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Top Ten Air Hockey Tables Reviews 2019

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Best Choice

Playcraft Sport 40 ” Table hockey

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Sport Squad HX40 Electric

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Hathaway face-to-face hockey table

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Choosing the perfect lawn hockey table is not an easy task these days, as more and more companies are trying to get into the trend of arcade style games at home. Before you can decide which table is right for you, a simple question should be asked: How important is air hockey to you? If you just want to give your children a more sophisticated toy that they can play with, that’s fine. If you really are a big fan and you’re finally ready to go a step further and be more professional, that’s great because there are many quality ice hockey tables that exactly match your needs. After a reasonable time evaluating the air hockey table market, we can safely say that we have reduced it to the best available. No matter the budget, there is something for everyone here. Maybe you would like to give a special gift to someone who is really passionate about this game or if you think it would be good to furnish your basement and turn it into a fun game room. If you need the best Pilates Reformer or Best Zero Turn Mower, we have also written articles about it. Before you start and see the most incredible tables that are really worth your money, let’s take a look at the three most sought after features of an air hockey table to discover what you’re supposed to know before creating a table. Those who are familiar with these can, of course, skip this section. One of the most important things to consider is that you want your game table to be large enough to fit the people who will use it. For children and adolescents, the range of three to four feet is sufficient, but adults prefer something from about six to seven feet or more. Another thing to keep in mind is the fan or the fan. A powerful one will help enormously to maintain the movement of the puck and a good functioning of the game, so spending a little more on a quality blower could have a relatively large impact on overall enjoyment. The last aspect that should not be neglected is the durability of the table. A cheap plastic made of plastic will not last you realistically, but it’s not a bad option if you just want to get something entertaining for the kids quickly. The most expensive air hockey tables are a solid investment because they allow you to enjoy the game for years because they are much more reliable thanks to their durable materials. Now that we have solved the problem, let’s move on to the top ten hockey table.


1.Playcraft Sport 40 ” Table hockey


Before entering the product functions, you must first answer two questions. The first is the frequency with which you play air hockey and the second the space available for you to play this game. If your answer to the first question is that you only play occasionally and that the second question is that your space is limited, the top of the Playcraft Air Hockey table is perfect for you. This air hockey table has all the necessary features of a good air hockey table and, fortunately, can fit into a small space in the house. This hockey table measures 40 inches. In relation to this, it is ideal for children who cannot reach a large hockey table. It can also be useful for adults who have difficulty playing hockey at a large table. Despite the size of this table, it is robust. The manufacturers of this table have used a hard MDF wood, which makes it durable. In addition, this hockey table comes with a UL approved CFM air motor, which is perfect for the slippery and silky surface of the table. It is also equipped with two shuffles and two fronts with an ABS recovery washer that allows a quick return. The most fantastic feature of this hockey table is that it can be folded and stored when it is not in use.

  • Light and compact design.
  • Durable and durable MDF construction
  • Small enough to keep out of sight.
  • The lack of padding on the feet could scratch the tables and the floor.

2.Sport Squad HX40 electric air hockey table


Nothing is more pleasant and relaxing than playing hockey with your friends. However, it is a pity that your wife does not allow you to buy a hockey table because it can take up a lot of space in your home and is not included in your budget. If you are looking for a cheap and small gas hockey table, the Sport Squad HX40, size: 40 “L x 20” W x 5 “H, might interest you.The manufacturers of Sport Squad HX40 have incredibly combined all the benefits of hockey air on a small, portable and compact ice hockey table.This table is electric, which makes the air flow constant.As a result, it offers you not only a frictionless experience, but also a quick hockey action. In addition to the smooth surface of the table, the Sport Squad HX40 also prides itself on its high-quality wood construction for stability and durability.You’ll love the manual control panel on the top that can help you monitor scores The product comes with an AC adapter, two round washers and two plastic stops.

  • Professional quality construction.
  • Lightweight and compact design for portability
  • Rubber pads that leave no marks on the feet to prevent scratches.
  • Manual scores make the game more fun.
  • The lack of legs makes the game play low.

3.Hathaway face-to-face hockey table


If you’re the kind of person who cannot play hockey for a month, then maybe it’s time to involve the whole family in air hockey. If your home has enough space to play hockey, this Hathaway game table is ideal for you. It is compact and is 5 feet long. The size of this hockey table makes it ideal for the whole family. It would not cram his home and would undoubtedly bring pleasure to the house. However, it is not the size of this table that gives it a professional appearance, but rather its powerful air flow. The reason for the excellent air flow is the 110 VAC axial fan, which has five blades that send a constant flow of air through the 1,500 holes in the table. As a result, the disks will slide smoothly like butter on the hockey table. Manufacturers have used high quality wood constructions and engineering. They also added durable frames for the legs of the table. In addition, it has an electronic board that guarantees that no one is cheated in the game.

