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Top 10 American Made Work Boots

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Thorogood American Work Boots

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Danner men’s quarry work boot

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Chippewa Rugged  American boots

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Do you need work boots that provide comfort and protection throughout it day? Do not say more, FAM. We have provided you with a list of it best work boots made in it United States. But why buy expensive work boots made in it united States when you can buy a much cheaper pair. Well, nobody prevents you from buying imported products. However, if you are looking for it best work boots on it market, nothing better than it American. It United States is recognized throughout it world for producing leather products of unsurpassed quality. Work boots made in it United States can last more than a decade, which makes it a great investment. Do you prefer to buy $ 70 work shoes that last 3 to 5 years or $ 200 work boots that last at least 10 years? We are pretty sure that this is it most attractive case. Available in every imaginable style, from traditional construction boots to cowboy boots, American-made work boots exceed unparalleled performance standards and equally excellent comfort. When climbing mountains or supervising a work team, a good start is not only recommended, but mandatory. And fortunately, today’s shoe designs are tailored to suit everyone’s tastes, allowing it to move with ease, confidence and protection. As we grow, we all learn it value of hard work and investment in it right tools to get it best results. And although a man is much more than his job, it does not mean that it cannot be equipped to face all it demands made on him. An unbeatable work boot made in it United States restores pride in our business and our activities, celebrating individuals, thinkers and professional builders. Just as actions speak more than words, shoe life is it ultimate proof of superiority.


1.Thorogood American Work Boots for Men


Thorogood American work boots are designed by Weinbrenner Shoe Company. This special company has existed since 1892 with huge products and sophisticated experiments. This long-term experience has been developed to produce this specific work shoes. This durable design is one of it best work boots manufactured in it United States with exceptional materials for total comfort during use.


Thorogood men’s work boots have a removable insert called Ultimate Shock Absorption for protection against unexpected accidents. It also guarantees it comfort of it users and it durability of it boots. It vintage leather upper ensures that it work boots look good while you work. Work boots are made to serve longer. It is non-slip and also resistant to oil. It also has an exclusive wedge-shaped sole for exceptional balance and has a measure of six inches. Work boots are made to serve for a longer period. It is non-slip and also resistant to oil. It also has an exclusive wedge-shaped sole for exceptional balance and has a measure of six inches. This product is also designed to give your ankle excellent support and an elegant lacing system for protection reasons.

  • It is an ideal work boot for jobs that require a lot of weight lifting.
  • It lacing style gives you a firmer grip system.
  • It gives your ankle all it support you need.
  • Work boots are designed to offer exceptional stability when worn.
  • Total comfort inside it shoe.
  • It also offers it best protection against electrical risks and shocks.
  • It shoe seems a bit tight for some construction workers, which leaves little room for comfort.
  • It water resistance capacity is low.

2.Danner men’s quarry work boot


this is another work shoe made in America. Danner is famous for its high quality and its more protective attributes. This boot work is built with it intention of serving 24 hours a day. It materials used are reviewed and tested wonderfully to suit it user; It shoe is designed to facilitate penetration, unlike standards. One designed for perfect comfort both indoors and outdoors. With this better leather boots, you do not have to worry about it puddles.


This exclusive work boot made in it United States is made with a granulated leather upper with three stitches for easy insertion and a refined lace style. All this is to protect and support your feet throughout it day. In addition, this special work boots are constructed with a flexible athletic bent construction to provide flexibility and resist any hostile environment. Safety boots also have an unlabeled sole to support any slippery surface. It best leather boots also come with a cushion. It offers additional comfort and welded construction for uncompromising durability. It steel tip complies with ASTM F 2413-05.

  • This best American work boot does not allow heat or cold and is light enough for it feet.
  • It is 100% waterproof and resistant to moisture. It GORE-TEX lining prevents your feet from forming sweat.
  • It has it ability to protect against electric shock.
  • This boots are resistant with triple points.
  • It also designed with a Vibram sole for super traction; It serves as protection against falls.
  • Work boots are not designed for winter.
  • Not good for temperatures below 30 ° F
  • It only time to freeze

3. Chippewa Rugged handcraft American boots


It is another comfortable safety boot in which you can put your money! Why would not you accept this elegant and traditional work boot? Chippewa is also an American company known for its outdoor lifestyle. All it materials used in it manufacture of this ideal working shoe are of high quality to obtain excellent results.


work boots are designed with a sole technology that gives you a perfect grip on a slippery surface. Apart from this, it also has a good fabric lining and well-decorated leather upper to adorn and support. Each pair of work boots is designed with high components and a superior standard in technology, construction, methods and materials. This best shoe made in it United States is versatile and can be used for fashion, adventure and hard work. It is a type of three-in-one shoes. It is designed with an excellent lacing style and is strong enough not to undergo all tests and, at it same time, lasts longer, even if used by an informed user.

