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Top 7 Electric Shavers 2020 Reviews & Buyers Guide


Choosing the best shaver is not an easy task. Questions such as, What is the best electric shaver? And how to buy an electric shaver? Are common to arise in the buyer’s mind.

The reason why picking the best electric razor is challenging is the existence of multiple brands offering a number of models making it difficult for buyers to pick the right one.

That said, we have spent hours on research to craft this list of best electric shavers 2019 to help you make an informed decision while buying the best shaver for your skin type.

This review rounds up the top-rated electric shavers from the best brands in the market and gives you an answer to how to choose the best shaver from all the electric shaver types.

Without further ado, let’s get into the electric shaver reviews guide.

ProductsShaving timeBattery Price
Braun Series 7 790cc
Best Selling
50 min1 Lithium ion battery Check Price
Braun Series 9 9095cc
Best in the market
50 min1 Lithium ion battery Check Price
Panasonic ES-LV95
Best for the money
40 min1 Lithium ion battery Check Price
Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D
Best Rotary Shaver for head and beard
50 min1 Lithium ion battery Check Price
Panasonic Arc 4
Best Budget close shaving provider
Automatic1 AA battery Check Price
Wahl 8061
Best for sensitive skin
60 min 1 A battery Check Price
Philips AT83050 min1 Lithium ion battery Check Price

Best Electric Shavers 2020

1.  Braun Series 7 790cc – Best Selling


If you are looking for a best electric razor ideal for a clean and close shave, Braun Series 7 790cc is the best men’s electric razor offering cool features. Out of the electric razor reviews, Braun Series 7 790cc is the best electric razor for men due to its comfortable shaving and best for the money features.

Braun Series 7 790cc is one of the top-rated electric razors, and it is an ideal choice for the clean and close shave of facial hairs. Due to its smart features, Braun Series 7 790cc offers amazingly close and smooth shave in some of the most challenging areas. Braun Series 7 790cc is a favorite choice because of its ability to efficiently remove flat hairs in a quiet and excellent manner.

Braun Series 7 790cc is one of the best-recommended shavers for its exceptional shaving experience and features which are great value for the money.

Braun Series 7 790cc is an advanced electric shaver which captures more and more hair due to its micro-vibrations. This feature is suitable for the close shaving of short and in-grown hair from all skin types and hairs, including regular, intensive, and extra-sensitive.

Unlike the most popular expensive and inexpensive models which take a lot more time in shaving, Braun Series 7 790cc completes the task in half the time because of its synchronized four-stroke function. Time-efficient shaving is one of the top requirements of any man and Braun Series 7 790cc is the super-fast electric razor to meet this requirement.

Braun Series 7 790cc is the best electric shaver for men featuring personalization modes for a quick and smooth shaving experience. The quality issues need to be resolved.


  • Super-fast electric razor with a powerful motor and battery backup.
  • Auto-Sensing motor of pulmonic electric shaver for shaving dense beards.
  • Five sensitive personalization modes for shaver adjustment.
  • Micro vibrations capture short and in-grown hairs.


  • Poor quality razor material.
  • Battery leakage issues.

 2.  Braun Series 9 9095cc – Best in the market


Braun Series 9 9095cc is a top-rated electric shaver available at a low and affordable price. It has a beautiful design and impressive features which make the perfect combination for making it the most sold electric shaver.

This latest electric shaver has premium features which offer protection from bacteria in cuts and burns. Braun Series 9 9095cc is the most beautiful electric shaver and is an improvement of its previous model, this electric shaver best for traveling as well.

In our electric shaver reviews, Braun Series 9 9095cc is the best electric shaver because of its Syncrosonic technology which efficiently catches the hair on neck and jawline.

The micro-vibrations generated by this electric shaver are efficient enough to capture ingrown and flat hair. Braun Series 9 9095cc works perfectly even on 3-day old beards. The 40,000 cross-cutting actions which are delivered per minute with this technology are suitable for removal of all hair types.

Braun Series 9 9095cc is a foil shaver as it features OptiFoil which offers maximum closeness for need and close shaving. The quadruple cleaning action perfectly adapts with your facial features for efficient shaving. The cleaning station is one of the most noticeable improvements made in this model because of its hygienic cleaning, lubrication, and quick charging.

