How to Fix Wobbly Posts for Cat Trees

In the event that your tree for cats is wobbly and tilting, You may be thinking about what you can do to fix wobbly posts. One possible cause is uneven flooring. However, if there isn’t an unlevel floor it is possible to use ratchet straps to help keep the post from becoming unstable. Another reason could be sisal rope which is prickly. To repair wobbly posts you can utilize ratchet straps and then remove the sisal rope that is prickly.

An uneven floor isn’t the root cause of a wobbly tree

An uneven floor may make a cat’s tree wobbly however, it’s not the only cause of a wobbly tower. Cat trees can also shake if your cat jumps up on them and falls on them with full force. The cat’s tower shouldn’t move even if it’s lightly touched It’s therefore important to ensure the floor is level before placing a tree upon it.

The cause for a wobbly cat tower could be simply uneven flooring. Take a look at the flooring by placing a ball onto the floor. If it moves across the floor in the exact direction then the floor is likely uneven. To balance your cat’s tower put a piece of paper under the base. After that, glue or staple the gun to fix it to the base. Make sure not to place any loose objects under the base to ensure that the cat tree doesn’t move around.

A base for a cat’s tree is generally made of metal or wood. If the base is unstable, it could be hazardous for cats and could harm the tree. If your cat is using this post may be thrown off and cause injuries. It could cause difficulty for you to carry out repairs. If the issue persists then you must take the wobbly posts off to replace with a brand new one.

Ratchet straps to fix wobbly posts

If your cat is higher than the posts on the cat tree, you may be experiencing wobbly posts problems. This is a potential risk as your cat may be unable to walk onto the top of the platform and could cause injuries. To resolve this issue just follow the steps of the second step. To ensure that the post is straight you should use at least six screws that have triple-threaded heads.

Begin by securing the main pole and the base on your tree with straps with ratchets. Be careful not to over tighten the screws, but you might cause damage to the pole. The top piece should be secured to the post that is in front of it. Check to see if there is no wobble. If you notice it the ratchet straps can be the most cost-effective and easy way to solve the issue. Then, you can place the new top piece onto the base.

If you don’t notice an issue in your cat’s tree, it is important to examine the entire structures carefully. If you’ve noticed that one of the branches is unstable or loose You may have to address the issue. Another way to fix wobbly posts is to fill a sock full of beans and then secure it. You may have to test the ideal solution to ensure your cat’s safety and security. If the design of your cat’s tree is complicated it may also require an additional level of stability. Along with the ratchet straps, you could also put cloth around the pillars to provide extra support.

Take prickly sisal rope off cat tree

In the event that your cat has been chewing on the rope of sisal that is hanging from your tree for cats, it’s time to replace the sisal rope. Cats love digging into sisal ropes, however it can damage the tree, which can encourage your cat to search for other potential targets. The replacement of the sisal rope is simple and can save money over the long term. If you aren’t able to bear the thought replacement of the rope you can cut off the old one with pliers or scissors. When you’re done, can remove the rope in a safe manner.

Then, you need to unwind the rope from upper to lower. This will hold the sisal mess in place as well as making the pole clean. But, you might have to pull very hard on the sisal cord if it is attached onto the pole. Be cautious not to pull too much, as tugging the sisal rope too much can result in falling sisal. If you’ve got staples which keep the rope, you can make use of either a knife or staple remover to take them off.

If you’re not sure that you can remove the prickly sisal rope from your cat tree, buy sisal rope that is oil free. The sisal rope made of oil is safe for your pet as it has resins. It is possible to use a half-inch roofing nail to fix the post. To make it more secure for your pet it is possible to utilize a cardboard piece with a bolt at the bottom. Simply insert the post’s height in the What Kitty Wants Sisal Rope Calculator. Once you have the diameter and height you can choose the kind of rope you wish to purchase.

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