  • It has a perfect support of it high ankle.
  • Designed with a water resistant material
  • a steel tip and a comfortable insulation.
  • Some users said that breaking up was a challenge, that it first had to use it shoe at home to be able to enter properly before taking it to work.

4.Thorogood Men’s American classic plain toe boot


This product is another beautiful work boot and is ranked among it best selected work boots made in it United States. Many professional field agents continue to testify it exception obtained when using it job start. It shoe is designed to give users it confidence to trample on any substance and, It is designed for a hard surface and, at it same time, for a longer period of time. It is a product that you cannot say no to.


This special work boot is designed to withstand electric shocks thanks to its durable sole. On it same line, it can support an application that measures approximately 18,000 volts (RMS) RMSA at 60Hz at a 60-second interval without current leaks or currents of more than 1.0 million amperes per time sec. With this safety footwear, great jobs that seem a bit uncomfortable become easy. This is what unique work boots offer to anyone who wants it. It product is designed to be oil tanned in leather with a double sole. It simply means that your comfort is assured and its durability as well. It does not matter with you want your boots to work in difficult terrains, on steep slopes or on stairs. It boot is made for it hard. It classic Thorough good flat tip features an internal Poron pad, designed with a fiberglass stem for excellent support, steel-tipped versions and solid brass wear resistance for exceptional durability. This entire quality functionality works together to save you money.

  • Designed with full grain flower leather.
  • Easy to drill.
  • Rubber outsole and comfortable insole.
  • A great product to use in stormy construction sites.
  • It shoe takes a short time before a complete robbery and quite quickly you start to enjoy it.

5.Danner men’s bull run 6” work boot


Many people do not like it phase of breaking or it process of a new pair of work boots and this groups of people cannot be blamed in any way. Such processes are mostly uncomfortable due to it stiffness of new shoes. It Danner Bull Run 6 ” men’s boots are designed primarily for total improvement and easy insertion, unlike others. Besides it truth that is among it best work boots in it world, it also fulfills its purpose by activating it.


This work shoes are special for its durability and resistance. Actually it’s it Danner trademark. It is also designed to be well oiled and for full-grain leather in it upper region, which guarantees its longevity. It also has a good fiberglass upper and a well cushioned polyurethane foot for maximum comfort, as well as a non-slip wedge for light support. This also guarantees grip on different terrains. Another wonderful feature of this work shoe is that it works as a resistance to electric shock (it is a non-conductive product) using it sole and that it also prevent unplanned accidents. This means that you have no reason or anything to fear. Instead, make this startup your new partner.

  • It product has taken quality in quantity.
  • It promotes comfort and is also durable for daily use.
  • Fiberglass designs offer all it protection and support you need.
  • In fact, it is a good non-slip start on different floor surfaces.
  • Designed to be non-conductive and shock resistant.
  • It start of work is a bit stiff, but it shooting will not last longer than expected.

6. Belleville Hot Weather Steel toe combat boot



This brand of work boots is it type that makes your moral easier and at it same time serves you better by activating all it hidden intelligence and all it agility within you. This is one of it stylish work boots made in it United States. This product can be used during it hot and dry season and also allows it entry and exit of air for a natural respiratory capacity. It EH USA Made 8 ” Men’s Bellville Steel Men’s Shoe is designed with proven materials to ensure you have no problems when using it and ensures easy movement thanks to its lightweight design. It makes all it protection necessary, which means that your ankle is very safe. In addition to that, it also gives you it opportunity to wear a good PU midsole so that your feet feel comfortable during use. This brand offers your feet a better breath in warm weather, keeping it warm all day long. With this design, you do not have to worry about ventilation. Other features such as; It nylon fabric on it upper part of it shoe, it Vibram sole, it cowhide, it resistance to electric shocks, it steel toecap, work together as co-workers and, guarantee your protection and abrasion resistance.

