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Best Radar Detectors For 2019

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Radar Detector:

Radar Detector is an electric device that is specially designed to warn you from the presence of police. And it is also  used to measure the speed detection hardware.It looks like a portable GPS  or dash camera. Radar guns And the other devices are mostly used by Police  to detect the speed of driver at any distance.Radar guns were operated on specific Radio Waves.And Radar Detectors safe us from those Radio Waves based on Proximity.

There are lot of different models of Radar available in market.Cheaper Radar detectors are inaccurate and does not measure the speed accurately.In result,it gives False reading.On the other way,expensive Radars  are very accurate and consistant.They are well-featured and based upon high technology system,the list of some top rated Radar are as follows:


ESCORT MAX 360 is best Radar detector in market Nowadays, so we suggest you to choose ESCORT MAX 360 because it is very accurate and reliable .We are always used encourage drivers to obey Traffic rules and knowing their speed limits.

Why should people Buy this Radar:

                                                          Because it is accurate, reliable and affordable.It gives consistant reading and measure the speed accurately.

Who’s it For:

                             This Radar is for those who want best ticket   protection possible. Because drivers do not want to waste their little bit of time.Therefore, this Radar help them to save their time.

Why We Suggest ESCORT MAX 360:

However, There is latest version of ESCORT MAX 360 called ESCORT MAX 360c.It seems that it can be very hard for some retailers to spend $500.but our first choice is still MAX 360 ,because of a solid reason,The newer version  MAX 360c is not very good then the previous one.The original MAX 360 was very good. Radar detector lies a powerful digital  signal  processor(DSP).It has almost every featured of a modern Radar detector today.It Includes digital antennas,directional arrows system that can point out your threats.It consist of advance smartphone facilities that  help  you to connect with other speedsaters in your area.

The Radar MAX 360  uses a microchip to automatically  recognize radar band typically used by law enforcement,So the random signals coming from the automatic doors an blind spot detection system do not  interrupt your commute .The Radar MAX 360 boasts GPS that cuts down the false reading .Another thing that makes Radar MAX 360 best among all the other radars,Is that it so confident on its abilities,It will pay for your first ticket for you if you are frustrated while using it.The radar MAX 360 is a community-Based-Protection system.It uses a bluethooth link itself in smartphones,due to this it gives access to different users to community based ticket protection program which is called ESCORT Live. Escort Live is an App of free of cost for smartphones which alerts you from nearby threats, speed limit and your over- speed violation.


  • Very accurate and consistant.
  • Impressive range.
  • No false reading and measure speed limits.
  • Directional arrows tell you where the cops are.
  • Escort Live App alerts you from local threats..


  • It is very expensive
  • Arrows are very slow in respond.


ESD 7570

COBRA ESD 7570 is the best detector which is available in very good and affordable price.

Why should you buy this:

Because it is the only detector that is available in less price and based on good performance. It is a well featured Radar based upon high technology.

Who’s it For:

ESD 7570 is for those people who did not want to disturb their budget by buying costly things. So, this radar is available in even better price .That’s why this radar couldn’t effect your budget.

Why we picked the: COBRA ESD 7570

The COBRA ESD 7570 won’t break the bank. It is an issue with every device that data cannot be seen clearly in sun-light.COBRA ESD 7570 solve this issue,So it displays data clearly in bright light of sun.The display is divided into color coded sections for various bands  which are used by law enforcement.Therefore,You  know that what you’re up against.

In highways/populated areas the store alarms and the signals sometimes set off Radar detector.By turning city mode On,it reduces the chances of measuring false alarms.when travelling on highways especially in rural areas,signals are always come from law enforcement.

The 360 view detection is known as laser eye.Laser eye detects the signals that where are they coming from.The radar ESD 7570 will always alerts you is the signals are coming in front or behind your car.It also provides safety alerts when it detects an emergency vehicle like ambulance or police van.It will inform you when you are approaching to railroad or desert.It is best radar that is available in market in very affordable price.



It is the top performer Radar since ‘90s.becuase it has no chance of slow arrows detection.It indicates the exact direction from where the cops are coming.


Why should you buy this:

Because its performance is really good.It reduces the chances of false reading. And it has no sign of slowing.

Who’s  it for:

This radar is for those people who wanted to know the exact location of cops where they are coming from.

Why we picked VALENTINE ONE V1:

The  interface and display of VALENTINE ONE V1 look like they’re from ‘90s because it is a’90s radar.It is one of the best radars that are available in market.It consist of two antennas, impressive range and laser detection keeps your driving safe and clean. However, most of the radar that are available in market alerts the driver from radar signals in local area. But VALENTINE ONE V1 alerts the exact direction radar signals where they are coming from. By using radar’s antenna driver can swathe exact speed reading and which band is use. ESCORT 360 radar uses similar system as VALENTINE ONE V1.

VALENTINE ONE V1 has an impressive range and performance comes with few annoyances.In fact, most of the people would have a radar that is overcompensated at its job rather than the one radar who fails to alert you from speed traps. This also gives us the facility to turn off some police officers are still use lesser-utilize k band detectors time to time. because of its reliability, accuracy ,straightforward alerts and its arrow display system. But VALENTINE ONE is still at top.






It is one of the top best radar that are available in market.It warns the driver of speed traps before the cops see you.

Why should you buy this:

Because its measuring reading is very good .It gives fast alerts to the driver So,the driver is fully aware from cops.

Who’s it for:

ESCORT IX RADAR is for those people who are frequently travel through remote areas..Therefore,this radar measure their speed accurately.

Why we picked the: ESCORT IX

The Radar ESCORT IX is specially designed for long range –detection.It is used in remote areas like deserts or mountain/Hills.Because it detects speed traps from far away.When it goes off,it indicates that law enforcement officer is in the vicinity.The ESCORT IX reduces false alarms caused by in-vehicle technology like adaptive cruise control and collisions avoidance systems.This wasn’t an issue a decade  ago,but it become a real issue as cars get more advance.User can sync the ESCORT IX with ESCORT LIVE App to receive real time alerts of speed traps,Red light cameras and other traffic threats.This App is free of cost and compatible with smartphones and apple devices.




  • High range and fast alerts.
  • Crowd-sourced alerts through the ESCORT LIVE App.
  • Auto-learn featured that block all false alerts.


  • Audible alerts that can be difficult to hear at noisy palaces.




It is most demanded radar in the market nowadays, with very high functionality.

Why should you buy this:

Because it the most demanded radar in market based on well featured functions, fast alerts and very accurate.It also block false alerts,easy to use and set up.

Who’s it for:

BELTRONICS GT360 is for those drivers who want top flight radar protection In attractive package.

Why should we picked this:

The GT 360 is the best looking  radar nowadays,

It has a powerful digital processor. The GT360 blocks all the false alerts and making sure that you are hear the exact law enforcement.BELTRONICS is owned by ESCORT, and many of the featured of ESCORT MAX 360 are available in GT 360.For example, this device is compatible with ESCORT LIVE app ticket protection app which tracks speed traps and block false alerts. Three different modes of operations are available in GT360,each of adjusts sensivity of radar  and radar range based on the variety of parameters. The radar GT 360  offers over-speed to the driver.So, the driver will that He/She passed a pre-set velocity, And warns you that you should slow down yourself before flashing light appear on rear view. Voice alerts are available in both English and Spanish. But voice alerts are difficult to hear are noisy places.



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