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Best Rated Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

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Best Choice


Seagull S6 

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Yamaha FG700S 

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Best Value $

Takamine G-340

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Purchasing an acoustic guitar can be a daunting experience, particularly if you have never bought one earlier. There are numerous many things to mull over, and so many best guitar reviews in the market, beginners will certainly feel besieged. Panic not – assistance is available. This article highlight six best rated acoustic guitars for beginners. All of them offer immense worth for their respective cost tags.

1. Seagull S6 


These Canadian manufactured instruments are excellent acoustic guitars – extremely regarded, for both their striking sound, and their outstanding worth. The S6 comes with a hard cedar top, in addition to mahogany back as well as sides. Even though the cost may be somewhat higher than what a number of individuals might be prepared to pay for a first acoustic guitar, it ought to be taken as an asset. 

2. Yamaha FG700S 

Maybe not in the similar group as Seagull, the Yamaha FG700S are still a good novice acoustic guitars, and for the cost (considerably less costly than the Seagull S6), it is a good price.

3. Takamine G-340

Takamine G-340 acoustic guitar features a coated spruce top. Even though this model clearly is not on same level with a number of the advanced Takamine guitars, the consensus is the G-340 offers a good bang that one cannot resist.

4. Epiphone DR-100 

Epiphone DR-100 is available at a price that is affordable. This makes the acoustic guitar attractive to learners. Most individuals usually view this model as a strictly novice guitar.

5. Fender DG-8S

This is an inexpensive beginner acoustic guitar manufactured by Fender. Not an acoustic guitar you will keep around forever; however, it should serve the novice guitarist fine.

6. Taylor Baby Taylor

This is a three quarter size dreadnought acoustic guitar. Its size makes it ideal for young guitarists with smaller hands.

There are other best acoustic guitar reviews available online. It is important to read these reviews before considering purchasing any of these best rated acoustic guitars.

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