  • It has a very good traction.
  • It material used allows air to come in and out to keep feet dry at all times.
  • It is made for high ankle support.
  • Allows easy leveling
  • It filling is very fresh.
  • There is no noticeable drawback to this brand

7.Red wing heritage men’s moc boot


It Red Wings Heritage is a premium leather work shoe manufactured in it United States that will place you in it middle of it leather work boots best valued of it 21st century. This boot allows casual wear every day of it week, no matter with you want to go. Of course, this makes it a versatile product. This boot is not only for boots, but also for it pacesetter


In addition to it classic Red Wings Heritage men’s boot designed for a casual look, it work boot is also designed for protection and comfort. It has a quality rubber sole for a minimal treads, which effectively to remove dirt and mud while maintaining grip on any sensitive terrain of it site. This boot made in it United States is designed to measure 5.5 ” of it bow, does not allow moisture or leakage, is an excellent shoe effective enough to withstand blows and blows. Other features include a crepe wedge, a presser foot, a shoe sole with a sole, a presser foot, triple seam seams, a welded New Year construction, a rooster midsole and durable nickel eyelets. All this offers its users maximum comfort and support, and also guarantees that it start of work fulfills its purpose.

  • It shoe is easy to clean.
  • It helps prevent leaks and moisture.
  • It can be used for an outdoor casual event.
  • Very active rubber traction.
  • It does not slide easily.
  • Built to withstand it test of time.
  • It classic Red Wings men’s boot is exceptional, but not ideal for hard work.

8.Woolrich American Yankee


some people have found it very interesting when it look elegant while it work. If you fall into those categories of people, it Woolrich Yankees boots are for you. In fact, it is a classic product with many features to promote its appearance. This particular brand is standing with it best boots made in it United States.


This classic product has a wool-lined upper for comfort and breathability. It was also made to have firm traction for it trip if desired. It leather of this product allows a relatively minimal introduction for a comfortable experience. It work boot is designed to be elegant and also perfect for occasional use over other brands. Apart from that, it leather used in it manufacture of it boot is genuine leather. It Woolrich Yankee boots also have other qualities, such as it durable construction by Goodyear with an elegant Vibram sole that surrounds it boots with first class features. In addition, it product is solved after innumerable uses. More importantly, it presents styles and total comfort when using it.

  • It is a superb boot of superior quality.
  • Attach styles and comfort.
  • Constructed with genuine rich Horween leather.
  • Zero break time
  • It grabs easily.
  • It is not waterproof, which means that your socks can get wet when it rains.

9.Thorogood Men’s  American  Heritage  8” Moc Toe Boot


Weinbrenner is a footwear company well known for its pioneering capabilities in it United States. This footwear company has been around since 1892. This experience proves that it has everything needed to make durable shoes. It are it Thorogood work boots manufacturers. These shoes are also ranked among it best American work boots with autistic material. You will love this product


Thorogood is well designed to give your feet all it support and also to make you feel comfortable when you use it, regardless of it time and place. It boots are made of active materials, such as it Max-Wear polyurethane wedge sole, which provides excellent cushioning and durability. When it comes to leather upper and classic laces, this characteristic give your feet stability and balance no matter what your job. This exclusive work boot is designed to withstand electric shock and other hazards. It work boot is removable; It also includes it Goodyear Storm Piping construction.

  • Slip resistance works by keeping you strong.
  • It makes an excellent performance and durability.
  • A perfect boot that can protect your ankle.
  • Sometimes, boots require little walking before adjusting to it size of your usual feet.

10.Justin Best American work boots


Since it twentieth century, this shoes have been tested, especially among other brands of work shoes. It quality of this work boot guarantees maximum performance in terms of service and comfort. Justin original work boots  men’s steel work shoes are designed so that it do not weigh, it insole is also of high quality. In addition, it steel component protects your feet against falling objects. It sole of it shoe is rubber and a fiberglass leg. It also does not allow it accumulation of moisture. It is a durable work boot that is very comfortable to wear, no matter what condition you are in. In addition, it work boot is designed to be lighter and more flexible. It has a high quality material and is suitable for traction for excellent grip. It large polyurethane, a good template also designed to be removable.

