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Top Ten Drones Under 200$

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Best Choice

ALTAIR AA 108 Drone

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Best Seller

UDI RC U27 Drone

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There has never been a good time to purchase a drone. In fact, UAVs house high-end 4K cameras and portable form factors. That is, many of today’s best drones fall back to facilitate transportation. So you can take them wherever you are. The ultra stable video stabilization is also the hallmark of an excellent unmanned aircraft, and you will find it available in almost all unmanned aircraft models. You do not have to be a skilled drone operator to start with a high-quality drone. Most drones are easy to pick up and fly, although selecting the best drone is a difficult task. We recommend the following best drones after countless hours of rigorous testing in our heads. The drones of DJI and Parrot continue to dominate the skies, whether you are a beginner or an expert in drone pilots looking for the best floating camera. The best part of the selection of the best drones in 2019 is that economic or even economic drones now record 4K videos with constant image stabilization. It is true; you do not need a Hollywood ticket office budget to capture beautiful aerial images. Even though our number 1 drone recommendation, the DJI Mavic Air, is not really cheap, it’s still the best drone for your money. Finding a quality drone at a reasonable price is no longer a daunting task. Being able to legally drive your drone is sometimes more difficult, especially in cities. The good news is that the best available drones warn you correctly, usually through the associated applications, to determine where it is legal to fly without incurring the wrath of local authorities.


If you are a parent reading this, we believe that your children have seen their beloved drone in action and are ready to do anything to fly on their own. Very aptly, you are probably worried about leaving the controls of your pride and joy to a minor. Fortunately for you, the best drones for children offer many great features, but in smaller packages, more affordable and, more importantly, safer to fly. Child drones are among the cheapest on the market and, as such, only focus on some key elements, unlike the bells of some high-end models such as the Parrot Anafi or the DJI Mavic Air, but that’s why they are ideal for flyers for the first time.


Not all child drones are the same, so it is advisable to consider some key points before buying one. For starters, will your child use his drone outdoors and at home? If this is the case, you will need something a little bigger, more powerful and more stable so that the break does not stop prematurely due to a gust of wind. Other interesting features to consider are the altitude retention mode, designed to keep the flight without control of the aircraft without the controller input, the automatic landing and takeoff functions and the gyroscopic stabilization. Some of the best drones for children are designed for more than just flying. Take a look at the rigorous mini-drone JoyGeek, for example, or the Holy Stone HS177 drone equipped with a laser system, excellent additional entertainment to keep kids occupied. The more money you spend, the more functions you unlock, such as an on-board camera, the ability to transmit a first-person view of the camera to your Smartphone and an anti-collision construction. There are hundreds of drones for children. Make your choice, but the brands we have selected in this guide, such as Hubsan, UDI and Holy Stone, have a strong reputation for performance, reliability and manufacturing quality.


Drones are no longer just for professionals. If you try to find the best drones for beginners in 2019, you’ve got the right job. You are reading this because you are probably an initiator in the UAV field. We all have to start somewhere. Your first quad copter will provide you with your first experience of the ease (or difficulty) of flying. Although remote control units with FPV functionality, cameras are the chosen option, they are expensive. Especially when you learn to fly a drone for the first time, you do not want to accumulate thousands of dollars in an advanced UAV, only to find yourself breaking it directly into a tree and destroying it.


almost all the models presented here have security features. Even the DJI Spark, which is not designed for long-haul flights, includes a GPS and an automatic return home function. If your control signal is interrupted or the battery is too low (most drones can only fly for about 25 minutes on a single battery charge), your drone will start to return to its take-off and landing point. Fugitives still happen and there are horror stories in several online chat rooms. Of course, negative experiences are magnified in this context, simply because flights without incidents that do not lead to an accident or the loss of an unmanned aircraft are not hot topics. If you travel to the United States, you must comply with FAA guidelines or be prepared to face fines or jail sentences. The FAA has defined no-fly zones. Do not take off if you are near an airport without first reporting to the control tower. And even if it’s in the middle of nowhere, do not take your drone to more than 400 feet. Most are willing to follow these rules from the start, but controlling a quad copter is like driving a car: even if it does not meet the speed limit indication, you still have to pay for the ticket.

                             TOP TEN DRONES UNDER 200$


if your son has seen his life-size drone with bright eyes, but is afraid to drop it on such a powerful machine, the AA108 offers a high-end style, but with enough features to make it a safe and fun aircraft. Learn the basics of driving. The AA108 is also an unmanned aircraft in which it is advanced: the complementary application Flying See introduces the new pilots into personalized flight paths: send the drone automatically along a specific route traced on the screen of your smart phone , and the 720p camera The 120 degree wide angle is an excellent starting point to develop your aerial photography skills.

  • Much more robust even after several crashes
  • Without effort to hold in the air
  • The battery lasts about 5 minutes longer than its predecessor
  • Three flight skill modes – for advanced users to beginners
  • It gives you a boost for your money
  • the 2MP camera does not offer the quality of a high-end camera, but for a novice it is a lot of fun
  • A little more expensive compared to the AA108, but offset by more flight time and autonomy

2.UDI RC U27

With its three modes, beginners can learn according to their means. Mode 1 provides maximum stability as you learn the ropes. You can switch to mode 2 for medium speed and mode 3 for all your turns, ringtones and whistles. The headless mode, which is actually an assistant and not an obstacle, means that there are no adjustments to the aircraft. It is needed before the flight, which makes it even easier. Beginners understand the basics. Add to that the fact that it has striking lights and gives you great success.

