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How To Choose The Right Snowmobile 2 – Miscof Guide

Snowmobiling is possibly one of the most intriguing winter sports. Nevertheless, how much you enjoy this sport depends on how to choose the right snowmobile. So, given that these snow vehicles can be such a dear investment and it’s good to give this decision much consideration.

Moreover, you’re probably asking yourself which is the best snowmobile that fulfills your needs and what you’d consider when you finally decide to make a purchase. Whether for a new and old machine. So, do not forget the fact that there’re dozen of snowmobile brands out there and a lot more make their way into the market each year.

Furthermore, this makes owning your machine a process beyond merely purchasing and riding it. This guide is packed with valuable information about snowmobiles and purchasing them. However, we hope that it’ll empower you to make the right decision when you decide to own one.

Types of snowmobile:   

As history would remind us, the first snowmobile was the utility type and with time, people discovered the better use of their time in the snow. So, there are seven types of snowmobiles. These include,

Entry-level snowmobile:

These entry-level snowmobiles are also known as trail and are generally simplistic in design. In addition, they are very easy to ride and feature a low power engine up to 70HP. Although, some models come with an electric start to make them easy and simple to operate. These entry-level snowmobiles are also quite lightweight.

Performance snowmobiles:   

These performance snowmobiles are built for power and literally. They’ve got the highest engine power of more than 85Hpand are heavier bulker, and outfitted with advanced heavy-duty suspension systems.

Most, if not all will have an electric start and an electric reverse gear plus and it is easy to maneuver them to a fast turn. Overall, they also make the best option for experienced riders in need of power, response, and performance as well.

Sport trail snowmobile:

These sport trail snowmobiles fall somewhere in between the touring and performance types of snowmobiles. While they’re built to deliver slightly lesser comfort as compared to the touring snowmobiles.

In addition, they can handle more aggressive riding quite well, and owing to this, they are lightweight and specially designed with the suspension meant for rough terrain. They are most suited for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts intending to work on their speed on the trail.

Touring snowmobiles:

These snowmobiles are built exclusively for touring as their name suggests. It features a long frame enough to carry a lot of passengers and typically goes in a straight line to cover a long distance as well.

Moreover, they are not the best at making fast aggressive turns, because they’re large in size and heavy. It comes with a large track length compared with others. they are pretty comfortable and featuring seats with a backrest. so, the best option, if you intend to take your family or friends for a tour in the snow.

Mountain snowmobiles:    

Mountain snowmobiles are quite lightweight. These snowmobiles are designed with a long narrow track to maneuver the mountain trail & thick powder well enough. hence, they’re not the best choice for normal even in the presence of snow trails.

like their performance counterparts, these snow trail machines are outfitted with the higher power engines for the sole that higher altitudes lead to loss of horsepower.

Utility snowmobiles:

These utility snowmobiles are built for the work environment. They come with a very wide track and greater engine power to carry and tow heavier loads. For instance, your snowmobiles break down, while on the snow and you need to tow your work sled. So, the utility snowmobiles would be your best bet.

Although, their downside is that they are not the best performance-wise.

Cross-over snowmobiles:

some rider loves uneven ground perhaps for the adventure sake and the cross-over snowmobile is specially designed for them. they’re the jack of the all trade kind of machine and will tackle just any kind of terrain without any trouble. they feature a very long track and it may enhance the suspension system making them suitable for unpredictable off-trail riding.

What factors you must be considered when choosing the best Snowmobile?

Knowing the different types of snowmobiles is not enough, so you must need to consider the following important factors in order to select the right snowmobile that fulfills your needs.

Riding style:

one’s riding style can be defined based on the following aspects, these include:

  • The trail they intend to ride on whether ON or OFF the trail.
  • How often you to intend to ride
  • Their riding ability whether a beginner and intermediate or professional rider.
  • They prefer slow recreational and fast adrenaline-packed riding.

Engine power:

Snowmobiles engines can be either two-stroke and four-stroke. The two-stroke will deliver a greater power to weight the ratio to offer a quicker response. they’re light in weight and quite compact.

on the other hand, four-stroke engines, up until recently were a little bit heavier and it produced power in a very wide range. due to the enactment of EPA law on emission, so these engines have evolved. They’re still heavier than the two-strokes engine, but it requires less frequent maintenance. They’re the most ideal for difficult trails including steep backcountry slopes and special thanks to power.

Track length:

The dimension of your snowmobile track matter a fine deal and a long track with the length ranging between 120-inches and 160-inches with the deep track lug. Typically, more than the 2-inches is a very good option for those people who intend to ride both on and off-trail. this is because, they’ll tackle bumps pretty well, and float better on the powder and provide excellent grip on the deep powder.

On the other hand, long tracks come with a little extra weight and this track are popular with mountain, utility, and touring snowmobile. A snowmobile that carries more than one passenger.

in addition, a short track with the shallow lug maneuver fast turns quite well and attain higher speeds and compared to their counterparts much faster, because they’ll have a minimal drag on the powder. However, the deep lugs are known to cause drag which ultimately slows down the speed of the snowmobile.

How much snow is needed to ride the snowmobile?

Heavy snowmobile, needs a deep snow terrain of about 6 to 7-inches so that they can dig in the deep without getting stuck.

moreover, the snowmobile is quite lightweight which requires a snow depth of around 4-inches to 7-inches to be driven on. Deep snow is highly unsuitable as they get stuck in the snow & side off.

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