  • This product is a protection against electrical risks.
  • it port is very good too
  • Steal it toe to protect your feet from falling objects.
  • Awesome fit and comfort when in use.
  • This work boot is without insulation.
  • This is not a waterproof work boot and it quality is up to a point.

Corcoran Womens Work Boots

These shoes are mainly for the military personnel and are designed with the needs of the security personnel in mind. Everything from the structure of the boots to the durability comes with the needs of the woman who is in the security forces in mind.


One is able to enjoy comfort while wearing a pair of Corcoran Women’s work Boot as this is a key consideration that goes into the making of the shoes. Special consideration is given to the amount of time flexibility that the woman requires to discharge her duty.

These shoes offer ankle support with webbing underpinning. Made of leather that shines easily, this is the ideal pair of shoes for the woman who needs speed on her feet.

What comes with the Corcoran Women’s work Boot?

� The inside of the shoes comes with a cushioned insole that also absorbs moisture that could easily lead to odor. Since no woman desires to have smelly feet at the end of business this is an added benefit of owning a pair of these shoes.

� The shoes come with support through the ribbed steel shanks to be able to allow the woman to remain standing for long hours without strain. The sole of the shoes is rubber which is reinforced with tap oil resistant as well therefore allowing for durability of the shoes.

� These boots are puncture resistant further reinforcing safety for the woman on the run.

No doubt one is able to remain agile on her feet while undertaking her duties when wearing these boots. It is no wonder that most women in the forces settle for the Corcoran women’s work boots knowing well the value that they afford.


Corcoran women’s work boots have been worn by women going to war in Europe as well as Iraq attesting to the effectiveness to allow the woman to be able to go into combat without restraint.

Made with the best components to be able to carry a woman into the roughest and toughest of terrain, these boots are choice of most who have taken to a life in the forces.

The newest technology with the best apparatus is used in the making of these boots which accounts for the reason that taking on the enemy is much easier for the professional woman.

These boots are the choice shoes for many women and it is not difficult to see the reason why they remain popular among those in the forces.

Danner and Chippewa Two Tough and Competitive Boots

Danner Boots and Chippewa Boots both have a wide selection of boots for various applications, ranging from law-enforcement to walking through snake-territory. Each company tackles the need for rugged work boots with assurances of durability and comfort. No matter the work, it’s likely there’s a boot for it.

In efforts to be universal, Chippewa strives to provide boots for almost all outdoor activities, having a handful of general boot styles categorized into:

  • originalchip
  • outdoor
  •  field
  • road
  • safety

All of these different styles of boots come in a large variety to meet a broad scope of needs. One noteworthy fact about Chippewa is that they value their position in American heritage with pride, having a portion of their website dedicated to displaying their history, their deep respect for the cultural ideals of the United States and their commitment to sticking to their roots as a company. The description goes on to list milestones and achievements that Chippewa is credited for, including the invention of many groundbreaking boots that helped the industry branch out. Though there are many styles produced by Chippewa, the most popular sell is the “General utility” boot, as it lives up to the quality of its peers but also is not limited in functionality to one particular function.

Danner Boots give a luxurious appearance at face value, but quickly prove to be just as tough as they are extravagant-looking. Danner targets a similar demographic to Chippewa, categorizing their footwear into:

  • workdanner
  • casual
  • hiking
  • hunting
  •  uniform
  • military

One of the advantages to buying from Danner is that they offer their boots for sale directly from their website, unlike Chippewa which directs you to retailers that sell their boots. This has allowed Danner to add a large amount of customization options for boot-buyers on their website.

There is very little dispute regarding the build quality of either company, as both have impeccable reputations for their products. Because of this, both manufacturers have thrived side-by-side instead of head-to-head. The general popularity of hiking boots and work boots have made them a favorite to customers of both companies. The circumstances being as they are, the best way to decide which company to buy from would be to see for oneself who specializes in the specific boot of their choice. An example would be that Chippewa sells snake-boots that protect against potentially deadly and venomous snake strikes, while Danner chooses instead to sell some of the best steel-toed work-boots available on the market.

