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Motorcycle Radar Detector:

                     Motorcycle radar detectors are a useful piece of kit.We know that its gonna be easy to let your speed get away from you.Motorcycle radar detectors helps you to stay safe on the road while driving the bike.We brought you the list of some top rated  motorcycle radars detectors and their reviews.


ADAPTIV TPX 3.0 is the currently most advance and best Motorcycle radar detectors thesedays.It is more advance as compared to other brands of Motorcycle radar detectors.Its new version takes after the TPX 2.0,It is an amazing radar device. But ADAPTIV TPX 3.0 has an advantage over the TPX 2.0 in terms of features like it gives 360-degree detection and a good alert system.The TPX 2.0 radar detector would require an extra visual alert system.But TPX 3.0 has a built-in light that alerts the in a hurry.The GPS feature of this radar detects speed and red-light cameras.It is a weather proof radar detector.This device is the most advance and laser detection system.



  • It gives 360-degree detection.
  • Multiple-user modes.
  • Built-in LED light.
  • Red light cameras and speed cameras detection.
  • Small build system.


  • It can be too expensive.



TPX 2.0 is not a most advance brand.But its still an amazing Motorcycle radar detector for bike riders.Even in bad weather its system done his purposes well as in normal routine.It is a weather-proof radar detector.The design TPX 2.0 is very much user friendly.The over-sized buttons can be easily pressed even when user is wearing gloves.Its audio alerts is very good,No matter  how noisy the place is you can hear the radar alerts.It has been an issue with all radars that there display is not as much good in bright light.But TPX 2.0 resolved this issue,because of its huge LCD screen containing the visual alerts of this device.Even in bright sun light,  the user can see the alerts clealy.

It can be also powered by the battery of the Motorcycle.When a signal is detected the LED light of the device flas.This warns the driver that he/she doesn’t have to take his/her eyes off the road just to see whether the radar or laser detector is nearby.Overall,the radar detector TPX 2.0 is good for the people with less budget.



  • It is a weather proof radar detector.
  • It can detect multiple radar frequencies.
  • Multiple user modes.
  • Best design for Motorcycles.
  • Audio alerts are very well.
  • Easy to operate and set up.
  • Increased detection sensivity.
  • Certified from the speed measurement labs.


  • There is No latest version is available (Currently TPX 3.0).






Moto- Raptar Cordless radar detector is an other top rated Motorbike radar detector.This device is truly a unique because of it features a wireless alarm.It is the only that offers a wireless alarm.The advantage of wireless alarm is that the user can install the alarm on the helmet,So it becomes easier to see the alerts instead of seeing down on the device or looking away from road.The alert is expressed by blue LED light,which minimize the driver distraction.This device is easy to use and set up.The helmet is already an ON/OFF switch and a volume controller.It means that there are no annoying wires and cabels danging everywhere. Every signal componenet of Moto-Raptar radars is weather proof.So,they can be used without any risk in any weather condition.

The  module of this device has a smart mechanism where a  sensing circuit powers up the radar when the is running and automatically shuts  it down when the  engine is turned off.Therefore,the driver didn’t worry about the detector running out of batteries after the drive.This device is easy to install ,especially since the package is comes with its compelte accessories and parts It consist of remote detection unit, A/C charger,helme alarm,helmet speaker and different hardwares.Although many users commented that its looks so flimsy and cheap.But we think it offers something unique when it comes to convenience in using radar in Motorcycle.



  • It is small in size.
  • Wireless alarm that can be mounted on helmet.
  • It is a water-proof radar detector.
  • Available with remote speaker.


  • There are some issues with its features.




ESCORT SOLOS4 radar detector is generally used for cars. But its Cordless feature makes it a great device for Motorbikes.It is the most advance and latest ESCORT S SERIES.Since this radar is become Cordless,It become a great choice for those who changes one vehicle to another.This radar is easier to use in cars.Now, it becomes more easier to use in Motorcycles too.There is no dangling cords when the user is this device. It also helps to ensuring the driver’s focus concentrated on the road only.It is especially designed to be used from one vehicle to another.It provides clear alerts to you in both visually and through audio.This is the perfect device for those Motor-bikes drivers that also uses cars on daily basis and they don’t want to purchase two separate radar for their each vehicle.It is along protection radar that detects almost all the bands.



