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What Is Back Massager


A back massager is a device that simulates and improves back massage therapy provided by a massage therapist. It covers many different techniques provided by massage therapists, including compression, rubbing, kneading and manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body


The latest technology of back massage has been developed to reproduce many types of massages, including relaxation massages and deep tissue massages. You can use a back massager at home along with traditional massage therapy. However, many people use them as the only way to massage their backs.


In many cases, they indicate that the results obtained with back massage machines are superior to those of a therapist. In fact, many massage therapists integrate back massage machines with their usual treatment of patients. When looking for an effective back massage device, it can be difficult to find the one that really points to your pain.


Research shows that back massagers stimulate circulation and relax stiff muscles, with various types that include programs designed for the upper, lower and full back. We did the hard work for you and selected some of the best back massagers available in the market. Back pain is a problem that more and more people face these days and that can make their life absolutely miserable.


Choosing a good mattress is not enough. Fortunately, there are options and receiving a massage is one of the best things to do, but not everyone can afford it.


Back Massager For Back Pain


n the United States, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimate that 8 out of 10 people will suffer some kind of chronic back pain at some point in their lives, and that about 25% of them will already have had back pain during the last 3-4 months.


Back pain affects both men and women and, in most cases, can be attributed to excessive stress, turning in the wrong direction, improperly lifting a heavy object, stretching excessively and even sneezing or coughing. In any case, these movements can cause tears in the ligaments, tendons and muscles, causing muscle spasms that can be extremely painful and sometimes debilitating.


In addition, back pain can occur naturally due to a condition called spondylosis, which is simply a degeneration of the spine caused by normal wear of the bones, discs and joints.


It happens as we get older, we cannot heal, but we can try. Finally, every day, the pressures exerted on us by the demands of work, family and daily agitation can create stress and tension in the back, generating back pain.


Treatments for back pain can range from medications such as muscle relaxants, analgesics and anti-inflammatory, to chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, surgery and, of course, massage therapy.


Benifits Of Back Massager Therapy


In general, people seek therapeutic massage to promote relaxation by relieving muscle tension and relieving pain. Although massage therapy can be practiced in practically all areas of the body, the most treated area and the associated massage is the back.


Back massage therapy is now accepted by the conventional medical system as a viable means to treat back pain and other physical ailments. In addition, research has shown that it also provides enormous psychological benefits, thus contributing to improving overall health.



The main benefits of back massage therapy are:


  • (1)Increased blood circulation that accelerates the recovery time of a muscle injury or general pain


  • (2)Greater range of movement resulting from muscle relaxation


  • (3)Better sleep and in some cases treatment for insomnia.


  • (4)Releases of endorphins, chemical substances that help “feel good”.


  • (5)Relief of muscle tension, spasms, nerve pressure and joint movements due to increased blood flow


  • (6)Improves digestion and motility due to increased levels of freshly oxygenated blood


  • (7)Clear mind and ability to better manage daily stress.


Popular Back Massager Brands


There are many brands of massagers on the market. However, we select two that offer high quality products at very reasonable prices.


Back Massage Homedics


Homedics is a company based in Michigan, United States, founded in 1987. It started to manufacture and sell massage therapy equipment, but it has expanded to other wellness products such as air humidifiers, spa and beauty products, etc. But even today, they are recognized primarily as suppliers of quality massage products. You can see our detailed review of the best homedics masseurs here.


Brook Stone Back Massager


Brook stone is a company from New Hampshire, USA. UU He has been in business for over 50 years. It started as a brick and mortar business, and with the advent of the Internet, it has become a leading online store. It offers a large number of products, including a wide range of back massage products that can be seen on Amazon by clicking here.


How To Choose Right Back Massager


From below mentioned detail you can choose right massager for yourself.


One Or Two Person


If you are going to perform a back massage therapy, you should make sure to choose a massager for one person. On the other hand, if you cannot physically massage or if your spouse, partner or other person is available to provide therapy, you should choose a back massager for two people.