Wolverine Boots and Belleveille Boots produce tough-as-nails footwear

Wolverine Boots and Belleville boots produce practical shoes for practical applications. Both of these boot suppliers know their customers need footwear that will last them the extra mile and still protect them from the elements. With an emphasis on providing military boots, Belleville endorses their own products with testimonial substantiated claims that they can be trusted on long marches and in the heat of battle. Wolverine produces boots that specialize in designs that favor comfort and long-term durability for

  1. The casual wearer
  2. those that work
  3. those with a passion for hiking

wolverineWolverine is a boot manufacturer renowned for their long-lived boots, as they have a particular shoe that is claimed to last as long as 1000 miles. Another aspect that has made Wolverine uniquely recognized is that some of their boots are designed as fashion items for both casual and formal wear, effectively increasing the amount of customers they have while providing people with a formal boot that is sure to last a lifetime. With an emphasis on “going,” Wolverine Boots are available in almost any form, as they sell quality boots in all subcategories. A popular boot pair sold by Wolverine is their waterproof “Durashocks”, designed to trudge through ankle-high water without becoming damp.
Belleville makes it no secret that their main focus is to provide masterfully crafted Military Bellevilleand Law enforcement footwear, displaying on their website many different showcased boots that are clearly designed for persons involved in armed conflict that need a long-lasting and durable shoe to support them on the job. With a century long history of providing the military with combat boots, and a slogan like “Arm Your Feet,” it is clear that Belleville is one of the highest-quality manufacturers of combat boots in the United States. Due to recent modern conflicts in the Middle East, most of their more often featured boots include their hot-weather models, their Mountain Combat Boots and their Minimalist Training Boots. With the trust of the United States military and law enforcement agencies across the country, Belleville is famed for the safety and reliability they have provided to countless soldiers and law enforcement officers.
Thoroughly different yet equally as committed to quality, Wolverine Boots and Belleville Boots have unmatched reputations for longevity and resistance against the elements that have kept them in business for decades. Both organizations have thousands of testimonies and a massive customer base of people who are serious about wearing their boots proudly and going the distance.

Double H Work Boots

he thought of boots quickly paints a mental picture of a cowboy with a hat, a denim shirt riding on a horse. The Double H Work Boots are designed for all men regardless. The wheel of fashion keeps going round and re inventing and incorporating what was previously used into the modern day.

Country Style

Country StyleThese work boots might have a similarity to the old fashioned cowboy boots but a modern guy can incorporate it into their modern style wear. Its combination of features makes it an ideal choice for men who are fashion conscious and value comfort at the same time.

  1. Side Zipper– The most useful feature on the Double H Work Boots is the side zipper. Most men naturally have wide feet which become problematic in slipping boots in and off. The side zipper in this case makes it easy for the wearer to put the boots on and slip them out. Opening the zipper while in the office allows for free circulation of air hence adding to comfort.
  2. Modern Design of the Double H Work Boots – These boots are stylish and designed with a square toe shape at the front. This goes a long way in giving the toes the much needed space for comfort. A sharp pointed boot might squish the toes together hence discomfort. This well though off design accommodates men of all feet sizes and shape.
  3. Soft Leather Material – This stylish and trendy boot gains its popularity and favor from its unique material. It is made of a soft leather material that is unlike the old fashioned boots. The soft leather promotes flexibility while walking which further translates to comfort. The high level of flexibility also allows the wearer to walk long distances without experiencing any discomfort. The soft leather also promotes free circulation of air.
  4. Stylish Design – This boot has a stylish design that can compliment any dressing preference. The versatile design on the boot allows the user to pull off different looks hence versatility. This boot can be paired with;
  •  ADouble Hn official shirt and official material pants.
  •  They can also be paired with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and still looking trendy.


The Double H Work Boots are ideal for modern men with varying fashion styles and feet shape and sizes. Their stylish and versatile features make them an ideal choice for the majority. These boots come in a variety of sizes and colors hence accommodating anyone who fancies style and functionality.


