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Best Smart Watches For Kids Buyers Guide 2019

Every parent always remains vulnerable to the safety of their child. They cannot even stay always with their children to protect it. So what is this? Let your child stay with you and provide you information with a moment of the moment. This is the many best solution to this modern world today. Many gadgets invented for this purpose. But the solution we’ve searched for from many of these syllables will prove to be very useful for you and your child. Many of its features are not only you will continue to provide you complete information about your child’s presence. However, in many ways, it will useful for your child.

Smart watches are the best solution. It will provide you with information about your child. Whenever you want to Get information about where your watch present. You can find a location using the Google map and you’ll feel like that you are with your child. Parents should choose this watch. It is a great option for learning children. It has many options which your children enjoy and using this they can learn many things.

Here we have brought for you the different best smart watches. Some of them handle activity tracking or instead of priorities tracking, but all of them provide little different to keep everyone happy.

These are all the best watches here. And all of them have a lot of features and provide you comfort. We’ll explain below all these details. And will tell you the characteristics and troubles. You can choose anyone of the watch according to your comfort and choice. So start discussion!

WatchesBattery Lifeprice
VTech Kidizoom3 Days Check Price
VTech DX2 Black3 Days Check Price
Xplora 236 hours Check Price
Kurio 2.0+1 Day Check Price
HereO V260 hours Check Price
LG Gizmo Pal 29 days Check Price
Tencent QQwatch40 Days Check Price
Amazingforless Smart Watch 3 days Check Price

1.VTech Kidizoom Smart watch For Kids


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is at the top of our list. It has a lot of reasons.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is the best smartwatch for kids with more fun and activities. This durable camera is perfect for a young photographer with a high memory. So kids can take different pictures and videos. With different built-in photo effects, frames, and filters, you can spice up your photos and videos.

Its cool new 3D clock face injects a new dimension in time-telling. It’s another different customize clock face awesome feature which children use and learn how to tell time by choosing different analog and digital displays, here are 50 clock face design.

It’s more 4 features include Voice recorder, Alarm timer, Calculator and Calendar is very useful for the children. Voice recorder with voice-changing effects and you can perform different match challenges with a digital owl. You can learn to add, subtract, multiplication, and division. Its calendar and calculator is a new tool in this watch.

Kids can enjoy 8 different games include action, challenge and motion full entertainment on the go. You cannot feel bored when this watch you have. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery you can charge using a micro USB cable. You can download more games and a clock face design.

  • Cool watch
  • Easy to use (Children can learn easily)
  • Battery so far
  • Full enjoy
  • Get learn

Poor customer service (According to some customers)

Why we recommended it

VTech Kidizoom Smart watch is a great product. Its camera, memory, and games really great features. Its effectiveness will more clear when you use it.

Overall it is perfect for children 4 to 9.

It is our number # 1 recommendation.

2-  VTech DX2 Black


VTech is FCC and CE certified and conforms with the world limits for safe exposure to radiofrequency energy. It’s created with extremely sturdy TPE-X material that is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It comes in variation to help it work in territories across the world.

VTech is the best 3G watch for kids and age 5 and up. You get GPS tracking and fitness tracking in one watch. It connects the children with their families. Not all children are still ready for smartphones. With this watch, children can lead to active childhood while parents can enjoy security to know that their children are safe.

Its built-in camera allows the user two-way video calls. Parents and children can see each other at any time anyplace. You can make an audio or video call from preset contacts. You can also send and receive text messages.

Every parent is serious about their child’s health. Its fitness tracking system is very useful for children. You can track steps and calories to encourage kids to stay healthy. Its deactivating feature enables the user to deactivate the watch anytime. Children can deactivate the watch during class.

This watch is specially designed for children’s safety. It has installed a geo-fences system which shows you alert instantly. As soon as your child leaves the location.

  • The great GPS tracking system
  • Cool camera
  • Emergency SOS mode
  • Connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • Bit Balky interface
  • Video calls do not work properly sometimes
Why we recommended it

vtech  is a solid watch for connecting and tracing kids. It’s alert system is really great.

It is a great product from a great company.

