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Top 3 Tankless Water Heater

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Ecosmart ECO 27 tankless water heater:

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Ecotemp L10 Portable

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Takagi T-KJr2-IN_NG


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Are your efforts to get a quality water heater proving futile? Or are you simply eager to know how to get a water heater whose performance is unparalled? How about you try a tankless water heater? With the recent escalation in technological advancements, perhaps this is one of the greatest innovations of the century. Designed to permanently eliminate the need for a tank in the heating process, it embraces modern technology to beat all odds and guarantee constant hot water at the point of use. How is this possible? If this is a question you are about to ask, how about we delve into the nitty-gritty of this amazing innovation and attempt to unearth the answer to that question. Lets break it down by first defining what tankless water heater is.

What is a tankless water heater?

Also known as continuous flow, flash or on-demand water heater, this is a device which heats water without the use of tanks. Tankless water heaters work by heating water as it passes through them without necessarily retaining any water internally. The only water in this device is the one in the heat exchanger coil. This water heater makes use of copper in the heat exchanger coil owing to the fact that copper has high thermal conductivity. Copper has an easy fabrication as well; this makes it quite ideal for use in the heat exchanger coils.

Although tankless water heaters are oftenly turned off, presence of flow sensors notifies it when water passes through. This activates and triggers it to start operations immediately. Using a negative feedback technology which perceives low temperature as negative aspect, it manages to heat the water to the required temperature. It comes with durable coatings and acid resistant coating to withstand acidic environment and high temperatures of up to 1000 C.

Previously designed to use electricity as the main power supply, recent modifications have made it even more economical. It can use gases like propane for heat supply which helps slash down electricity bills and save a handful of bulks which would be used in footing huge electricity bills. It is quite ideal in the kitchen as well as bathrooms where hot or warm water is required at any time.

What are the benefits of using tankless water heaters?

Unlimited supply of hot water: Unlike their tanked counterparts which are subject to water exhaustion, tankless heaters for you water never run of water since the water they heat comes directly from the main water supply in the house. With this, tankless water heater guarantee 24/7 supply of hot water whenever the need arises. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that make them quite popular.

Saves on physical space: Isn’t this the greatest news to any home owner? Space is scarce and an innovation which saves space is always warmly welcomed. As we all know, tankless heaters do not need huge physical spaces unlike their counterparts. This makes them quite ideal for anyone wishing to save on space in their homes. This is quite a relief since it makes them easy to fit into any room without having to worry about the space they will occupy.

Saves energy on long-term: Although the initial cost of a tankless heater for your water is high, It is worth noting that it saves on energy usage in the long-run. This is because it only uses energy when called upon to heat water and not constantly maintain a tank full of water at a constant temperature. Maintaining large amount of water at a constant temperature is quite uneconomical considering the fact that these tanks lose heat through conduction. This turns out quite costly. These tankless water heaters come in handy to curb this situation. They ensure maximum utilization of energy supplied.

Reduces or minimizes risks of water damage: Since there is no water storage, the risk of water damage resulting from ruptures or leakages is eliminated. What’s more, stored water calls for utmost attention in order to keep it safe. With tankless heater, these are not part of the worries one has to put up with since no water is stored; It is however worth noting that minor damages resulting from faulty pipes are expected although at low chances.These minor damages only occur under severe conditions.

Saves on water Usage: As a control mechanism, tankless water heater saves on the amount of water wasted. This is because those on the far ends or the remote areas of your building do not have to necessarily run the taps considering the time needed to wait for it to get to the faucet. This alters one’s water usage habit which in turn saves on usage.

Temperature compensation technology: One aspect of heaters is the fact that temperature and pressure gradually decreases after continuous use. This is such a negative aspect since it would alter one’s required temperatures. However, good news to anyone planning to get tankless heaters is; you do not have to be a victim of this situation. Tankless heaters have the solution to this situation and are well equipped to ensure constant temperature and pressure is maintained. This is such a relief to the users and helps solve this problem by use of what we call flow control valve to stabilize pressure. The fact that these heaters apply inverse proportionality technology ensures that temperatures never seem to get lower than require even with constant and continuous flow.

Safety: There is an aspect of safety when it comes to tankless water heater. Least exposure to the risky metallic nature coupled with the fact that temperatures are regulated guarantees ultimate safety. Regulation of temperatures means that deadly temperatures which would have catastrophic effects to the user are not reached. Chances of occurrence of spikes are also greatly reduced therefore making it quite secure. This reduces risk or electric shocks as well which ensures ultimate safety for your family

What to look for when getting tankless water heater:

Efficiency: This is such a great aspect of any water heater you should look at. An ideal tankless heater needs to be quite efficient in its service delivery. This is because the efficiency of any energy consuming product is critical before purchase. Why is it so? Efficiency goes a long way in determining overall energy requirements and consumption. You wouldn’t want to get a machine which would increase your energy bills. For this reason, you need to look at how efficient it is.