Thorogood Boots and Justin Boots Provide All-American, No-Nonsense Footwear

For country and urban workers alike

Both Thorogood Boots and Justin Boots have roots deeply entrenched in American history, though they each represent a different aspect of the early U.S. and consequentially strive for different qualities in their footwear. Justin was founded in Texas, 1879 and has stayed true to its western theme to this day. Thorogood began in the late 1880’s, when Albert Weinbrenner’s ambition to create a work-boot for the new profession of telephone lineman was a huge success. Even though both companies have a different target buyer, they each possess a reputation for quality and honesty that runs just as deep as their historical backgrounds.
justinJustin Boots has a website that speaks volumes about who buys their boots, as it consists of many western-wear themed articles and advertisements. It would seem that Justin seeks to appeal to western-wear enthusiasts who want to achieve that cowboy look, but also strives to provide western-styled boots that can get the job done. Their website even has a heritage section that contains an interactive storybook which details the origins of Justin. According to testimonials, Justin doesn’t come up short in quality as many ranch and farm workers praise the durability of their finely crafted work-boots.
Thorogood Boots began in the back of a Milwaukee cobbler shop as the brainchild of Albert Weinbrenner. He sought to provide a specialized boot for the newly emerging trade jobberof telephone lineman. Thorogood saw immense success after the aptly named, “Jobber” boots were a huge hit, which caused the value and size of the company to skyrocket. In the late 1950’s, Thorogood expanded their inventory to provide hiking boots, calling their new line “Wood N’ stream.” In 1975, Thorogood branched out even more by supplying a line of “Fire” boots specifically designed to be used by emergency responders who deal with fire.
Unlike many of their competitors, both organizations proudly state that their prod ucts are handcrafted in the United States of America. Justin Boots has a deeply entrenched reputation that has made their boots appear on the shelves of western outfitters across America. Thorogood Boots are respected by:

  • city-workers,
  • emergency response teams and
  • outdoor-enthusiasts

Thorogood is looked at as a brand they would entrust with their lives. Even though Thorogood Boots and Justin Boots have highly differing backgrounds and entirely different uses, though they are still paired together and revered as providers of tough and reliable work wear who never compromise their quality or transparency as they take their boots very seriously.


If you are a worker in a construction site or a hazardous environment, you require protection for your feet. Steel-toed boots offer the best protection against any harmful elements. It is however difficult to find the best quality shoes today. This is because of the many available varieties in retail and stores and online. Finding the right footwear can be challenging but if you consider a number of things your search will be fruitful.

Locating the Best Steel Toe Work Boots.

10699087426_46970e03c1_z[1]First this requires you to consider your working environment. With this in mind, you then select the footwear that best fits your work environment. For wet areas, you may need to find the shoes with high traction and thick soles. Many American work boot companies excel in these areas. Whether metal or composite toes your particular situation will dictate the type you need.

What Are Your Safety Requirements?

The next step is to confirm if your steel boot work boots comply with the performance required of profession you are in. This is with concerns to safety. The shoes have stamped or stitched label that show performance and environment that they are suited. It is advisable that you try out as many pairs as possible before deciding on which you will pick.

Fit is Important in Steel Toed Work Boots

You must ensure that you are comfortable and that the shoes fit properly. Ensure that here is room to support your foot while at the same time not be loose fitting. When trying out the fit ensure that you walk around in them for a few minutes then leave them on you for a while. When the shoes are still comfortable even after wearing them then you are ready to buy. You should never compromise on quality considering the amount of time you will be wearing the boots.

Do not sacrifice comfort for style and popular brands. Every person has a different foot size so you should never compare. Avoid buying too small or oversized shoes. Large shoes may seem comfortable when trying out but they lead causes more harm than good. They lead to injuries like foot strains and broken bones. The American made work boot market carries a wide variety of manufacturers and styles of Work Boots.

What Are The Most Popular American Made Work Boots?

Justin Work Boots

Justin_Mens_Aged_Bark_Round_Toe_Work_Boots_4794[1]One of the most famous names in western footwear is Justin Work Boots. Made with layers of real leather, they have been in business since the late nineteenth century, and have never been replaced as America’s number one boot worn by cowboys and oil rig workers.


Chippewa work boots are used to labor in some of the harshest landscapes that 81sdna27ElL._SL1500_1[1]America, or anywhere else, has to offer. Specifically, Chippewa specializes in creating footwear to work in snow and mountainous territory. Their waterproofing technology is unmatched, and has allowed the toughest working people to thrive in cold and wet conditions.

Danner Boots

33021[1]Danner work boots are rooted in the American Northwest. Hunters and hikers typically use these boots because they are durable, comfortable, and held to the highest standards in the footwear market. They often appear as the boots of choice for fishermen in oceans all around the world.

