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Best Projectors For Small Rooms in 2020 | Miscof Reviews

unlike the older days, when the projectors were just only found in the movie theater. so they are now used in particular places including small or studio apartment living spaces but more specifically and comfortably in small rooms. in addition, nowadays projectors are becoming much more popular. Moreover, today you do not need large dark rooms to run a projector. So, the invention of the ultra-short throw projector has made using a projector in small spaces. Furthermore, if you want that big screen front video projector experience in your home then I recommend the BenQ HT2050A is the best projector for small spaces.

Best Projectors For Small Rooms

If you are looking for the best 4k projector then you are in the right place. In this article, we have reviewed some of the top-rated projectors for small rooms at affordable prices.

ProjectorLamp lifeLumensPrice
BenQ HT2150ST3,500 hours2200 Check Price
BenQ HT2050A3,500 hours2200 Check Price
Optoma EH200ST5,000 hours3000 Check Price
Optoma GT56005,000 hours3000 Check Price
Optoma GT10805,000 hours2800 Check Price
AAXA P730,000 hours300 Check Price
BenQ MW632ST4,000 hours3200 Check Price
LG HF85LA20,000 hours1500 Check Price
Ricoh PJ WX41304,000 hours2500 Check Price
VAVA 4K25,000 hours2500 Check Price

1- BenQ HT2150ST


BenQ HT2150ST projector uses a short throw lens .the one thing about that is you can easily and simply place this projector much closer to your screen. It is the best ultra-short-throw projector. We highly recommended this BenQ HT2150ST projector because it comes with the 1080p bright image quality and easy to set up. In addition, its colors are not as vivid as compared to the non-short throw HT2050A. furthermore, the complex optics in this projector short throw lens lead to a loss of the sharpness around edges in the images. So, if you want a big image in a smaller space then this BenQ HT2150ST projector is excellent. Overall, we highly recommended this projector.

  • Unparalleled picture quality
  • Flexible installation
  • High responsiveness
  • Industry-leading
  • Weight: 7.93lbs


  • Ambient light
  • Great picture quality
  • Short throw lens


  • No cons yet!

2- BenQ HT2050A


This BenQ HT2050A is the best projector for small rooms and smalls studios. This projector uses the RGBRGB color wheel that produces wealthy and much more vibrant color as compared to the many budget DLP projector. Moreover, this 1080p HD quality projector is easier to set up than the other DLP projector. This projector has a feature of a flexible lens that has both zoom & verticle shifts. In addition, the speaker of this projector is not very well. So, its single DLP chip design produces a clear rainbow effect for a few of the reviewers. The 1.3x zoom of this projector gives them some wiggle rooms in terms of how close to the screen you can place the unit.

  • High responsiveness
  • Video compatibility
  • 1080p DLP technology
  • 100-inch screen
  • Weight: 8.00lbs


  • Best value for money
  • Durable
  • 1080p DLP quality


  • Poor quality

3- Optoma EH200ST


Here is another popular mini projector is Optoma EH200ST, it is highly recommended and uses a short-throw lens. This project is best for watching movies and the best HD projector for gaming or teaching a small classroom of the, it is the best HD projector 1080p and consists of a 40 to the 300-inch big screen. Moreover, this mini projector provides you the bright crystal pictures and you’re likely to experience the colors & images with a lamp brightness of 3000 lumens. In addition, the 3000 lumens means that this mini projector works very well in bright rooms & different dark spaces aren’t required. The contrast ratio of this projector is 20,000:1 will promises you the rich colors.

  • 100-inch diagonal image
  • Faster response time
  • Computer compatibility
  • 1080p DLP quality
  • Weight: 0.01 ounces


  • Crispy bright images
  • Great value
  • Simple and easy to set


  • Loud fan noise

4- Optoma GT5600

This projector presenting by the Optoma brand, this Optoma GT5600 projector is very well in high-quality images and the best ultra-short-throw projector. The most amazing feature of this projector is you can easily put this projector very close to the screen. so, the short-throw means that this projector is comfortable in cable handling. The brightness strength of this projector is 3600 lumens and the contrast ratio is 20,000:1. Furthermore, if you use this best HD projector 1080p 4 hours daily on average, so it will last for 10+ years. This projector is quite well in image quality. However, you will not need to worry about the adjusting position of this projector in terms to get an excellent image. It comes with the key-stone correction technology.

  • Ultra short throw
  • Incredible image quality
  • Easy image set up
  • Long lamp life
  • Weight: 8.70lbs


  • Keystone correction technology
  • Clarity is amazing
  • Excellent quality


  • Not well for money

5- Optoma GT1080


Here is another amazing product from the Optoma brand, which generates high-quality crystal Images and it comes with the six-segment color wheels. In addition, this projector is also compatible with sRGB and REC. 709 color profile. So, this projector ensures that it provides you the great color depth for your images. Moreover, it comes with a great sound quality speaker with 10-watt capacity. This projector is suitable for watching movies and playing games as well. furthermore, this projector has a super-fast response time and has a refresh rate of 120 Hazards. Overall, it is the best small HD projector for small spaces. The brightness capacity of this HD projector is 3800 lumens.

