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Laptops are also known as notebooks and portable computers that you can take with you to use in different environments. laptops include a display screen, a comfortable keyboard, and a trackpad or trackball which serves as the mouse. As laptops are meant to be used on the go. they have a battery which allows you to use them, where there’re no power outlets. In addition, they also include a power adapter that allows you to use them to use power and also recharge the battery.

however, portable computers used to be significantly slower and less capable than desktop computers. but advances in manufacturing technology have enabled the laptops to perform nearly as well as their desktop counterparts. In fact, powerful or high-end laptops often perform better than slower or mid-range desktop computers.

while the laptop is power and convenient gear, so that convenience often comes at a price. High-end laptops cost several hundred dollars, whereas some budget options are also available in the market.