Wesco Boots

Jobmaster-110-100[1]Wesco Work boots also have a history deeply rooted in the American Northwest. Aside from the typical hunting, hiking, and fishing activities, Wesco also has a custom line of boots for motorcycles. These are made to order, high quality boots that keep the rider protected as well as stylish.

While these American made work boot brands represent a small amount of the great boots available today, they are among the best quality and most sought after boots in the workplace.


Carolina Boots and Wesco Boots are specialists who know their customers’

Carolina Boots and Wesco Boots are examples of footwear providers who really know what they’re good at.

Carolina Boots’ website has a construction-work styled theme, with boots that look and feel as though they were built for construction workers. Wesco, standing for “West Coast Shoe Company,” is an organization that is all about customization, offering a huge selection of size-tailored and hand-crafted boots on their website. Both Carolina and Wesco have a strong sense of what their buyers want, and offer some of the best boots in their respective specializations.

Carolina Boots is anything carolinabut subtle in regards to who they advertise to, as their website features hand-tools, caution tape and workbenches as model stands for their products. Their slogan, “Built For Work,” is lived up to as their strongest product lines are boots designed for hard labor. Carolina states on their website that their goal “is to provide working people with footwear that is 100% effective,” and they prove it with their detailed product information and commitment to endorsing only the most reputable of retailers. selling line of boots is the “Logger” style, a boot designed with professional loggers in mind but universally capable of tackling almost any job.
Wesco Boots is less bold in their advertising, providing a very earthy and easy going theme wescoto their website. A notable feature about Wesco and their website is that the majority of the site is dedicated to providing custom-fitting versions of all of their different boot lines. Wesco is committed to respecting their own products, by claiming in their company history that “To see a Wesco boot built is still a beautiful thing,” going out of their way to stress the importance of quality craftsmanship above all else. A favored line by Wesco is the custom “Jobmaster”, an all around workboot designed with general hard work in mind.
While Carolina Boots seeks to provide workers with the best quality workboots on the market, Wesco works to provide each individual customer with a boot that is unique to their needs and sizes. Both Carolina Boots and Wesco Boots have a commitment to excellence that is admirable and attractive to customers.

  • The retailers who provide Carolina products are just as passionate about selling their boots as Carolina is dedicated to perfecting their craft.
  • The staff at Wesco have a generational commitment to hand-crafting their boots with quality leather and skilled hands, living by the motto that “A shoe is no better than the leather it is made of – and all the leather on the market is not worth a ‘whoop’ where there is no shoemaking skill.”

What Work Boots Fit the Job You Do

Tough as Old Boots

Boots have been designed for centuries to help people walk through the different elements with ease; depending on what one does and what one needs to walk his or her feet through, different work boots are needed to do different tasks. These different work boots serve special purposes; take for example the classic black leather boots who used mostly for style and light duty work, gumboots for water protection, steel toe boots utilized by construction workers to protect their feet from injuries, and even specialty boots that are made for heavy duty work and specifically for harsh conditions. There are also different types of American Made Work Boots.

An Original American Work Boot

Justin_Mens_Aged_Bark_Round_Toe_Work_Boots_4794[1]One of the most useful types of American Made Work Boots is the Justin Boots, originally made to function as cowboy boots; these boots are now utilized for different uses especially when it comes to rough use and hard labor as it is built for heavy duty use. Known as one of the best when it comes to American western and equine footwear, they have also made the Justin Work Boot to be used not just for cowboys but also for all sorts of heavy duty tasks inside the ranch or out wherever work calls.

Other Types of American Made Work Boots

Aside from that all-American classic, there are other American work boots that are specifically made to cater to other trades of work other than being a cowboy. Work boots such as the Wesco boots are specifically made for rugged outdoor use, these types of boots are perfect for trades of work along the lines of being a logger, wildland firefighter and also linemen. Other bootmakers specialize in boots for outdoor use, for the field and even for safety. Notable American Made boots include:

  • Chippewa Work Boot
  • Danner Boots
  • Redwing
  • Timberland

Tough jobs call for tough boots

With all these high quality American made boots available, one can rest assured that though one’s line of work and tasktbl-wo-for-the-job-site[1]s may vary, these boot’s reliability and durability will never change.


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