The disadvantage of the back massager for two people is that it is designed for the massage professional; it is heavy, very powerful and quite expensive for the average consumer.



Power Mode: Manual Back Massager or Electric Back Massager.



A manual back massager is one where the only energy is provided by the individual. These units are generally lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere.


The electric back massagers, on the other hand, use electrical energy; they can work with batteries, or both. The main consideration here is where the back massager will be used most.


If your massage is done mainly at home and you have access to a power source, the electric massager is the best option. If you travel a lot for work or pleasure, the combination of the rear massager battery is probably the best.


Hand Held Back Massager or Cushion Style Back Massager



Most manual massagers are static in nature, which means they do not rotate, vibrate, or rotate. They use a percussion movement and, as the name implies, it is a percussion or percussion action performed by the attached files.


Hand massagers are extremely effective at relieving stress or tension and usually include accessories that can simulate an acupressure massage, a deep massage or a global relaxation massage. Most include a heat option to further relax muscles and relieve tension.


Most massage devices with cushions or backrests use a Shiatsu movement consisting of 3 or 4 round, hard balls that emit heat and rotate to simulate kneading by a professional massage therapist. These cushions are portable and can be strategically placed on the upper back, lower back and even on the shoulders and neck. It is an excellent way to reduce stress at home, in the office and even in a vehicle.



The back massage of car seat style uses a vibration and heating action mainly for the relaxation of the entire back. Although they can operate from the auxiliary power supply that is provided in the vehicle, the additional energy sources allow the massager to be used in your favorite chair at home or in the office.


The main models include a remote control to regulate the intensity of the heat, as well as the ability to address specific problems in the back.



Back Massager Size, Shape and Weight


often neglected, the size, shape and weight of a hand-held massage device are extremely important. If you are doing massage therapy yourself, it is important to make sure that the shape and size of the back massager allows you to reach the problem areas without difficulty, and that you feel comfortable and balanced. in your hand Also, it should be light and not a task to lift.


Back Massager Power Intensity


to achieve the maximum results of a deep tissue massage with a percussion back massager, a high intensity is required.


In other words, the impact massager requires enough power or power to reach the deeper tissues.


It is important to consider the power of the motor only, because many manufacturers also include the power of the heating element.


The 10 Best Back Massager Of 2019


choosing the best back massager can be a daunting task, since there are currently many different brands and models on the market, each with a different function and many with contradictory criticism.


We have done your homework researching the back massager market and making a list of the 10 back massagers available this year.


As part of our investigation, we analyze the functionality, reliability, reputation, qualifications and comments of the clients.


In addition, we include a representative sample of manual back massagers, hand-held electric massagers, Shiatsu cushion massagers and seat-type back massagers.





At the top of the list, we chose the shiatsu massage pillow with Naipo Back Massager massage pillow to offer the best value for money. With a weight of only 2.5 pounds, this product provides deep tissue Shiatsu massage with 4 knots of kneading and deep heat to penetrate stiff and aching muscles.


Without rating 4.5 out of 5, according to 136 reviews, the Naipo Back Massager Pillow shiatsu massage cushion is so popular and clearly the winner. It is a quite affordable massage when you consider everything. The purchase is also safe since you can return it, no doubt, within 30 days after purchase.


Even if it’s not wireless, you get a good length of cable and a car adapter, which allows you to use it while traveling.


  • Portable and can be used at home, in the office or in the vehicle.
  • The round shape fits the upper back, lower back, neck and shoulders, as well as other areas of the body.
  • Superior heating capacity with overheating protection
  • Excellent price for value
  • The length of the cable is short and may require an extension
  • Kneading can be too aggressive and harsh for sensitive people and not tolerant to pain.





The Zyllion ZMA14 massage cushion for the neck and back Shiatsu is the second closest to our list of the 7 best back massagers. Although originally designed for use in vehicles, its portability allows you to have a spa-quality massage at home, in the vehicle or in the office.


