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Top 10 Best Random Orbital Sanders in 2020

Unlike the many other sanders for the metal in the market, a random orbital sander has a random pattern of sanding. This product offers smooth results after sanding a surface that makes perfect for painting all kinds of surfaces like plastic, metal, and wood. So, if you’re also interested in buying the best palm sender, make sure to remember the following things before purchasing.
Power type: You can a lot of orbital sander in the market, which differs from each other in several ways, including power type.
Power rating: The power rating of an orbital sander is very important. Best cordless sanders have a power rating of 2 amps or 3 amps. Cordless models have a power rating of 18-20V.
Orbit speed: Another thing you should check before purchasing sander for woodworking is its orbit speed. This is given as 10000-12000 OPM, where a higher rating results in better performance.

Best Random Orbital Sanders in 2020

You can find a lot of sander machines out there, including Top 10 Best Orbital Sanders in 2020 which we are reviewing in this article. You can learn almost everything about Best Sanders for refreshing furniture right here in this article.

Makita XOB01Z
(Sander for wood working)
2-years18 volts Check Price
(Best detail Sander)
2-years120 volts Check Price
Dewalt Drywall Sander
(Best Sander for Refreshing Furniture)
3-year230 volts Check Price
(Best Sander for cabinets)
2-year230 volts Check Price
Bosch ROS20VSK
(Best Palm Sander)
1-year120 volts Check Price
(Best Affordable Sander)
3-year120 volts Check Price
Milwaukee 6034-21 5
(Sander for wood)
5-year120 volts Check Price
PORTER Cable 382
(Best Sander for Small Projects)
3-years120 volts Check Price
Bosch 3727DEVS
(Best Disc Sander)
1-year120 volts Check Price
(Random Orbit Sander Kit)
3-year120 volts Check Price

1- Makita XOB01Z – Sander for woodworking


Matika is one of the most well-known brands that is known for making a lot of cordless power tools like a random orbital sander. That’s why Matika is orbital sander is present at 1st position in our list. Therefore, it can be a great pick if you’re looking for a sander for wood furniture. It offers great build-quality that you can expect from any other premium brand in the market right now. It comes with a 3-year warranty, so you expect it to easily last for a long time. Just like many other Matika models, this is also powered by the 18V battery system. This gives it enough power for a 5-inch sanding disc. But the battery and charger of this product do not come included with it.

  • Powerful 18-volt battery
  • 3-year warranty
  • The orbital speed of 11000 Orbits Per Minute
  • Offers great build quality
  • Up to 40-minutes run time on a single charge


  • East to control.
  • Powerful battery system.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • Do not come with a charger.

2- BLACK+DECKER  5-inch – Best detail Sander


You can easily find a lot of powerful and affordable tools from Black Dacker that generally offers great value for money to their consumers. That’s why black decker 5-inch is placed at the 2nd position in this article. Because it is the cheapest orbital sander in the market. In addition to its lower price, you also get a lot of features with it that results in a high performance, making it the best option of the user who are on a budget. Since this is the best random orbital sander for woodworking, its power rating is 2 amps. The motor is quite decent for a given price and more than powering 5-inch sanding hand. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and solid build quality.

  • The power rating of 2 amps
  • 2-year warranty
  • Less expensive
  • Dust sealed switch
  • Hook and loop system


  • Excellent performance.
  • Cheapest wood sander.
  • Easy to control.


  • Average build quality.

3- Dewalt Drywall Sander – Best Sander for Refreshing Furniture


Dewalt can also be an excellent pick if you’re looking for a powerful brand with multiple corded as well as cordless models. The Dewalt DCW210B is placed in the 3rd position because it is the most powerful cordless model out there. If offers excellent performance due to its 20V battery system. It also allows you to easily go up to 12000 OPM if needed. Another great thing about Dewalt is that it is similar to Matika. It also offers a 3-year warranty. You can get a great build quality that allows you to get rely on it for a long-time. Because it comes with an 8-hole system for changing sanding pads.

  • The battery system of 20V
  • Orbit speed of 12000 OPM
  • 3-year warranty
  • Replaceable hook or loop
  • Texturized rubber grip


  • Long battery life.
  • Ergonomic and sleek design.
  • Best performance.


  • No cons yet!.

4- TACKLIFE 5 – inch – Best Sander for cabinets

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Tacklife is the newest brand that comes in the market, whose orbital sander has high user rating because of various advanced features which it offers to its consumers. Tacklife is the cheapest sander that is available in this article. Apart from being cheap and cost-effective, its corded motor is very powerful at a powerful rating of 3 amps. The speed of the motor is up to 13000 RPM. Unlike other cheapest power tools, Tacklife offers multiple accessories to the users. You can get multiple sanding pads, dust collection bags, and much more. Another amazing thing about Tacklife is that it comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

  • The power rating of 3 amps
  • The motor speed of up to 13000 rounds per minute
  • 2-year warranty
  • Great value for money
  • 6-variable speed trigger


    • Affordable price.
    • High-performance.
    • Additional accessories.


  • very expensive.
  • speed is 7mph which is low as compared to high competition hoverboards.