  • An ideal air vehicle for amateur pilots
  • Not likely to break in an accident with accessories
  • Efficient engines
  • Stable outside flight
  • Can drift by heavy wind
  • The size can make it difficult to transport without a holster or backpack for drones


The Joy geek mini drone is one of the smallest and most robust drones on the list, making it extremely portable and unlikely to fail in the event of an accident. To simplify the lives of novice pilots, simply press a button to bring the drone. On land, and an integrated positioning system keeps things in the air, improving control. The drone also has high and low speed modes so you can start slowly while learning to master the basic controls. Once you have acquired your pilot’s wings, you will have four fun 3D stunts to explore and cool the LED lights when you have enough confidence to attempt a night flight.

  • Autonomous flight modes
  • Security features for beginners included
  • Easy to learn handles
  • Has additional Go Pro compatibility
  • May not be adaptable with latest GoPro camera models
  • This may seem too feature-rich for a new flyer or for the first time.


Your child, literally, will be the best kid in the neighborhood when this game comes out to play. You can fly up to 200 feet and can make an impressive waterfall tour with the push of a button. The best elements will be the LED lights and the sound effects, and they are made of high density foam, which probably means managing some accidental landings. The only complaint is the short life of the battery (and it is quite common with drones), we are absolutely sure that the Millenium Falcon will be a great success.

  • quality expert
  • protector blades
  • battery timing low


Holy Stone is a great drone for novice pilots, and the HS177 is no exception. It has three speed modes to use as your driving skills increase and Attitude Control means that the drone will remain in the air if you release the controls. Once you have mastered the flight alone, form a team with another HS177 owner and participate in air combat; Shoot your opponent with the drone’s infrared laser four times and they will collapse from the sky (do not worry, actually, they land slowly and safely). This drone has a range of between 30 and 50 meters from the controller. Have plenty of room to practice maneuvers, flight routes and explore the drone’s 360-degree drone capabilities.

  • Colorful LEDs
  • Low price
  • Headless mode
  • Well built plane
  • 6 double batteries needed
  • A little over an hour to load


In our opinion, the Syma X5C is one of the best drones for beginners in the market. The main reason is that it is not expensive, which allows you not to risk a large investment. This product also has a camera. Apparently, you will not get the high quality images, but that’s enough for the cost. Even if you are a total novice, you can learn the proper way to fly outdoors, inside and train the necessary skills. You can pull it out of your hand while enjoying a stable flight thanks to its 6-axis gyroscope. This model offers a range of approximately 7 minutes and a control distance of 50 meters. It can be lower or higher depending on the force with which you travel.

  • Ideal for exercising your abilities and learning
  • Larger size
  • Ready to fly right out of the box
  • Simple to fly and very stable
  • No additional flight mode
  • Good camera, yet that’s what you could expect to have in this budget


Although not the cheapest of the models on this list, the DJI Spark drone is its smallest and least expensive multicolor for the new controllers of its brand. Accessible, simple and fun, this is the ideal quadrocopter to start. It brings together DJI’s proprietary technologies in a small offering and, therefore, at a reasonably low price compared to all other versions. Also, it’s quick to take off, even if you’ve never piloted a drone. You can land and launch it directly from your hands. You want to handle this with your hands to feel how exciting and soft it is to fly. It is not necessary to associate DJI Spark with a mobile application or a remote control. This flying machine shows a flight time of 16 minutes. Along with a 1080p high-definition camera for photos and videos, it sports many of the DJI’s well-known flight modes.

  •  it has Compact design
  • it has High-quality camera
  • it has Autonomous flight modes
  • it has plenty of features.


The Blade is a recognized manufacturer in the personal drones market. The Nano QX RTF is an easy to fly and fun quad copter for new pilots. You can spin fast, climb and fly at a decent pace. It includes two flight modes, agility and stability. You can switch between the two depending on your flight choice. As you are likely to crash at times, as you learn the ropes, propeller protectors are also included. It uses SAFE technology. This will help the quadrilateral stay in place when it does not touch the clubs. The flight time is approximately 8 minutes, at the same level as other quad copters in this price range and size, and you can order spare batteries without waiting. The “Xbox” style transmitter supplied has a range of 10 meters, much shorter than you would expect. However, it is the extremely stable quad of this collection.

  • it has brushed motors
  • it has blade protector
  • it’s quite responsive and simple
  • it has two autonomous modes
  •  for inside use only
  • no rolls and flip


The DBPOWER MJX X400W is Amazon’s # 1 bestseller as well as one of the many drones that we offer most to novice pilots. This is one of the least expensive ways to get a bird’s eye view. It has an incredible white and stealthy underwater appearance. In addition, it is said that he has been beaten in many magazines. What is impressive is that it has a high definition camera that can transmit video in real time to your mobile device, which is enough to capture the photos you want. The Android and IOS operating systems will be compatible. With the screen divided into 3D, you can use the virtual reality headset to visualize the Earth in a very modern way. However, it does not come with the package, but it is also extremely affordable.

  • affordable
  • headless mode
  • size is little easy carry for outdoor and indoor
  • camera is decent
  • charging time is so long
  • its brand is not familiar like DJI, HUBSAN etc

10.HUBSAN X4 H107L

Are you looking for a quadracopter for beginners that is durable, cheap and easy to fly? If so, choose the Hubsan X4 H107L. It is a helicopter the size of a palm in which you can have a good time, either outside or inside. it is constant for the money and has a great time flying. When the batteries are exhausted, the lights on the outside of the arms begin to blink, which tells you it’s time to get off. Its advanced flight mode will allow you to make quick movements. The beginner flight mode is an excellent training wheel to control rods during their first flights. The useful life of your battery is approximately 7 minutes, depending on the increase of this drone apprentice. In addition, it has a USB charger to connect to your laptop.

  •  its very durable and one piece frame
  •  fast working
  • acrobatic flips
  • battery life is short
  •  no blade protector


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