Braun Series 9 9095ccis a best-quality electric razor which is available in the market and has the capability of meeting shaving needs. The flawed cleaning station needs to be improved.


  • Micro vibrations for clean and smooth shaving.
  • Quadruple cleaning action.
  • LED display for battery and hygiene indication.
  • Travel lock.


  • The cutting head develops noise over time.
  • Flawed cleaning station.

 3.  Panasonic ES-LV95 – Best for the money


When it comes to choosing the best electric shaver available in an affordable range, Panasonic ES-LV95 is preferred over others. When purchasing the best electric shaver, Panasonic ES-LV95 is a must to be considered in your list.

Panasonic ES-LV95 is the best budget electric shaver suitable for trimming beards, mustaches, and sideburns. This modern electric shaver offers premium features which are ideal for the smooth shaving of facial hairs with varying density. It features a neat and portable charging station which can easily be carried from one place to the other during traveling.

Panasonic ES-LV95 features 5-blade shaving technology which gives an incredible precision of 30 degrees to the razor blades. This feature makes the shaver suitable for close and smooth shaving. The power source has an automatic dual voltage conversion system. This means that you do not have to worry about international voltage fluctuations during traveling.

Panasonic ES-LV95 is the super-fast electric shaver which has70, 000 cross-cutting actions per minute. The motor features a hyper-performance linear model for super-fast shaving. The Arc5 monitor built inside the electric shaver carefully monitors the varying density in different beard types, and the cutting power is adjusted accordingly.

Panasonic ES-LV95 has one of the most robust cleaning stations. The cleaning station of this pop-up trimmer features a 10-stage LCD for clear viewing of shaver analytics. Panasonic ES-LV95 can be charged quickly in an hour and lasts for over 45 minutes of continuous usage.

Panasonic ES-LV95 is a good pick for a best electric shaver 2018 to be used for regular shaving as well as for travel purposes. However, it is not suitable for all skin types and not a good pick for best shavers for shiny hairs.


  • Superfast motor for quick shaving action.
  • Quick charging and reasonable operational time.
  • Precise, smooth and comfortable shaving.
  • Adjusts with varying beard density.


  • May cause skin irritation.
  • Uneven shaving.

 4.  Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Rotary Shaver for head and beard


Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is one of the safest choices to replace your ordinary electric shaver with the one used by professional barbers. In Norelco shaver reviews, rotary shavers are considered to be the best electric shavers for men because of their robust and versatile performance.

Panasonic ES-LV95 is the best Norelco shaver and has previously earned the title of best electric shaver in 2016. Panasonic ES-LV95 is an excellent rotary shaver which easily adjusts with the contours of your skin. Whether you want to shave off the shaving gel from sensitive skin or enjoy the perks of the best shaver for dry skin, Panasonic ES-LV95 works well in either case.

When it comes to purchasing an electric shaver, Panasonic ES-LV95 will save you the trouble of searching across several models just for choosing the top shaver.

Panasonic ES-LV95 is a dry or wet electric shaver because of its AquaTec technology. This technology has enabled Panasonic ES-LV95 to be used on damp and gel coated skins as well as on the dry skin. When it comes to performance, Panasonic ES-LV95 gives stiff competition to some of the best brands.

It has a GyroFlex 3D contour technology which works in three directional ways. The outward flex action offers you swift shaving from jaws and necklines. The pivot around activity eases the turning movement. The inward tilt work adjusts which quickly move around the contours of your face.

Panasonic ES-LV95 has UltraTrack heads which feature three very sleek shaving heads. These shaving heads cover over 50% more skin surface as compared to other shaver heads. Panasonic ES-LV95 is a pop-up trimmer suitable for trimming beards, mustaches, and sideburns. It is also ideal for long beard shaving as well.

Panasonic ES-LV95 is one of the top-rated electric shavers featured by one of the best brands in the market. The head replacement costs may be burdensome for some users.


  • Gyroflex contour technology adjusts with skin contours.
  • Three shaving heads cover 50% more shaving area.
  • Wet and dry shaving.
  • Pop-up trimmer.


  • Requires head replacement.
  • Poor quality.

