Racing in Taormina

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Giro di Sicilia

The cycling enthusiasts will be looking forward to a great time this year, thanks to this year’s Giro di Sicilia in Taorminea. Taorminea is among the major cycling hubs throughout Italy and is becoming a major component of the Giro d’Italia route, which will take place in 2020. There is no better place to enjoy the Giro de Sicilia, and the region has long been a favourite winter training camp destination for many teams, including Trek-Segafredo, Bardiani-CSF-Faizane, and Vini Zabu. For those who love cycling, there is a variety of the terrain and the landscape and temperatures are similar to those on Tenerife as well as Mallorca.

Seventh stage in the Giro di Sicilia involves a route of 148 km, and the total elevation to 2528 meters. It’s an extremely challenging and stunning course, and the riders are sure to be thrilled. Additionally the seventh stage will be a beautiful and enjoyable experience for all those who love the sport. In this stage, riders will get to take in the Giro’s most beautiful aspect.

Many top cyclists will be taking to several top cyclists will take part in the Giro di Sicilia in Taorminea in 2020. Italian governments have backed the race as a means to encourage cycling and increase awareness of the island’s sports culture. The exciting race will go on through 2020. For those who aren’t able to make it this year will still get an opportunity to see the Giro. There’s plenty of excitement!

Targa Florio

It was the first Targa Florio in Sicily was held in 1906. It was a great successful one and was brought to life by two live bands, a large crowd, and an astonishing amount of cars. The race today is a must-see for car enthusiasts of all kinds. This is how you can enjoy the race for yourself! Here are some helpful tips to make your visit to Taormina the most memorable experience you could ever have.

Its Targa Florio route is 72 km long and takes participants through stunning scenery, mountain villages and charming, winding alleyways. It is the longest-running race in the world , and draws thousands of spectators every year. The race is an endurance test, and there are many pit stops throughout the course. In previous versions, there were fewer cars, however the crowd was awe-inspiring.

Prior to its demise in 1977 because of safety concerns, it was a regular event. Targa Florio was held regularly as a rallying race. Since its inception the race has evolved to become a major element of the Italian Rally Championship. The very first Targa Florio featured a Fiat 50 HP engine and was regarded as one of the toughest races in Europe. The race was also considered to be the longest race in its class. The inaugural race, which took place in 1906, ran for three laps. This was 277 miles (446 kilometers). The race was completed by drivers 11 times, and averaged 30 miles per hour.

Madonie Great Circuit

The Giro di Sicilia is held every year in Sicily. The route begins from the historical city of Palermo and finishes in Taormina. The race is run across three different circuits of the Madonie Great Circuit. The initial leg of the race features an ocean section, while the second section has three variations of the traditional Madonie Circuit. The third segment takes racers to Trapani and they’ll be able to find the many archeological treasures on the island. The race will conclude in the elegant center of Palermo.

The course of Piccolo Madonie is famous for its lengthy and winding climb. It also includes descents to lower altitudes. The course passes through charming mountain towns as well as old fortified villages. The course is located in the Madonie Natural Park, which is known for its rugged terrain and views of Mount Etna. There’s also a crowd of enthusiastic spectators who cheer for their favourite drivers.

The track for the race is located close to the Unesco World Heritage Site. The ancient Greek Corinthian as well as Tenean people were the first to establish Syracuse. It was in the year 1951 that this track became the location of the very first Grand Prix in Europe. Visitors are welcome to discover the breathtaking Baroque design of Noto along with The Val di Noto, which is where you can find many of the most breathtaking natural reserves and limestone formations. When they’ve had enough and return to their hotel to enjoy a delectable Italian dinner.

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