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Top 10 Best Paintball Masks – Reviews 2020

Do you want to bring your paintball skills to an even higher level? Then, why you don’t consider investing in the best paintball masks. An anti-fog paintball mask can help you feel the game even more. it also improves your gameplay, because it lets you wear some sort of protection for your face. With this cool paintball mask, you will no longer feel too intimidated. Especially if you’re a beginner in the paintball field and it is your first step in this field.

Best paintball masks Reviews

Paintball is an exciting sport that can be played recreationally or professionally indoors or outdoors. So, to enjoy this sport safely, protection is crucial. having good paintball masks serves to shield your head and critical areas such as eyes, ears, and nose.

So, if you’re looking to buy the best paintball mask, then you’re in the right place. Because in this Top 10 paintball masks article, we’ll give you an in-detail review of top paintball masks including their features, pros, and cons.

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1- Dye Precision I4 – Thermal paintball mask

One of the most awesome paintball masks that I got the chance to encounter is the Dye Precision I4. The coolest thing about this best anti-fog paintball mask is its ability to provide full protection to your face. So, if you’re wearing eyeglasses, you can use this paintball mask too. Moreover, if you want to wear it on your glasses, you have an assurance that its vent layout can maintain its clearness. With its durable design, communicating with your teammates will become much easier for you. Because it also has the ability to carry your voice much further. In addition, its foam comes with wide temple cutouts which means that it can accommodate several thin or thick armed-glasses. Another exciting feature of this best paintball is that it has a high-definition lens, which can easily fight with fog. However, it’s a bit trigger for those who have larger heads. So, if this is the case for you, consider trying the mask which provides you enough coverage.

  • High-definition thermal lens
  • Anti-fog technology
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Can be used along with eyeglasses
  • Coolest paintball masks
  • Weight: 10.7 ounces


  • Offers full protection to your face.
  • Fog proof paintball mask.
  • Has a wide peripheral field of vision.


    • A bit trigger for those who have larger heads.

2- Virtue VIO Paintball mask – Coolest paintball mask

I am sure that your paintballing experience will become even more fun and exciting if you invest in the Virtue VIO mask. One of the best things about this best paintball helmet is its versatile and innovative design. The versatile design makes it possible for the user to change each aspect of the mask with ease. Moreover, this thermal paintball mask includes a face mask itself, foam, lens, strap, and ear pads. It also has a venting system. You will also notice generous-sized vents at the bottom part of this mask. In addition, this vents paintball mask gives you enough sturdiness that is necessary to keep you safe during your game. It is very strong and durable and manufactured with hard-quality plastic material. The mask is fog-free, which means there is no need for you to stop often just to clean it. However, it also has a drawback, such as it lacks a visor.

  • VIO lens technology
  • 3D foam
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Anti-fog resistant
  • 100% UV protection
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds


  • Versatile and innovative design.
  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Shock-absorbent.
  • Provides a good field of vision.


    • Does not have a visor.

3- BASE Paintball mask – full coverage paintball mask

You might also consider the best paintball mask in the form of BASE paintball goggles. I’m very glad to say that this cheap paintball mask provides full coverage to your face. The strap is also adjustable, which means you can adjust it based on what is comfortable for you. Moreover, the strap is non-slip and can give you wick moisture providing you as much comfort as possible. It also provides a thermal lens with the aid of its sturdy molded visor. Furthermore, it also promotes excellent clarity of vision. It mainly because of its wide dual pane-anti fog thermal lens, which does not have any distortion. In addition, this mask also has an ability to provide optimal protection to your eyes because of its tool-free, wick moisture, and modular foam that is built into it. However, some users complained that it tends to squeeze on the ears.

  • Meets ASTM paintball safety standards
  • Built-in visor
  • The wide anti-fog thermal lens
  • Adjustable strap
  • Tool-free modular moisture
  • Weight: 2 pounds


  • Provides full coverage to user’s face.
  • Strong and comfortable.
  • Clear vision.
  • Has a molded visor for extra protection.


    • Tends to squeeze the ears.

4- Virtue VIO Ascend – Best thermal paintball mask

So, whatever you’re looking for paintball mask designed for speedball, woodsball, or any other version of paintball, I’m sure Virtue VIO Ascend would be a perfect choice if you consider it. I’m so happy to inform you that you’re able to customize your own paintball mask. Because this mask is totally also have sixteen cool options for the lens if you choose to buy this mask. Some of your options include light smoke, dark smoke, and super bright. But you can’t customize the lens as there are several designs and colors available for the strap. Moreover, it also gives up to 18 options for its visor. This mask is also the top-notch choice for many users because of its breathability. It provides great airflow and ventilation. So, you can breathe easily while wearing this mask. The foam used in this mask is fully replaceable.

  • Large peripheral field of view
  • Max airflow
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • VIO lens
  • Adjustable straps
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


  • Totally customizable.
  • Excellent breathability.
  • Fully replaceable foam.


    • Fully replaceable foam.

5- Gl Sportz – vforce paintball mask

If you’re looking for a high-quality thermal paintball mask, then we recommend you Vforce profiler in your list of choices. I can assure you that it is capable of delivering high-quality performance considering the fact that it enhances your field of vision with 280-degree peripheral vision. This mask will not disappoint you in terms of comfort. It is because of its ultra-lightweight design, which can help you that your movements will never be restricted once you start using it in the paintball field. Moreover, it is also comfortable with its soft and dual-density foam. Foam is fast in drying, which means it will not be difficult to use. Another exciting thing about this paintball mask its head target design. Furthermore, the lower part of this mask is soft and rubbery making it possible to obtain bounces.