  • HDR Compatible
  • Super fast response time
  • Bright razor-sharp images
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Long lamp life
  • Weight: 9.32 pounds


  • Extraordinary speakers
  • Well for bright images
  • best HD projector for gaming


  • None

6- AAXA P7


AAXA P7 mini projector is much durable and less expensive from the price point. if you need a projector that can be easily fit on your laptop bag and briefcase then this AAXA P7 mini projector is best for you. In addition, this projector generates a 120-inch image size in low light conditions. So, this mini projector also includes a rechargeable battery with 90 min of run time. Moreover, this projector projects a 1080p high-resolution HD image quality and they are built-in 2-watt speakers. Furthermore, the p7 has an array of particular inputs to supports all types of devices. This projector is the best projector for gaming.

  • HD 1080p resolution
  • Super compact
  • All in one portable projector
  • Perfect for business and home use
  • Weight: 1.40lbs


  • Inexpensive
  • Bright enough
  • Great picture quality


  • Not easy to connect

7- BenQ MW632ST


This BenQ MW632ST projector is used in the small classrooms and training rooms as well. This projector provides you the large pictures from a short distance on a screen. Moreover, the picture size consists of 60 to 120 inches and it has a high native contrast ratio13,000:1. In addition, it comes with 1080p HD DLP quality resolution and the brightness level is 32000 lumens. This model of the projector has a lot of digital connectivity options including two HDML ports and one MHL supported or two VGA ports, USB ports. Furthermore, this projector lamp life is 10,000 hours in eco-mode. In addition, you can easily set this projector at the place and comes with a 10-watt speaker.

  • Executive quality projector
  • Long-lasting lamp life
  • Standard connectivity
  • High native contrast ratio
  • Weight: 5.70lbs


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Long-lasting lamp life


  • The projector takes some time to turn ON &OF

8- LG HF85LA


This LG HF85LA is the best ultra-short throw projector is considered to be one of the best projectors for tiny rooms. This projector features a 1080p HD DLP quality resolution and delivers high-quality images with an extremely short distance. Moreover, the brightness level of this projector is 1500 ANSI lumens and the contrast ratio is  150,000:1 that works very well to provide the user with a remarkable movie theater feelings. In addition, the image size of this projector is 90 inches to 120 inches which is more ideal for small rooms and small studios. So, the lamp life of this projector is almost 20,000 hours and it comes with the 3-watt speaker. Overall, it is the best ultra-short-throw projector.

  • 1080p HD resolution
  • 1500 ANSI lumens
  • The lamp life is 20,000
  • Digital keystone correction
  • Weight: 6.60lbs


  • Ultra short throw projector
  • 1080p HD quality resolution
  • Highly recommended


  • This projector is affected by ambient light

9- Ricoh PJ WX4130


This Ricoh PJ WX4130 projector is quite well-optioned when you want a lot of a number of options on the device. This projector produces a 2500 ANSI lumen and it is still capable of producing high-quality images when some ambient light present in the room. Moreover, the contrast ratio of this Ricoh PJ WX4130 projector is 2500:1 while it has a projected image of 1080p HD DLP quality. Furthermore, the most amazing feature of this projector is you only need to have it about just 4 feet from the projection surface which is very good when you do not have much more space to work with. So, the lot of a number of options on the Ricoh PJ WX4130 projector is quite very well and it comes with a VGA 15 pin connector or video RCA cable.

  • Single-chip DLP system
  • White light output
  • 3000 hours lamp life
  • High-pressure mercury
  • Weight: 6.60lbs


  • Long-lasting lamp life
  • Great quality
  • Number of option on the device


  • None

10- VAVA 4K


If you are looking for the best ultra-short-throw projector then this VAVA 4K projector is possibly the best choice out there. This projector can easily adjust to fit in small places. So, this projector casts a 100-inch picture from as little as 7.2 away from the wall. Moreover, this projector delivers 4K pictures and the lamp life is 25000 hours ensures you will be able to watch a movie for the next 17-years. The brightness level of this projector is 6000 ANSI lumens which means you can watch your favorite movie in the daytime. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in speaker with a 60-watt capacity. It included the Bluetooth remote.

  • Ultra short throw
  • 4k resolution quality
  • Advanced laser light
  • Connectivity technology
  • Weight: 23.81lbs


  • Superior 60W speaker
  • Laser light projector
  • Easy to set


  • Picture quality is not clear


We think that the BenQ HT2150ST projector uses a short throw lens and the brightness level is 2,200 ANSI lumens. It is the best gaming projector 1080p HD DLP quality resolution & image size is 100 inch. so, the second one is the Ricoh PJ WX4130 projector, it is highly recommended and one of the best gaming projector. Moreover, the lamp life of this projector is 3000 hours and the brightness level is 2500 lumens.


What is the best short throw projector?

  • BenQ W1080ST
  • Optoma GT1080p
  • BenQ HT2050A
  • Optoma GT1080p
  • Epson Home Cinema 1060

What is the best less expensive projector?

  • Epson V355
  • Optoma HD146X
  • ViewSonic PS501X
  • Vanko Leisure 3
  • APEMAN Mini M4

Is the projector better than TV?

TV projectors are much more expensive in price at least in terms of screen size for your dollars. So, you can get a decent HD quality projector & 100-inch screen under 1000$. On the other hand, the 80 inch TV is going cost you at least under 1500$.

What is the mini projector used for?

The category of mini projector includes the latest projector technology used in ultra-short-throw projector and mobile presentation or smartphone device.

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