The Zyllion not only offers a full shiatsu massage on the entire back and neck, but also has a vibrant seat to relieve tension in the buttocks and thighs. Again, it is a good value because it is rated 4 stars based on 1,049 customer comments, and it is not surprising that it is at the top of our list.


The best thing is that it is very portable and easy to place on a chair, sofa or recliner. – It will even go well in your car seat. Do not worry it comes with a car adapter.


  • The Zyllion ZMA14 can be adjusted to focus on different areas of the back, neck and shoulders, with the option of kneading Shiatsu or rollers that move up and down the back.
  • The heating function can be switched on or off and has an integrated safety function to prevent overheating.
  • The Zyllion back massager is designed to adapt virtually to the chair, allowing you to enjoy a massage anywhere.
  • The remote control allows you to adapt your massage to solve problems or simply receive a massage on the back
  • An excellent cost-effective one-sided alternative
  • Quite heavy and difficult to carry.
  • Kneading can be too aggressive and harsh for sensitive people and not tolerant to pain.
  • Some complaints about not covering enough surfaces.

3- HoMedics HHP-350B

HoMedics HHP-350B



The HoMedics HHP-350B percussion action massager is a handheld percussion back massager ideal for aches and pains caused by physical exercise or stress. The double strike action allows you to enter these areas, just like a professional massage therapist.


The ergonomic shape is designed to reach the areas on the top and bottom of the back and weighs only 3.5 pounds. It has a 4-star rating of 1,864 comments and is our best masseuse for the back, with an overall rating of 3.


  • Three personalized accessories that are easy to adapt to the head and that allow you to adapt your massage, from the softest to the firmest.
  • Speed ​​control settings that activate the percussion action up to 3,100 times per minute, allowing a low to high intensity
  • Intense and deep heat that not only releases muscle tension but also increases the relaxation effect.
  • Ideal for the back, but can be used on virtually any part of the body
  • The only form of power is the power cord, which reduces portability
  • The complaints at the top of the intensity are too harsh

4- Wahl 4290-300


Wahl 4290-300


The Wahl 4290-300 deep tissue percussion therapy massager is an excellent product that can provide an excellent massage experience. The four connection heads, each designed to perform a specific task, constitute its main selling characteristic.


These include a four-finger flexing attachment to give the feeling of a hand massage, a deep muscle massage attachment to stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle aches, the acupuncture point attachment for the destruction of muscle knots caused


The calcification and the coupling of the hard disk extend to cover the entire diet of 4 stars and an excellent quality-price ratio.


  • Several attachments, each offering a unique massage experience. Massager 4 in 1
  • Eliminate the need to buy multiple back massagers.
  • Well formed and extremely well balanced for easy use
  • Economic price and quality ratio.
  • At maximum intensity, the massage can be very aggressive and uncomfortable.
  • The unit is very noisy and actually increases in volume; it has been illuminated at right angles





The wireless shoulder and neck massager Wireless Shiatsu Brook stone is a fabulous Shiatsu back massager and it is very possible that it is our main need for relief. Also, Brook stone Wireless Shiatsu is, you guessed it, wireless.


It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts between 20 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the functions used. In the case of a discharged battery, the device is also supplied with a power source.


The Brook stone has 4.5 stars, based on 166 customer reviews.


  • The unit is wireless and rechargeable, allowing you to enjoy a great massage anywhere
  • It includes a power cord in case the battery is not charged or has run out.
  • Manual shoulder straps facilitate positioning
  • Even at low intensity, the massage can be hard and aggressive without using padding on the skin.
  • The heating function does not reach high temperatures.





The powerful seat cushion of the Gideon vibrating massager uses vibration and heat to allow deep penetration into the upper back, lower back and thighs to relieve stress, tension and pain.


The Gideon has 8 massage modes, which allows you to customize the problem areas. The device weighs only 4 pounds and folds easily, which means it can be easily transported to your favorite chair at home, in the office or in your vehicle.