  • Easy to operate and set up..
  • Can detect all the radars bands including conventional and instant-on-X band.
  • Long range protection.
  • Bright OLED display.
  • Cordless, easy to mount.


  • It may give false alarm especially on k-band and laser signals.





The ESCORT MAX 360 was basically designed for cars.But that does not mean that the Motor-bike would not reap the benefits of this device. ESCORT products are on the top thesedays.That’s why it was heralded as one of the best releases,mainly for these reasons, direction arrows, rear-facing antenna,GPS and auto learn technology.MAX 360  was the to adapt the directional arrows. ESCORT designed this device to give more information  to their users.Another advantage of using this device is that it blocks false alerts and specify you the direction of  police signal more accurately.However, there is no radar as yet that can immune false alerts. This particular feature makes MAX 360 more susceptible because of the detector’s increased sensitivity. This device block all false alarm with its own auto-learn which is operated by Built-in GPS.Another feature is that you will have to spend more dollars   to connect with its ESCORT LIVE App.But it is free itself.You”ll need to purchase a separate smartcord that enables the device with bluetooth.This will notify you from your threats and their location as well as your speed this is helpful for you to notice that you aren’t over your limit.  GPS always equips you with advanced information on the location speed traps and red light cameras..The ESCORT MAX 360 is already loaded with ESCOR’S defender with an extensive database of non-signal emitting threats.



  • Impressive range and fast alerts.
  • Directional arrows will give you more accurate location of police troopers.
  • Built-in GPS, Auto learn feature and block false alerts.
  • Pre-loaded with defender database.
  • ESCORT LIVE App for crowd sourcing location of threats.


  • Directional arrows take time to register change in position.
  • Pricier than the competition.





  ESCORT REDLINE is another ESCORT‘S heavyweight’s products on this list. It is already succeeded with its version REDLINE Ex. It is a long detection radar which makes it ideal for highways, dual antenna, and exceptional alert system and very easy to use to use because of its straightforward design. ESCORT REDLINE has a special mode which gives more information of signals detected by the device. Redline has an Ultra- bright display that is readable in all times of the day. There is an issue with this device is an absence of GPS which become basic part of today’s radar detector. Because of this the chances of false alarms is increased.So,you will have to reply to the third party such as Waze for the location of speed cameras.There are two buttons on this  device one for Audio volume and other for sensivity. Having a long and wide detection range is something that every radar detector boasts. You can cont ESCORT LIVE out of those who are just bluffing..



  • Long detection range especially on highways.
  • Alert system is very reliable.
  • Sleek design and easy to use.


  • Absence of GPS.
  • Still very expensive.
  • Sensitive to false alarms in urban settings.





   BELTRONICS STI MAGNUM is another record-breaking detector which was originally intented for cars. It is still very effective radar today.It has an excellent radar range. It can also be connected to ESCORT LIVE App so the user aware of all the threats.However,the lacks an Built –in GPS,increasing likelyihood of picking up false alarms. The alerts can also be given in digital voice which is a clear and informative way. It can also be amplified in case that driving with motorcycle causes other sounds to down the alerts.Another option is that to buy a smartplug since the device is compatible with ESCORT LIVE App.BELTRONICS STI MAGNUM is the first un-detectable radar. Even without GPS sti magnum has penalty of good things.This device is not only for cars. It can also be used for Motorcycle too. This device is more expensive than the newer models.It is still effective today, and it is one feature any radar detector using driver would love to have.



  • It comes with a study mark.
  • Brilliant radar range.
  • Can be connected to ESCORT LIVE App.


  • Lacks of GPS feature.
  • It is more expensive than the newer models.
  • Does not come with bluetooth.









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