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Top 5 Best Wireless Gaming Routers 2019

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Linksys E4200

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D-Link EXO AC2600

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Every day I get into a bunch of people who have basically exceeded the capabilities of their wireless (or wired) routers by either connecting too many devices or Playing video games over Wireless router or streaming videos that their router cannot handle.

Not all wireless routers are created equal. Most standard routers are fine for surfing the web and checking email but a playing a Videogame over a Wireless connection uses several times more bandwidth than some basic activities on the web. Many standard and cheap routers cannot handle (network sensitive) video games or high-definition video streams without running into problems like lag, jitter and dropped connections.

To handle the intense timing-sensitive video games and video streams over a wireless signal need additional processing power, extra internal memory, and gigabit ethernet ports.

Many gaming routers also have QoS Controls. QoS stands for Quality of Service. It allows you to configure your router so certain activities such as gaming have a priority over other activities such as surfing or downloading files. A dual-band wireless router can help a lot for gamers by eliminating interference from other low-speed devices running on 2.4 GHz.

I have explained almost anything and everything that you should look for in a router when buying for gaming. Here is the list of some best routers that you can get on the market.

Best Wireless Routers for Gaming:

5. Netgear Nighthawk AC1750



  • Eyecatching and interesting wireless router designed for gamers in mind.
  • Angled housing with intelligent vents which is both durable and helps with cooling during network intensive sessions.
  • Ideal for high network-intense and time-sensitive tasks like VR gaming or online gaming.
  • Excellent performance in ultra high-def video streaming (4K, 4K HDR).
  • Beamforming technology for excellent coverage of the wireless signal and stable connection to devices.
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for your high-speed local wired network.
  • Built-in firewall and WPA2 wireless security to protect your network from attacks.
  • Three levels of QoS with priority engine for a lag-free gaming experience.
  • Easily add USB-devices like printers or storage to your network.
  • Manage this router from your iOS and Android tablet with Netgear Genie App.

Bottom Line:

This router might be a perfect choice for any home but it sure is a perfect router for gamers looking for lag-free online sessions. With the mean and angry design of this router matched with it’s extreme and reliable performance, this router can get through extensive game sessions without any hiccups and offers some excellent range and speed.

4. TRENDnet AC2600


  • MU-MINO technology and 4 high-gain detachable antennas for blazing fast speeds on the wireless network.
  • High-performance dual-core 1.4 GHz processor and pre-encrypted wifi network for great performance and security.
  • USB share ports for printers and storage devices.
  • Wall-mountable design for easy installation.

Bottom Line:

This wireless gaming router offers traffic shaping for advanced QoS and multimedia services like iTunes library streams and BitTorrent sharing directly from it’s USB 3.0 ports, great performance, and customizability for a very reasonable price.

3. D-Link EXO AC2600


  • AC2600 (dual-band) to support more high-performance devices connected wirelessly to your home network.
  • Enjoy the lag-free multiple 4K Video streams and online gaming with 4 x 4 data streams and MU-MIMO technology.
  • 4 high-performance antennas make this wireless blanket more area with wireless signal.
  • Advanced beam-forming technology for reliable connection even at some distance where other routers fail to deliver.
  • Easy to set-up for the first time and get up and running in minutes. Can also be managed through your iOS or Andriod device.
  • Smart QoS and traffic prioritization for seamless gaming sessions.
  • 2 USB ports for adding portable storage devices to your network.
  • Compatible with FTP, SAMBA and DLNA enabled devices for multimedia streaming and local file hosting.

    Bottom Line:

    This router is built for those who demand more from their local network in terms of ultra high-def video streams and network sensitive gaming, all day. With 4 simultaneous streams of the wireless signal coupled with 4 high-performance (amplified) antennas, this gaming wireless router can cover a large area with its wireless signal, not going to miss and always going to deliver.

    2. Linksys E4200


  • Simultaneous Dual-band Wireless N network for optimal speed and range.
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports to add high-speed devices to your network over ethernet.
  • Internal 3×3 MIMO (multiple in multiple out) antennas.
  • Stellar wireless coverage and performance even on the far end of the network.
  • Integrated firewall and WPA2 wireless encryption protect your network from hackers.
  • IPv6 ready and optimized for DLNA and media services.
  • QoS for prioritization of media and entertainment traffic over regular web services.
  • Create a separate network for guest to keep them away from your home network.

Bottom Line:

This router is very simple and easy to install and manage your network but does not let that simplicity fool you. There lies a beast behind that simplicity which handles all the high performance and low-performance devices separately to give you best possible speeds and performance for lag-free gaming and entertainment.

1. Linksys WRT32X – “Killer” Wireless Gaming Routers


  • Great retro design now in matte black (with glossy accents) which looks mean and angry so you know it’s powerful.
  • Built just for gaming in mind as the first priority.
  • Comes with a Killer Prioritization Engine to prioritize your gaming over all other traffic.
  • Next-gen Wireless AC standard (paired with a 1.8 GHz dual-core CPU) for max throughput of 3.2 Gbps over a wireless connection with a separate data stream for every user.
  • Reduces Peak ping by 75% over other routers.
  • Simultaneous data processing for blazing fast speeds.
  • Sleek and totally practical web interface to manage your router.
  • Pro-grade ethernet switch with high-speed 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports to expand your network over Ethernet connections.
  • 2 USB ports and an eSATA port to add additional devices to your networks like Portable storage drives or a printer.
  • DFS (Dynamic Frequency Switching) to enable operation at 160 Mhz which also enables the router to work in a clear airspace field where most routers are not allowed to.

Bottom Line:

This gaming router was built from the ground up to provide true solutions for online gaming. With a custom firmware for online gaming, this router can prioritize gaming traffic over other traffic like youtube, facebook, or even high-speed downloads so the online gaming experience stays the best it can be.


With a high-performance wireless gaming router, you have a peace of mind to know that you can run network demanding games from the beginning to end without even worrying about a sudden interruption or hiccup that ruins everything though you do need a high-speed broadband connection to help with your shiny new router.

Just keep that in mind, that any wireless router, I mean the best of best, is not going to improve your internet speeds whatsoever. It is only going to make your wireless and a wired network (WLAN and LAN) more robust, stable and reliable over time.

We picked 5 of the all-time Best Wireless Routers for Gaming that you can buy to improve your gaming and multimedia experience. Happy Shopping!


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