  • Beautiful graphics inspired by hockey.
  • Robust and reliable engineering construction in wood.
  • Electronic motion detection board
  • Compact but generous size.
  • Many holes can become clogged, resulting in a dead center in the air flow

4. Harvil 4-Feet Air Hockey Game Table


If you are looking for a mini-hockey table on a limited budget, this Harvil 4-leg hockey table is for you. It is very economical, attractive to the eyes and can be easily used. You can buy this hockey table at a very affordable price. It comes with rhythmic feet and a compact frame that would not take up so much space. In addition, the table also has a creative design, which makes it attractive to the eyes. Your children will surely appreciate the graphics in this table. The manufacturer has equipped the table with a 100 V UL certified electric fan that can produce an adequate air flow. As a result, the washers will move quickly and easily to the surface. It also has an electronic scoreboard that assures you that you will not need to track the score in your mind.

  • Light and compact design.
  • Many free accessories
  • economic
  • The electronic board is not very resistant.

5.Viper Vancouver Air Hockey Play Table 7.5 Feet


You may have already tried playing at other hockey tables in the game room or at a friend’s house and noticed that the airflow of the table could not keep up with the intensity of the game. If you are a very competitive hockey player, this table is ideal for you. The Viper hockey table is equipped with an air flow of 110 cubic feet per minute. It is strong enough for the washing machine to move quickly between the surface of the table and the surface of the table. Another impressive detail about this table is that the manufacturers have taken their time to create graphics that look a lot like a real hockey rink. It also has a double-ended disk return that allows players to quickly return to the game. Although it needs to be assembled, it’s just a piece of cake for customers. The table measures 89.5 “x 50” x 32 “and can be adapted to most rooms. The package comes with four decks in case you want to play a two-player game or if you lose a deck. They are equipped with foot levelers to ensure you can maintain balance and not wobble while playing. Another good thing about this table is that it has a professional style triangular LED electronic timer. You can set the timer to the desired duration.

  • Have four decks
  • affordable
  • Table of levels
  • Professional style scorekeeper
  • Smooth surface
  • Regular air flow
  • Excellent graphics
  • Unlimited game time
  • The assembly of the table can take a long time for some

6.Top 7.5 ‘atomic table for ice hockey


A good air play on a hockey surface is essential. When it comes to airflow, the Atomic hockey table can offer you more than you want with its 120 volt motor. The surface of the table is also ultra smooth and ultra smooth, which also contributes to a uniform flow. The design of the tray can also give you a feeling of retro style with its old arcade-inspired graphics. It is equipped with a multicolor LED lamp with Lumen-X technology. In addition to this, the table also plays game music that can help players to concentrate. The table measures 82 “x 41”, which is large enough but does not take up space in your game room. The package comes with two LED decks, two round washers and a hexagonal LED, which adds an extra touch to the fun.

  • Excellent size
  • Complete accessories
  • With Lumen-X technology.
  • Adequate air flow
  • Retro style graphics
  • Smooth surface
  • Expensive

7. Triumph 3 in 1 multiplayer rotating table


When you buy this Triumph table, you not only buy a hockey table, but also a pool table and a ping-pong table. The multiple functions it provides can provide hours of entertainment with friends and family while playing different games. The top of the table can be modified for the desired game in seconds. This 3 in 1 multiplayer table can be changed to air hockey, billiards and table tennis. So you can enjoy 3 games at a table. It is equipped with a central air circulation system that provides the game with sufficient air circulation. In addition, the package includes all the accessories you will need for all three games.

  • Table 3 in 1
  • Complete accessories for the three games.
  • Easy change
  • The strong air flow.
  • Stable legs
  • The sides and legs of the table can be easily dented.
  • The accessories for games take up a lot of space.

8.Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED 54 hockey tables


If you have a tight budget and are looking for an air hockey table that fits your budget, this table is for you. The washers on the Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Air hockey table are lightweight and the surface of the table is smooth. As for the appearance of the table, you will surely appreciate the lights on every corner of this table that light up every time someone scores a goal at the goal. In addition, you can use the manual or electronic scoring system according to your preferences. The washers on this air hockey table are also LED, which makes them attractive to look at in your game room. The table is durable and your feet are strong enough to be impossible to break or bend.

  • affordable
  • Light weight
  • long lasting
  • Attractive visuals
  • Sturdy legs
  • Equipped with a manual and electronic signaling system.
  • The materials are thin
  • LED lights may malfunction

9.Brunswick 7 ‘air hockey table – Windchill


When you are a busy person, you will want nothing more than to play air hockey with your family or friends over the weekend. Unfortunately, most people do not have enough space for the standard 8-foot air hockey table. But rest assured that space problems will not prevent you from playing hockey. Brunswick Windchill is a high quality air hockey table that measures 7 feet. The manufacturers of this table have ensured that it ensures a lasting performance. Brunswick prides itself on the appearance of this air hockey table that is contemporary and elegant. The approximate dimensions of this air hockey table are 83.75 “x 41.75” x 30 “and weigh approximately 149 lbs.