Ease of installation: When purchasing a water heater, you need to consider how easy it is to install. This is because a complicated tankless water heater calls for one to employ services of qualified personnel. This in turn implies that one has to incur extra expenses as they pay for the services of these qualified personnel. It also goes without saying that one will always have to call technicians to check performance. This translates to high expenditure in the long run. For this reason, look for an easy to install tankless water heater

Form of energy used: This is yet another important aspect to consider while choosing a tankless water heater for your home. Depending on what you feel ideal for you, you can choose between electric or gas. This is important because the type of energy a given tankless water heater requires goes a long way in determining the amount you have to incur on energy bills.

Flow rate: This is yet another factor to consider when choosing a water heater for your home. This is because different flow rates are required for different locations and therefore flow rate should be in accordance with wherever you want to have it installed.

Operation: This is yet another important factor you need to consider when looking for a tankless water heater. It is obvious that you do not want to get a tankless water heater that will always have you call your neighbor to operate it for you or get someone to your home to help operate it. For this reason, you need to look at how easy the tankless water heater can be operated. The easier it is, the better it is for you.

In the world full of options, possibility of falling for the wrong product is real. Let’s take a look at several available tankless water heaters and find out which one is the best. We will use several pillars in trying to determine which one is the best in the market.

1. Ecosmart ECO 27 tankless water heater:

With its patented modulation technology which is self-modulating, this product graces the market with an outstanding performance. It requires breaker quantity of three 40 Amp which makes it amazing an product. With 27 KW power supply at 240 Volts, it ensures constant and rapid heating of your water. It comes with a recommended 200 Amps electrical panel and digitized temperature control technology. It is known to save large amount of storage space. With the above technology, this heater is simply awesome. It ensures that you never run out of water; not just water but hot water. Going for about $569.00, this a product you ought to consider when you go out fishing for one of these amazing products. View current price and reviews on Amazon.

2. Ecotemp L10 Portable:

This is yet another tankless heater in the market worth your bargain. It comes with a gas regulator which is 9’CSA approved as well as a hose for use with a standard 20 lb tank. These two factors make it quite amazing considering the fact that it also comes with an automatic timer. The timer ensures a 20 minutes safety shutdown which is automated. The timer resets when water starts flowing and when it stops flowing. This is such a safety precaution considering the fact that water could flow with no one being around resulting bin a lot of wastage and in severe situations; massive destruction of property. With its stainless steel rain cap, its quality is guaranteed. It also comes with a garden horse adapter of ” NPT which makes it quite ideal for whole home use. Its 74,500 BTU’s make it a superb product for your home. It guarantees utmost satisfaction. Going for $ 218.35 when new and $188 when used, this is a product worth your money. View current price and reviews on Amazon.

3. Takagi T-KJr2-IN_NG:

This is yet another water heater we need to look at. It comes in 140,000 BTU; you got me right, that isn’t a typing error. This is such an amazing ability considering others in the market. With its 6.6 GPM maximum flow rate, this water heater has no match in the market. It ensures effective flow of water for your use. The stainless steel vent is amazing, coming in a 4-inch category; it is arguably one of the best features of this tankless water heater. Its energy factor of 0.81 to 0.83 is outstanding giving it ultimate performance. The sophisticated nature of this product is what has contributed greatly into its rise to the top of the market. It is fitted with fully functional inlet and outlet thermistors. These ensure that temperature is kept constant and help in temperature compensation. These features make this tankless water heater quite outstanding. Going for $533.39 while new and $375.00 when used, this is a tankless water heater which guarantees service equivalent to your money. View current price and reviews on Amazon.

All said and done, I wish to point out that although price should not be your only basis for evaluation when it comes to purchasing a tankless water heater or anything for that matter, it is an important aspect all the same. Looking at these three tankless water heaters, Ecosmart tops the list for being the most expensive. It is also worth noting that low price should not always be used to insinuate low quality. When it comes to performance, Takiagi is quite effective with a 140,000 BTU. Eco-temp happens to be the least expensive making it easily accessible. It is therefore upon yourself to use the pillars as well as basis highlighted in this content to decide on which product best suites your requirements. Consider the price as well as performance and ease of operation then make a decision on which of these products is best for you. Armed with the above information, perhaps it is time you went out to get one of these amazing products for your home.

Rinnai R75LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review

The Rinnai R75LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater is one of the most popular tankless heaters on the market today. It was designed to be able to present a whole home hot water solution for instant and limitless hot water for most American homes.

It’s not the cheapest model, and it doesn’t have the most features, but it was never designed to have either. It was designed to do a great job for most homes at a good price. Does it succeed? Let’s have a closer look.

Rinnai, the Warranty and Getting a Heater that lasts a Long time.