3- Xplora 2


Norwegian startup Xplora include in the first companies who launch a smartwatch first time especially for the kids, and now it’s back with a feature-packed follow-up to its Xplora 3S.

The award-winning Xplora 2 is a smartphone that is designed as a watch. With all waterproof, you and your child can communicate easily by calling or you can send text messages. You can find your child, and protect a security zone. Xplora provides the necessary protection for both children and adults.

Watch is a phone! With a SIM card, you can create and receive both calls. It makes it easy to communicate with the child and makes more than 50 contacts. It is very easy to answer and make calls in swipe motion. The clock also displays text messages and emoji’s – not boring texts!

Take pictures with the watch! The new included camera on the Xplora 2 gives you an opportunity to take pictures of your child. They can share photos with you all day, keep updated on what you’re doing. Store more than 1000 images in the gallery, and set custom backgrounds.

Play your child and have fun, its waterproof, so your child can still play in the rain, or even take it in the swim. The watch has a step, which is a fun way to trace their daily movement for the child or to challenge the friends.

This is a version of sim free. Smart watch works as a phone, so you’ll need to buy a separate SIM card to make and receive calls, and use the location setting.

  • Nice design
  • Work really well
  • Good battery
  • Make calls clear
  • People complain about battery life
  • Sometimes signal problem
Why we recommended it

This is a much better watch than others.

The company made this product is a well-reputed company.

It gives peace of mind every time even you are in a crowded place it responds very quickly and is very intuitive.

4- Kurio 2.0+


Kurio smartwatch is a secure option to protect your child. Its service working all across the US and UE through a SIM data plan and comes with a customizable wristband.

You do not need to buy any expensive SIM data plan, kids can wear and use the device straight out of the box.

Kurio for children’s safety and parents bring peace of mind worldwide. This is the start of a new area for our Wearable-as-a-Service solutions because it permits us to supply a full turnkey mobility expertise to customers by embedding a global SIM card at the side of secure location-based mostly services.

This great design watch comes with a custom prepaid 6-month data plan. You can make a video call to your parents. After this free trial period, you can renew the plan for 39$ 6 months and 69$ for a year of service through a web portal or buy a standard plan through their local telecom carrier.

Its great security system protects your child from the highest level of security. This means that parents can be in touch with their children in real-time.

The API-enabled, automated Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect platform is absolutely integrated with Omate’s business processes, giving the corporate time period visibility over customers’ information usage patterns, and management over tariffs and billing. This implies that once a brand new client switches on the smartwatch for the primary time, it’s instantly connected. The software-defined capabilities of Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect™ additionally build it straightforward for Kurio to customize options and content with children’s desires in mind

  • Great security features
  • SOS alert
  • Cool colorful design
  • Free 6-month data plan
  • Poor battery life
Why we recommended it

The Kurio, initial and foremost, is doing all it will assist ease any safety considerations parents might have regarding delving into the world of child chase.

And whereas the information being carried through a VPN with end-to-end encryption ought to be enough to alleviate any worries, there is continually a component of risk with these devices.

Though, as we say, this is often maybe the foremost secure example of a kids’ smart watch.

5- HereO V2


Security is monitored while designing this hereO V2 watch. It’s just 40 grams of the lightweight watch. Your child can wear this watch easily and comfortably. And can play games without any disturbance.

This superior quality smartwatch is equipped with an EDP touch screen, Bluetooth support, and extended battery life. It is especially design for kids 3 and up, parents can enjoy peace of mind with regard to their children safe. Its tracking features include pin-point tracking, breadcrumb trail logging. And smart location alert, parents can track their children anywhere in the world by the hereO Family smartphone companion app.

Here’s a GPS watch one-time device that is 100% custom made for children. A variety of color designs are appreciated, each component on the board has been miniaturized to a small scale to ensure a comfortable fit and it feels that the baby just loves wearing this watch.

The hereO GPS watch for children isn’t only easy on the eye and snug on the wrist, however, it’s sturdy, the splash-proof shell will withstand even the heaviest of play. With a panic feature that can be simply triggered in an emergency, an extended battery lifetime of up to 48 hours between charges (actual battery time can vary on usage), and automatic low battery alerts to the parent’s smartphone, each you and your kid can get pleasure from peace of mind and freedom of play throughout the day.

