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How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Table In 2020

When it comes to choosing the best onesome features are mandatory. Simply said, you must pay attention to several factors. This can make a difference between a table that will serve you for many years, and it will stay completely functional, and a cheap tablet that will last just a few months. Below, we will mention the main factors that should be included when choosing a new table tennis table.

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Table legs

Maybe sounds like a less important factor, but table legs are extremely important, simply because they will support the entire weight of a table. Make sure they are thick enough! Thin legs won’t be able to support your ping pong table for a long time and they may crack under pressure. Moving your ping pong table all the time would be risky if its legs are not strong enough. They also should have more than just one connection point. The best you can get are legs with 4 connection points. We will add that the latest models have leg levellers. This feature allows you to adjust each, separate leg. Useful, if you use it on an uneven surface.

Folding capability

The feature in question isn’t as ordinary as you may believe. Yes, some tables can be folded, but folding capability here is related to playback set up. This means that one-half of a table can be placed at 90 degrees angle. One player can practice speed and get more experience due to the fact he/she will be able to play alone. Usually, more advanced tables have this feature and it is mandatory if you are looking for a table of this type and you want to practice alone. Note: Most products with this feature are also completely foldable, and they require less space to be stored.

Removable net posts

There are two types of ping pong tables. Some come with removable net posts and others with fixed ones. Those that have removable net posts are the ones you should get. They allow you more customization and the net posts can be replaced if you want to make some adjustments. They are also preferable because in a case a net post is damaged, a removable one can be replaced in a few seconds.

Ping pong thickness

Most tables are 0.75 inches or less thick. This is perfectly fine if you are looking for a table tennis table for occasional fun, but if you want a perfect product you may pay attention to those with 1-inch thickness. They are also professional tables and they are a much better alternative. However, there is a small difference in the ball bouncing between these two thicknesses, so both of them should be taken into consideration.

Indoor vs Outdoor


Beside all the factors we have just mentioned, there is one more. Tables can be categorized for indoor and outdoor applications. There are a lot of differences between them, which also suggests that this factor should be taken into consideration.


Indoor tables are made from pressed wood, also known as Masonite. This is a durable material and it can last for a long period of time, but only if it isn’t exposed to the elements. Exposing your indoor table tennis table to water, moisture, heat and low temperatures will cause severe damages. The bottom liner is simple. An indoor ping pong table must be used in sealed areas and it is far less resistant than an outdoor one.


Individuals who are looking for a great product that will be used outside have a bit harder task. These tables are more expensive and they are heavier than indoor ping pong tables. They are also made from the same material, but they have a cover made from aluminium. This is also the biggest difference in these two types. Important: Even outdoor ping pong tables should be covered or protected in a case of extreme and weather. You can get special covers that will protect them.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Table Tennis Table


Some things are mandatory if you are looking for the best table tennis table. They can definitely make your choice better and help you get a better model. The simplest thing you will have to know is that these factors are similar for indoor and outdoor ping pong tables. However, the outdoor table must be coated and well-protected, due to the fact it must withstand the elements.

Glare Reduction

This feature is one of the latest additions ping pong tables have to offer. It is useful due to a simple reason. With it, the top won’t have the glare older models usually have. For outdoor tables this is mandatory, and for indoor table tennis tables, this is a preferable feature. If you will place a table under the light, which is recommended, you will need this feature.

Place for paddles

Most ping pong tables don’t have this feature, due to some reason. But it is preferable and more important than you may imagine. Just think of it. Your paddles will always be at your table, making them safer and within your reach. The best ping pong table will have space for 4 paddles. Meaning that 4 players can play the game at the same time. Some of the models we mentioned have modern and interesting places to place your paddles, making them interesting and high-tech.

Wheelchair friendly

This factor isn’t mandatory, meaning that it doesn’t have to be supported by your new table. Indoor ping pong tables usually have this feature and in those cases, it is something you may take into account. On the other hand, indoor tables may have or may have not it. It fully depends on you. Do you need the feature or no?


All ping pong tables have larger sizes and they occupy a lot of space, obviously. Luckily the manufacturers were able to install the mobility feature. Basically, these are the wheels on the lower part of the table, allowing you to simply move it when you are done with the play. Pairing this feature with the aforementioned foldability, and you will definitely get the best table tennis table. This is usually a well-supported feature and most models have it, therefore, isn’t hard to choose a suitable model. Addition: If you are looking for a table that will be moved across tougher surfaces, make sure it has large wheels.

Assemble process

All ping pong tables will have to be assembled when you get them. Some of them maybe 20% pre-assembled and others maybe 95% pre-assembled. It is up to you which model to choose. Those that are better pre-assembled, require less time to be installed for the first time. They are usually treated as more professional models and they come with higher prices. Those that aren’t pre-assembled are more affordable and they cost less. Individuals who prefer assembling should get those that are up to 30% pre-assembled. This process will generate a lot of fun.

The simplicity of setting it up

When you get your ping pong table, it will have to be set-up. The first time is usually the most difficult. Simply said, this means that you will have to install the net and net posts, additional components and to make it be perfectly levelled. Now, some models are very simple to set. Some are very complicated. They usually have more advanced net posts and net components that will require a lot of time. Keep this in mind if you are looking for your first ping pong table.

Net and net posts

There are a lot of different nets and net posts on the market. Most of them come with the table, but in some cases, you will have to get them separately. There is no need to look for a ‘’special’’ or different net. They are all made in the same way and they have just one purpose, therefore even the simplest one can be sufficient. The mentioned fact is suitable for amateurs and occasional players. If you are a professional ping pong player, you are going to need a professional net. The main difference is in the strength and in the level. A professional net will be perfectly parallel to the tabletop.

Smooth finish

The top of the ping pong table must be perfectly finished! Even the smallest patch or irregularity can cause an uneven ball bounce. This will have a huge effect on the game. All the ping pong tables we mentioned have this smooth finish. A play will be far better and more suitable for professionals or for players who want to improve their skills. Be careful: Some of the ping pong tables, usually the low-quality ones may have an uneven surface which also affects the game.


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