  • Durable construction for high performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Attractive for the eyes
  • Expensive

10.Hockey table Goplus, 54 “- Indoor Sports


This hockey table is designed for occasional buyers, but has all the features needed for an air hockey table. It consists of a mixture of plastic and wood and has many holes blown by its 12V fan. If you do not have space to place this table, you can hold it using the wooden stand included in the box. Unlike other air hockey tables of the same price, this table is equipped with a digital scoreboard. However, if you are not really a fan of digital notation, you can always update to the manual correction included in the package at no additional charge. The package includes two discs, two pushers and two scorekeepers. Most parts of the table are removable for easy storage.

  • Simple
  • Cheap
  • It has a digital marker
  • Good materials
  • Easy to configure
  • Detachable parts for easy storage
  • Most parts are removable, which takes time to assemble
  • Digital annotator
  • Powered by battery
  • Small pushers

What are the different types?

Whether you want to improve your home’s playroom or winery room for your friends or if you want a fun activity for your children, air hockey is an excellent addition to your home. If you are considering buying a lawn hockey table, know what kind of appearance will allow you to buy the table that fits your needs.

Table hockey tables

If you do not have space, these tables cram your dining table or coffee table. Once you have finished playing, they are easily stored in a closet or other storage space.

Miniature hockey tables

These independent tables are designed as arcades. However, their size is much smaller, which makes them more suitable for small spaces or children.

Life-size game tables.

These tables are the largest in the group and are replicas of those found in the arcades. These are the best for dedicated spaces, such as a game room, a game room or even a garage.

Multigame tables

They are the most versatile of the group. These game tables have interchangeable trays that allow you to play air hockey, table tennis, billiards and other fun games.

What are the advantages of having an air hockey table?

An air hockey table is an excellent way to spend time with family and friends. It brings pleasure and nostalgia to the gambling halls of your own home and, best of all, you do not need a barracks! Some companies and even groups of young people in the church have added air hockey tables for clients, employees and members. Air hockey is easy to learn, making it ideal for players of all ages. In short, adding an air hockey table to your space is a simple way to provide your friends, family, employees or other people with hours of entertainment.

What are the benefits of Air Hockey?

Air hockey is more than fun. Regular play has many physical and mental benefits for adults and especially for children. Air hockey can be a great exercise. Even if the players do not run in the room, they do not stand still. Air hockey requires brief and intense movements of the players. It is an excellent source of cardio. In addition, air hockey helps develop strategic thinking. You should analyze the location of the disk and react accordingly, and you should develop these strategies on the fly as the disk approaches the track. Finally, air hockey contributes to the promotion of sportsmanship. Unlike online games, you have to face your opponent directly when you play. Children (and adults) learn the importance of winning and losing gracefully.


99% of us have a limited space with respect to the game room. The question really is: how to maximize the space you have? In practice, approximately 15 x 11 feet are needed to have a proper configuration for a standard pool table, ping pong or air hockey. If you are a fan of these 3 games, it would take a lot of space to own each type of table. Fortunately, there are very good choices of ping-pong tables with air hockey pool. A combination of table tennis and ping pong with air hockey gives you the great benefit of efficiency with its beautiful space. While you occupy only one table space, these versatile tables allow you to switch between two or three different games. There are many models and types of combined tables available in the market. Our goal is to highlight the best combined tables from the point of view of quality and versatility.


The best air hockey tables for children should have the same characteristics as full-size models, such as leg levelers, scoreboards, blower systems and a smooth playing surface. These tables must also be durable and be able to withstand rough use. As air hockey is more popular than ever today, the market is essentially flooded with tables designed for younger and older children. This can make it difficult to find a table that offers not only solid performance, but also durable construction that will survive the intensive use of children. Fortunately for you, we walk through the market and reduce it to the first five models that parents and children will love. Each of these models has exceptional characteristics that will improve the game. In addition, many of the models we have chosen are also very portable, which means that if you do not have a permanent home for your child’s air hockey table, you can easily save it. Another advantage, if you choose one of these lightweight and portable models, you can take it with you on your next family vacation or on a camping trip.

  • (1) Harvil 5 ft. Air hockey table for children and adults
  • (2) Harvil 4-foot plus portable air hockey game table for children and adults with electronic scoreboard
  • (3) Best table hockey air hockey table Air hockey table Rally and roar
  • (4) Ice hockey table 3 in 1 Hathaway Rapid Fire BG1157M
  • (5) The best Goplus air hockey table game for children

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