Each watch hereO V2 comes with a built-in SIM card supporting connectivity in over 120 countries. You do not need to change the SIM card when you travel little one with the hereO watch, no contracts to sign, and service can be deactivated and reactivated at any time.


Work great


Track the watch fairly

  • Sometimes does not sync or send panic alerts
Why we recommended it

Overall, this is the beast features smart watch.

This is the device using both tracking and WIFI, a monthly subscription is also required if you are looking to get the most out of this device.

6- LG Gizmo Pal 2


A redesign of the smaller predecessor, LG’s Gizmo Pal 2 offers constitutional GPS tracking and geo-fencing capabilities when worn.

LG’s Gizmo Pal 2 has the ability to work as the phone and you can dial up the 4 preset phone numbers. You can stay connected to your child with the two ways of voice calling. It supports up to 4 contacts.

It has the ability to locate your child easily from your phone. So it brings peace of mind for the parents. You do not worry about the safety of your child. You can check the location whenever you need it.

LG’s Gizmo Pal 2 watch is a customizable kid’s friendly design. Kids like this watch and feel enjoy wearing this watch. Kids can mix and match their Gizmo Pal 2 with a colorful wristband.

It is really fun to wear and use. The voice clock states the time and makes fun sounds at the press of the button. It brings one of the more sophisticated designs in this area, despite being recommended for anybody aged 4 and above.

This company has stopped making watches. But you can now still get it from Amazon.

This watch allows the users to contact at any time from the Gizmo Hub app. Change the volume and fun sound, check battery life and more.


Location accurate

Good voice calling

Kids friendly

Easy to use

  • Not water resistance
  • The tracking system is not best
Why we recommended it

It works with Gizmo app.

It is very accurate to the watch location.

Phone capabilities are perfect.

Some users face defects with this product such as it is not water-resistant and some location tracking issues.

7- Tencent QQwatch


Powered by IearaTTA dual processor,this actually a Gear S3 for kids. However what sensible options are on board to specifically target a younger crowd?

Naver is a company creating new ways for people to discover and connect. This information and services are based on contextual understanding, personalization.

IearaTTA is still working on a brand new Galaxy Watch and instead of Tizen, the wearable device could run on Wear OS. The rebranded Android Wear is in demand even if the smartwatch business isn’t as flourishing. The wearable game isn’t as competitive as before however we will say there’s still a marketplace for such.

It has an LTE modem that enables VOLTE calls, a personal assistant named COLVA, and Papago, a service that helps kids learn a second language. It can also translate spoken English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

IearaTTA  watches equipped with 1.2-inch OLES display, with a variety of strap colors such as the pink or gold casing. This watch is completely water resistant so you do not worry about your kids taking it off in the pool.

  • Great design
  • SOS alert
  • Long battery life
  • Location and fitness tracking

None, we cannot find

Why we recommended it

IearaTTA is a much better watch than others.

The company made this product is monitored the kid safety factor.

It gives peace of mind every time even you are in a crowded place it responds very quickly and is very intuitive.

8- Amazingforless Smart Watch 


Back again after its first generation efforts, Line able is back with a completely new watch form factor and more advanced tracking system.

This watch is equipped with an advanced tracking system. You can use it for a week on a single charge. The features include SOS alert, location tracking, and geofencing is also available for parents. If the child removes the watch from the wrist, the alert is also available in real-time, with the time and general smart features are also on the board. Fitness tracking is also available in this watch.

Amazingforless device user can use the SOS alert for help in case of emergency. It provide accurate location tracking for parents and caretakers. With different types of sensors, Line able devices can collect and analyze the user’s health data and allow parents and caretakers to review.Its device has a low battery consumption and wide network coverage.


Long battery life

SOS alert

Accurate location tracking


None, we cannot find

Why we recommended it

There’s no word nevertheless on pricing and it’s missed its summer 2018 launch date, thus it isn’t clear whether it’s going to land any time presently.

The actual fact it’s taking advantage of Long-range Network – the IoT normal diode by Lora – and has fencing options suggests that it’ll conjointly accompany a monthly subscription.



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