  • 280-degree peripheral vision
  • Hard-target design
  • Lightweight
  • Fast-drying foam
  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Weight: 1 pound


  • Can enhance your field of vision.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Dual-density foam.


    • The sides are slightly short for some users.

6- Empire EVS – Best paintball mask for glasses

The Empire EVS is one of the best paintball brands in the market. In my opinion, one strong trait about this mask is its roomy interior. With its roomy interior, I can say that it has the ability to accommodate all sizes and shapes of eyeglasses. Moreover, with its built-in spherical and dual-pane lens, it works great in dominating and beating the fog. It is mainly because the lens develops a thermal barrier. Furthermore, the lower skirt of this paintball mask is highly-flexible. With such flexibility, I can find it effective in stimulating ball bounces. It also provides a good amount of ventilation too, which is great if you want to communicate with your teammates while suppressing echoes. However, be aware that the foam is triple-layered, which makes it slightly stiff during the first uses.

  • 270-degree field of vision
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Tool-free lens replacement
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Provides a roomy interior
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds


  • Great ventilation.
  • Can prevent the formation of fog inside.
  • Swapping the lens is easy.


  • Stiff facial foam at first use.

7- GI SPORTZ Grill – army paintball mask

Vforce grill paintball mask has an aggressive look, which is perfect if you want to look cool in the paintball field. It also has crisp clean lines that accent its low profile design. It is lightweight. The combination of lightweight and low-profile design makes this mask ideal for speedball players. Moreover, this paintball has parts that are easily replaceable, which means you can customize it based on my preference. There are various colors available for the visor. Furthermore, it is highly comfortable – thanks to its built-in foam. One more advantage of this paintball is that you can easily breathe while wearing it. However, one issue with this paintball mask is that it does not work as a full paintball helmet.

  • 3D lens
  • Aggressive low-profile
  • Maximum bounce
  • Hard target design
  • Attractive look
  • Weight: 1 pound


  • Replaceable and customizable parts.
  • Anti-fog lens.
  • Allows you to breathe easily.


  • Does not work as full paintball helmet.

8- EMPIRE E-Flex – Paintball mask

Empire is a household brand in the paintball industry. They are known by countless consumers around the world and are trusted by many to provide the best equipment that can withstand constant pressure and regular usage. Now, the Empire brand has introduced Empire E-Flex as their best paintball mask in the market and one of the most durable and reliable units ever come across. Moreover, this mask is an entire goggle system. It is also very lightweight. It also enhances your breathability and also has the best vent system for easy and swift lens exchange. The face portion of this mask from a super comfortable and hyper allergenic foam makes it extremely convenient for all users.

  • Anti-fog clear lens
  • Hypo-allergenic foam
  • Lightweight
  • Improved breathability
  • Weight: 3 pounds


  • Vents system.
  • Thermal lens.
  • Comfortable and reliable.


  • None.

9- JT Spectra Flex-8 – Review

The JT Spectra is also another option for those who are truly great fans of paintballs. It is specially designed to offer as much protection to the user. It also provides full coverage with a high level of efficiency. Weighing only 1.9 lbs. another exciting feature of this mask is that it has detectable parts. With these parts, users will not have a difficult time, maintaining the entire mask. It also comes with a built-in visor, which is easily removable. However, some users say that it requires more padding on the top of the inner part of the mask.

  • 260-degree field of vision
  • Full head coverage
  • Removable visor
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds


  • Spectra lens.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with detectable parts.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Needs more padding inside.

10- DYE i5 – Paintball mask

Last but not the least, another high-quality mask from DYE which will satisfy the majority of potential users. In my opinion, DYE i5 is a high-advanced and equipped dual-pane thermal lens, which is capable of preventing fogging. With its 290-degree field of vision, it provides an excellent peripheral vision. Moreover, it also has a built-in GSR Pro strap which offers a lot of comfort to the user. It comes with an adjustable dial for your convenience. Another amazing feature of this paintball is that it comes with replaceable foam. However, it is not suitable for use during heavy rain.

  • GSR Pro Strap
  • Replaceable foam
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and reliable
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces


  • Dual-pane thermal lens.
  • Excellent peripheral vision.
  • Easy to adjust GSR.


  • Not suitable for use in heavy rain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best paintball masks

What is the best paintball masks?

  • DYE I4 paintball
  • Virtue VIO mask
  • JT Spectra Thermal mask
  • DYE I5 paintball goggles
  • Empire E-Flex mask
  • Vforce Profiler
  • Empire EVS
  • Vforce Grill thermal paintball mask

What is a thermal lens paintball mask?

A thermal paintball lens is a type of protective mask lens that are greatly reduces fogging while playing paintball.

How much is a paintball mask?

Starting from $29.95, you can get great quality masks without breaking the bank. Sly paintball masks are some of the newest released in the market.

Can you wear glasses under a paintball mask?

Playing paintball while wearing glasses, it can be done. Glasses-wearing paintball players around the globe know well the trouble you can have comfortably wearing your paintball mask with your glasses.

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