In addition, it is equipped with a timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes that controls the functions of vibration and heat. He received a 4.5-star rating based on 46 ratings.


  • It allows us to focus on different areas of the back and personalize the massage.
  • It covers the upper part of the back, the lower back, the neck and the thighs.
  • It contains 2 heating elements and provides the best penetrating heat of all similar products in the market
  • It includes a multi function remote control, avoiding manual adjustment.
  • There is no light indicating that the unit is on or indicates the intensity level
  • Uncomfortable for a smaller person.





The shiatsu massage pillow for neck and back massage from MARNUR is quite conceivable. It is the best massage pillow for backing “at this price” in the market. You get both at such an affordable price.


The MARNUR Shiatsu pillow uses 4 Shiatsu nodes, which can rotate in a clockwise direction, to provide a great Shiatsu massage. In addition, it includes a heating function to further reduce stress and tension and improve the overall massage experience.


In addition, it comes with AC and DC power supplies, which means it can be used anywhere. This is not surprising; it is 4.5 stars based on 205 guest reviews.


  • Fabulous value at an excellent price
  • 4 shiatsu knots that rotate clockwise to provide the highest level of relief
  • Contains an optional heating element, with automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
  • It can be used sitting or lying down to relieve the back.
  • The unit can be uncomfortable when used on the lower back





This massage pillow has an incredible number of 8 massage nodes, more than most others on the market. It is mainly a massage device for the neck, but it can be used for other areas of the body.


I thought it was probably the best back massage device for low back pain. The massage heads are able to cover all the muscles and massage them evenly, providing real relief.


You can use it anywhere, even in your car, and it comes with an adapter. It is also very adjustable and has a heating function to warm on cold and dark days.


  • It can be used on other parts of your body with the same efficiency, not just on the neck, and is particularly effective against back pain.
  • There are 8 massage nodes that can massage from all possible directions.
  • A powerful heating function is included in the massager.
  • It is larger and heavier than most masseuses, making it difficult to take it anywhere or use it outside the home.
  • Due to its shape, it is out of the question to lie down while using it and it can be uncomfortable to use it in certain positions.





The portable masseurs have the reputation of being malnourished and useless, but this aims to change that. It is quite intense, produces up to 3600 pulses per minute and has 3 different strength levels.


The five different accessories, including a curved head, give it exceptional versatility: it can be used almost anywhere on your body. It is an excellent deep tissue massager, and the only problem


I have with it is the low battery life. But, it is wireless and easily rechargeable.

  • It has 3 extremely different resistance levels so you can easily adjust it as you wish.
  • The massager comes with 5 different accessories, each with a different purpose, which makes it quite versatile
  • Despite being a hand massage device, it can offer a very intense massage and is by no means malnourished.
  • Sometimes the buttons do not work properly, so it is difficult to turn it off quickly or change the speed.
  • The battery does not last long and you have to recharge it often enough.





In search of a full back massage, this massage chair cushion is one of the best options for you. It has a headrest with 4 knots for neck massage and 4 additional nodes in the file.


All of them offer deep tissue massage in shiatsu style. This massage cushion can massage your entire back, and even has an optional heat function that will help you relax.


I like it enough, and it’s probably the best back massage with a heating function on the market. There are also options to focus on certain parts of your back: the upper part of the back, the middle part of the back and the part of the lower part of the back.


You can use it on the couch, an office chair, a car seat or anywhere else. This is probably the best back massager for chair-shaped objects.

  • This massager adapts to any type of chair, sofa or other piece of furniture and stays in place, even inside the car
  • You have the option of using it as a full back and neck massager or to concentrate only on a part of the back that requires special care.
  • It comes with an excellent heating option that is probably one of the best I’ve tried, neither too hot nor too cold
  • Tall people may have a little difficulty using them because their backs and necks do not fit well with the massage knots.
  • It is quite large and bulky, so it can be difficult to use anywhere outside the house or transport it from one room to another.

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