 5.  Panasonic Arc 4 – Best Budget close shaving provider


Panasonic Arc 4 is one of the top-rated electric shavers. This excellent electric shaver features modern functionalities and adjustments, which has made it one of the most favorite customer’s picks. The most prominent feature about Panasonic Arc 4 is its Wet&Dry Technology, which offers a great deal of versatility for the users.

Through this feature, Panasonic Arc 4 allows the users to enjoy a smooth shave from the foamed skin as well as the best dry shave ever experienced. Panasonic holds a prominent place in the list of best brands in the market. Panasonic Arc 4 is a note-worthy creation by Panasonic and has some of the most innovative functionalities.

To let the users, enjoy a super-fast, smooth, close and clean shave, Panasonic Arc 4 features a powerful motor and quadruple action. The electric shaver features Nanotech blades. The blades surpass the durability and sharpness standards for top-rated electric shavers. The hyper-performance engine is capable of delivering 14,000 cuts per minute, which is precisely done by the 30-degrees angle nanotech blade shaving system.

Panasonic Arc 4 features a multi-flex head which has smooth gliding to let the razor quickly move around the contours of your face. You can swiftly remove hair from neck and jawline without any trouble in movement. The ARC foil is designed to conform with the contours of your skin to offer matchless shaving comfort.

Panasonic Arc 4 is a good pick for the best electric shaver in 2018 because of its convenient features. The quality needs to be improved.


  • 10-stage LC to view power status, charge and replacement indication.
  • One hour charging time.
  • Pop-up trimmer for trimming beards, mustaches, and side-burns.
  • Super-fast shaving action.


  • Flawed Cleaning station.
  • Poor quality foils.

 6.  Wahl 8061 – Best for sensitive skin


Wahl 8061 is one of the most efficient and economical electric shavers available in the market. This electric shaver requires minimum maintenance and saves a lot of expenses for the users. Because of the robust function which comes at a low and affordable price, Wahl 8061 is an excellent value for the money.

Due to its super close shaving action and even cuts, Wahl 8061 qualifies as one of the best shavers for smooth hair. Ultra-close shaving, even and smooth cuts, flexible performance, robust build, and durability are some of the main features of this top-rated electric shaver. Available at a cheap and affordable cost, Wahl 8061 will deliver you the best features without costing you an arm and a leg.

Wahl 8061 has a coated hypoallergenic foil. Unlike the ordinary foil shavers which irritate the skin during close shaving, Wahl 8061 does not cause any irritation even when it is in close contact with the skin. It features a corded as well as a cordless operation to aid the user depending on his needs. An ultra-close, clean, and smooth shave is what you can expect from Wahl 8061.

Wahl 8061 is an excellent pick to experience the comfortable and super-close shaving experience. Wahl 8061 is susceptible to quick breakage.


  • Ultra close shaving.
  • Least skin irritation.
  • Dual power options.
  • Even cuts.


  • Easily breakable foil.
  • Short life.

 7.  Philips AT830


Philips AT830 is by far the best shaver for all hair types. Whether you have a long beard or short stubble, Philips AT830 will work equally well on both. This top-rated electric shaver offers comfortable and irritation-free shaving for the users.

One of the primary reasons as to why this electric shaver is capable of adjusting with long and short hair is its heads. The design of Philips AT830 features slots and holes which can quickly shave long and short hair. Shaving will become a breezy task with Philips AT830.

Philips AT830 understands the requirements of any man. Philips AT830 is perfect for regular usage as well as best for traveling. When it comes to versatility, Philips AT830 features wet and dry shaving options. If you want to apply a layer of foam for extra protection of your skin, Philips AT830 will work well on it. Similarly, if you’re going to shave directly and safely from dry skin, Philips AT830 does the job well in this case as well. The AquaTec technology used in this shaver knows just the right way to aid the user in either case.

Philips AT830 features a pop-up trimmer. This integrated trimmer is suitable for trimming of mustaches and sideburns. The shaving head needs replacement after 12 months for a sustained degree of sharp functionality.

Philips AT830 is an excellent pick for an electric shaver because of its dual functions. The charge and assembly issues need to be rectified.


  • Suitable for dry and wet shaving.
  • Integrated Pop-up trimmer.
  • Shaves long and short hair.


  • Battery charging issues.
  • Poor assembly of parts.

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