Rinnai are a company that specializes in gas hot-water appliances, and have been around for over 90 years. They are one of the brand leaders in the water heating world and over the decades have earned a reputation for quality. As a case in point Rinnai offer one of the best warranties out there – for residential use the labor is warrantied for 12 years and the parts for 5 years.

Most of us never want to think about water heaters once we have bought and installed them. We just want something that keeps on doing a great job without fuss, and does so for a very long time.

On the whole one of the advantages of Tankless water heaters over storage is the longevity you get with tankless, and choosing a top brand like Rinnai will get you more longevity. The added bonus being a longer lasting heater saves you more money too.


One of the key features of this model is a good compact and simplistic design, so the Rinnai R75LSi can fit virtually anywhere. The whole unit is only 14 inches x 10 inches x 26 inches, and is a fashionable brushed aluminum in finish – not that you’ll likely be spending much time looking at it. As well as the obviously needed natural gas line in, water supply in, electricity in, and hot water out, you’ll need to put it next to an outside wall so it can vent out.

That said its compact nature means you can easily mount in pretty much any indoor space that meets the above. Just mount the Rinnai R75LSi in any room where you can vent it outside, and you don’t have to worry about messy traditional water heater pans to empty.

Don’t forget as always a tankless hot water heater should be installed by a properly trained and qualified installer. You can get a no-obligation free quote on installing this model here.

Ease of Use

Once installed, this unit is easy to use, with a “Goldilocks” level of features – not too many, not too few.

Lets have a look at a diagram of the control panel that you will see on the water heater:

  • “In Use Indicator”. This is juts a light that indicates whether it is being used at present
  • “Temperature display”. What temperature you want the water heated to
  • “Temperature Selection”. Change the water temperature up or down
  • “Priority”. In unusual circumstances, you might have more than one of these heaters installed in the building. In that situation this button and light is used to indicate which water heater is used to set the temperature. Most people won’t ever have to worry about this button.
  • Errors. If there is a problem and the water heater isn’t working, the temperature display will display an error code which you can use to look up the appropriate code in the user manual. The error detection here is very good with about 20 different codes, so on the off chance something goes wrong there is an excellent chance you’ll get a useful idea of what it is.

So as you can see once it’s installed there’s nothing to do except adjust the temperature now and then is desired.

How does it Perform?

Let’s open up the Rinnai R75LSi natural gas tankless water heater and see how it performs. Far from a unit for small homes, this device can crank out 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute, and so can very effectively handle a 2-3 bath home. Using dual showers and hot water in a sink at the same time will never have you screaming in a cold water blast. And this unit can maintain that level of volume even while you have several faucets running, or appliances using hot water lines. That is not just initial flow. Very good volume and heat consistency.

This unit cleverly has a built-in condensate collector, and handles removal by transforming to water vapor and sending right out of its vent. A key feature of this unit is that it uses a commercial grade heat exchanger instead of typical residential device. This means that the heat it generates is constantly recycled, there is no wasted heat.

The water heat can be regulated from 98 to 140 degrees., and it is all done digitally at the master control panel mounted into the unit itself. And should you have extreme hot water needs, these systems easily piggyback each other, with an EZ connect feature. As your family grows and your needs change, don’t worry about installing a whole new system, just add another unit.

This unit can also be installed in manufactured (or mobile) homes, making it the most versatile water heater we know of .

Saving Energy and Money

Tankless water heaters cost more money upfront than a tanked water heater. It’s all about saving you money in the long run. So it’s important to have features that save you money down the track

  • Earlier we mentioned the commercial grade heat exchanger. This is a biggie as the generated heat is recycled and not wasted and so saves more money
  • Electronic Ignition. What this means is that there is no pilot light running and using gas 24/7. The gas is ignited by electrcity
  • Energy Star rated.
  • Meets California and Texas NOx emissions standards

Many users have reported savings of up to 84% off of their water heating bill, and overall utility bill savings of 15% to 30%. This means the Rinnai R75LSi natural gas tankless water heater pays itself off in as little as 2 to 3 years.

What Owners Think

One problem an owner has with this unit is that the hot water can take a couple of seconds to arrive out of the tap. Given that this can be true of any tankless system and that other owners have noted instantaneous hot water it’s not much of a shellacking of the product. Almost all owners are happy with their purchase, with comments like “space saving unit, and extremely quiet. And it can flat crank out the hot water! No lags, no lukewarm spaces, no waiting, just all the hot water you want when you want it! Our gas bill dropped about 15%“, and “I have this Rannai Tankless hot water heater three weeks now and have NO complaints at all. Performs above my expectations in all ways

Conclusion and Where to Buy

Rated on cost alone, this would be a great tankless water heater buy. However, with excellent energy ratings, ease of install, long warranty, and the ability to pay itself off in a couple of years makes this the best value model we know of. This is the ‘everyman’ tankless water heater and is popular for good reason. If you just want something that is easy to use, is reliable and will save you money you can stop your search now.

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