wheels.With a thickness of 15 mm, the playing surface is a serious bounce. He responded well, resisted violent and offensive shots and threw difficult shots. We found that the rebound was uniform throughout the table, thanks to a 1.5-inch wide apron.

  • Quick assembly time (10 minutes)
  • Robust and durable construction quality.
  • 15mm thick playground gives a good bounce.
  • Very reasonable price (less than $ 400)
  • Cannot be used outdoors




This ITTF-approved ping pong table has been used in some high-level tournaments, including the 2004 ITTF Pro Tour and the US Open championships. UU From 2004, so we should not have been surprised with the quality. However, if you only play at less expensive leisure tables, you will notice a significant improvement. The Butterfly Centerfold 25 roll-up table is ready for tournaments, including a network suitable for use in tournaments. The top playing surface is 1 inch thick (25 mm), which makes it the thickest surface of all our professional table tennis reviews. This brought an incomparable rebound that we could use to get powerful shots and delicate curved balls. No doubt, you can understand why this model is attractive to professional players, but the overall gaming experience can be a bit difficult for beginners. Despite its high performance, this table is not complicated to use. It arrives completely assembled, which is ideal to start immediately, and it is quite easy for a person to move on their own. This is due to the 4 lockable wheels of 5 inches in diameter: although they are not as numerous as those of the Joola Inside table, they work smoothly and quietly.

  • Tournament prepared and adapted to high level competitions and professionals.
  • The thick playing surface gives an exceptional rebound.
  • Game suitable for int level players.
  • Expensive



As for the assembly and configuration, the JOOLA medium-sized ping pong table was by far the simplest of all our ping-pong tables. It comes completely pre-assembled, which saves hours of installation on the Kettler and MD Sports tables. All you have to do is unfold your legs and fix the network, which only takes a few seconds. The table itself consists of two halves. When it comes to storing the table, do not bend the sides like most tables. Instead, the two halves are separated and the legs are folded so that they can be stored separately. Each half is a 36-inch-thick square, which is easy to store even in the smallest spaces. As they are independent, the two table tennis halves could be used as smaller tables, but we would not recommend it, as this could damage the playing surface. This table tennis table will never compete with Quality, professional ping-pong tables, ready for tournaments, but for the low price (less than $ 200), this makes it a fantastic training table for recreational games.

  • Comes in two independent halves with folding legs for easy and compact storage
  • Does not require assembly
  • The small size is ideal for children and small spaces.
  • There is no normal size for tournaments.
  • The legs and the frame could be more robust.



Riding the JOOLA Rally TL 300 was quite simple: it took us about half an hour, but it’s not much time to put together a high-quality sports team, so well built. One of the aspects of the assembly that delayed us was the assembly of the bales, which was not clearly explained in the instructions. However, once configured, the table offers a fantastic gaming experience. The surface, made of professional-grade MDF 15 mm thick, provides a constant amount of bounce over the entire surface of the table. We tried both offensive and defensive play, and we were impressed by the resistance of the surface to the resistance of our toughest shots. We believe that this is the reason why this table is approved by USATT, being the favorite brand of many of the best professional players. With regard to safety latches and storage options, the JOOLA Rally TL300 offers the same flexibility as other tables, such as the JOOLA Inside table and STIGA XTR. This is a test of its reliable design features and its ability both in the game and in practice alone.

  • The professional top surface of MDF 15 mm thick is soft, strong and provides a fantastic bounce
  • Includes ball holders and magnetic counters for the abacus.
  • Approved by USATT
  • The instructions are not clear on how to mount the bales
  • Ball carriers and abacus counters are sometimes left out of the box



As with most JOOLA tables, the installation of JOOLA NOVA DX has been child’s play. The only exception was the installation of the network, where the instructions are not clear as to how it should fit. The system of connection to the network tends to loosen from time to time, but it is nothing that a quick adjustment cannot remedy the situation. Although the leg levelers are fantastic even for the playing surface, especially on a table that can be used outdoors, potentially on uneven terrain, adjusting them seemed quite difficult. The fact that the table is composed of two different halves, like most of the ping pong tables we have examined, means that in the center where the two sections are located (along the line), the two halves of The table can be misaligned. It was more difficult to obtain the same exact height in both halves than we found with other similar models, but the network mechanism was useful to hide this small inconvenience.

  • Suitable for constant outdoor use throughout the year, it does not deform
  • Good construction quality means long life and good value for money.
  • Very robust and well built.
  • USATT request
  • thin playing surface



We were really impressed with the Kettler Outdoor Garden table tennis table. Outdoor tables are stereotyped as fragile and cheap toys to use and abuse children and adults, but we find that this model rivals some of the most expensive and professional indoor table tennis tables. For example, the thickness of the playing surface is 22 mm, which is exactly the kind of quality we expected from a club table. It offers excellent effects, which are enhanced when you lean on one side to practice alone. The surface of game has technology anti-UV, impermeable and without glare, what makes it ideal for use in exteriors. The upper surface can be used when the weather conditions change and you do not have to worry about the rest of the table. Aluminum has been included in the design to prevent deformation and control the expansion and / or contraction caused by different types of weather conditions. A cover is also provided for greater protection against the elements, although the network must first be removed. Also, the feet were made of galvanized steel so they never corrode.

  • Tournament size (9 feet x 5 feet)
  • The 22 mm thick playing surface offers an excellent rebound that can compete with more expensive tables
  • It includes safety functions when folding.
  • The editing is difficult and takes a few hours.
  • The framework could be more robust.



With nine feet long and five feet wide, this table is perfect for practicing your ping pong skills on a table the same size as that found in tournaments and competitions. The 15mm thick playing surface offers the ideal rebound amount for daily use at home, although clubs and professional players may find it a little too thin. However, we were impressed by the way he responded to our laps and our powerful offensive shots. This table contains everything you need to get started, which is especially useful if it is your first table. The poles that hold the network in place are so easy to install that they can be attached to the table in seconds. The kit includes two pallets and two balls, but of low quality. If you are thinking of investing in a good ping pong table like this one, we recommend that you get professional ping pong rackets, especially if you intend to evolve your game beyond the recreational level.

  • Tournament size (9 feet x 5 feet)
  • Very cheap (well below $ 200) but still it is of good quality and value for money.
  • The playground of 15 mm thick is sensitive and offers a good bounce.
  • Can be folded for individual training or for ultra flat storage
  • The editing is difficult and takes a few hours.
  • The pallets and balls are of poor quality.

10.JOOLA TOUR 1800


A solid and economical offer, the JOOLA Tour 1800 indoor table offers a tournament quality unit that can be easily stored when needed. Its price places it clearly in the middle of portable models, but it offers some worthwhile features. Like many mid-range models, the Tour 1800 focuses on fast optimization, configuration and conversion. This sports team does this with an independent adjustment on all four legs, which allows it to compensate for uneven terrain. In addition, the Tour 1800 has a double anti-roll function, which eliminates the need to carry weight at one end. The medium density fiber board of 19 mm of this unit guarantees a quality game, even if it is likely to deform. Especially in exposure to moisture or heat. Even with this concern, the Tour 1800 is a unit or model of high quality, but affordable and folding.

  • Secure and mobile storage.
  • Affordable price
  • It has a double anti-roll function.

Approved by USATT

  • costly
  • thin layer

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