5- Bosch ROS20VSK – Best Palm Sander



Bosch is a well-known brand that makes power tools for all sorts of applications. Bosch’s ROS20VSK is another decent corded model of palm sander if you’re looking for one. It offers a decent 2.5 amp that offers a great balance between performance and power consumption. With its 5-inch sanding pad diameter, the motor should more than enough for every user. The build quality of this plam sander is awesome. But unfortunately, you can only get a 1-year warranty with this sander which is much lower than other sanders in the market. However, the addition of a variable speed trigger is always good to have.

  • The power rating of 2.5 amps
  • Orbit speed of 12000 OPM
  • 1-year warranty
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use


  • High orbit speed.
  • Efficient to use.
  • Decent build quality.


  • Only 1-year warranty.
  • A bit expensive.

6- CRAFTSMAN CMEW231 – Best Affordable Sander


CRAFTSMAN makes power tools for both budget user and high-end industrial needs that include affordable random orbital sander. CRAFTSMAN can be another perfect choice if you looking for a high power option. One of the best features of the sander is that it offers a powerful 3 amps motor. Its powerful motor gives you enough orbit speed of 12000 OPM. The Craftsman comes with the great build quality. When it combined with a 3-year long warranty, it can easily last for a long time. Since it can support vacuum hose, you can make sure that dust does not reach the motor.

  • The power rating of 3 amps
  • Orbit speed of 12000 OPM
  • 3-year warranty
  • Comes with a vacuum hose


  • Great build quality.
  • Excellent orbit speed.
  • High-powerful electric motor.


  • The motor can be a bit noisy.

7- Milwaukee 6034-21 5– Sander for wood


There many random orbital sander models that offer a 3-year warranty, Milwaukee is known for making the most reliable models. Milwaukee is the most durable and reliable orbital sander mentioned in this article. But unlike other sanders, it offers a 5-year long warranty to the user that is much higher than other models. It also offers awesome build quality to their consumers which is always good to have. Moreover, this cordless sander uses an 18V battery system. This battery gives you enough orbit speed of 12000 OPM. The battery life of this sander is mind-blowing due to a 3.0 Ah rating.

  • Battery power 18V
  • Orbit speed of 12000 OPM
  • 5-year long warranty
  • 0 Ah battery


  • Durable and reliable.
  • Great build quality.
  • Powerful battery system.


  • Can be expensive for some users.

8- PORTER Cable 382 – Best Sander for Small Projects


The Porter-Cable orbital sander has controllable pad speeds that help to start smoothly and avoid gouging the surface. It has completely ball-bearing construction to make it durable and reliable. Moreover, this sander doesn’t have many extra features. But it fits well in hand and easy to use and control. The sander is in-expensive but still reliable. The motor isn’t very powerful which is good for small jobs or projects. So, if you’re looking for something basic, then this is the one you should strongly consider. With its basic sander, it will give a nice and smooth finish on most wood projects.

  • Orbit speed of 12000 OPM
  • 9 AMP motor
  • Disc size: 5-inch
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-years


  • Sealed ball-bearing construction.
  • Less-expensive.
  • Controllable pads.


  • Only suitable for small jobs.

9- Bosch 3727DEVS – Best Disc Sander


The Boasch 3727 is one of the 6-sanders that we’re reviewing. While a difference of one inch between this and 5-inch sanders might not seem a lot, the larger surface area does make jobs to go a little faster and smoother. This because less movement is required to cover the same area. An amazing feature of this sander is that it comes with two modes. Regular mode, which you can use for formal sanding and finishing. And the other is turbo mode, which moves five times the regular rate when you need it. This sander is the priciest one that we reviewed. But it has a powerful feature to justify the price. Its powerful motor and speed make it effective in a variety of jobs.

  • OPM: 45,00 – 12,000
  • Motor: 3.3 AMP
  • Disc size: 6-inch
  • Warranty: 1-year


  • Large 6-inch covers more area.
  • Two sanding modes.
  • Dust protection.


  • Havier than other sanders.

10- DEWALT DWE6421K – Random Orbit Sander Kit


DEWALT DWE6421K is the best value of all the sanders that we reviewed in this article. So, if you’re looking for something best performance and affordable price then this would be a better choice. It has a compact solid construction and relatively lightweight. The texturized body gives you a nice grip on it. From all the list in this article, a lot of people have trouble finding a sander with an adequate dust collection system. While this isn’t the least expensive product in our list, it’s our best value because of its performance.

  • OPM: 12,000 OPM
  • Motor: 3 AMP
  • Disc size: 5-inch
  • Warranty: 3-year


  • Power switch.
  • Shorter height.
  • One-handed dust bag.


  • Not suitable for professionals.

Why invest in random orbital sander?

A random orbital sander is a versatile apparatus that serves homeowners in many ways. It is similar to an orbital sander and even shares the principle functions with its cousin. It is mainly used for woodworking and polishing works including removal of paints.

How do I choose a random orbital sander?

When shopping for a random orbital sander, it is recommended to you get one with variable speed. The variable speed helps you to either speed up or slow down the motion of the sanding pad. It all depends on the type of material that you’re using.

What is the difference between the orbital sander and random orbital sander?

An orbital sander moves only in a circular motion while the random orbital sander moves back and forth. As a result of these two separate motions, it leaves less of a swirl pattern on the wood.

Is an orbital sander good for wood?

When a  decent amount of stock needs to be removed, a random orbital sander is a preferred tool. It can also be used on big projects such as refining a wood floor and on smaller jobs.


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