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Best Indoor Grills Buyers Guide

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Best Choice

Cuisinart Griddler Indoor Grill

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Best Seller

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

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Best Value $

George Foreman GRP4842P Multi-Plate

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When you crave a steak on the grill and it’s mid winter, you can think of an indoor grill. These countertop appliances may have open grilles, such as grills or lids that rest on a hamburger or chicken breast and cook both sides at once. These, popularized by George Foreman Grill in the mid-90s for their healthy cooking, are often called contact grills and are perfect for making crispy quality grilled cheese sandwiches. The best of both types will roast a burger with a summer flavor. Keep in mind that you can also make a burger or sirloin with a tasty gold and crust on the surface with the equipment you already own: a stove and a stove. But if you have space in your kitchen, you will appreciate the versatility of an INDOOR grill. It is often very tempting to roast outdoors. Imagine the distinctive taste of outdoor grilled foods. However, external elements can sometimes be serious and prevent you from having this pleasure. That’s when you’ll be thinking about roasting indoors without having to fight outside when wearing a coat or thick gloves. But to be honest, buying the best INDOOR grill is not an easy task. It is unfortunate that many inner networks fail in the test. Do not worry, your roasting pleasure will continue as planned, regardless of the weather outside. Grilling is one of the best ways to prepare dishes that humanity has invented. No other cooking method can compete with it. Unfortunately, weather often prevents many people from enjoying this way of cooking for at least part of the year. At least that was the case before. Today, almost anyone can buy an indoor grill and cook steaks, fish and vegetables throughout the year.

Differences between open and contact grills

An open grill definitely gives the illusion that you are cooking. It has a fairly wide grill that rests on a roasting tray and you turn the food around like you would on an outdoor grill. If they hold more food at the same time as a contact grill, they take approximately twice as long to cook. In addition, they need more counter space and storage, and their large surfaces of grills and drip trays take up more space in the sink or dishwasher. In our tests, the open grills did not give us better results than a closed grill and cannot be used to make a pressed sandwich. For this reason, we did not select any of the open grids we tested.


Advanced infrared technology and special reflectors direct the heat to the INDOOR grill to obtain delicious grilled foods. The drip tray below is kept cool, practically avoiding smoke. No need to adjust the heat! The indoor grill is heated quickly to a constant temperature of 446 ° F, the optimal temperature for cooking and grabbing your favorite meat, chicken and fish by leaving them juicy and tender inside. The electric grill ensures that the food is not cooked in its own fat and that the fat separates during cooking. Clean your electric grill in less than a minute! Clean the rack or place it in the dishwasher. Cleaning a grill has never been so easy. The INDOOR grill settles in a minute: spend more time cooking and less preparation. 1660 watts of cooking power and non-slip feet to keep your electric grill in place.


Enjoy grilled meats and vegetables perfectly at any time of the year with Hamilton Beach Searing Grill. It is no longer necessary to light the barbecue to cook some steaks or wait until the end of winter to enjoy a grilled and juicy burger. With a high cooking temperature that blocks the juice and an adjustable temperature knob to customize the grill, you will get delicious results at all times. The Hamilton Beach grill is easy to use. The LEDs let you know when your grill is on and ready to use. The lid window allows you to see your food while cooking and the large nonstick cooking surface provides enough space to roast several foods at once. It also comes with an extra large drain pan to catch excess juice or fat. The practical kitchen is just one part of what makes this product perfect for your busy lifestyle. It is so easy to clean. The surface of the grill and the drip tray are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher. In addition, the lid of the grill can also be removed to wash your hands. With Hamilton Beach’s Searing Grill, you can enjoy quality grilled meats throughout the year. The INDOOR grills of Hamilton Beach have what it takes to highlight the best flavor of the meat. And because our indoor grills are designed to be simple, it also has practical features like electronic controls, LED lights and removable dishwasher-safe grills.


This famous George Foreman 2 service grill has been a favorite worldwide, both for its performance and its affordability. With a 36-inch square cooking space, the personal grill can cook two portions of fresh or frozen favorites at the same time. The patented sloping design and double non-stick coating allow grease to drain quickly, with the characteristic George Foreman elements that provide uniform heat throughout the plate. It is the kitchen appliance that has changed the roasting game forever. George Foreman, the classic grill plate and panini press, offers fast cooking and delicious results for meats, burgers, chicken, vegetables and more. The patented sloping surface helps eliminate grease during cooking and the George Tough non-stick coating is cleaned after each use. The double contact heating of the compact grill accelerates the grill and allows food to be placed on the table in record time. This exclusive George coating facilitates drainage of grease and facilitates cleaning. Cook more intelligently and easier.

                         TOP TEN INDOOR GRILLS

1.Cuisinart Griddler


Of all the indoor electric grills we tried, the Cuisinart Griddler was the favorite of our team of tastes. The burgers and chicken breasts that we cooked with the Griddler proved to be juicy, and the grill drained a lot of fat. Its large cooking surface is also useful for cooking for families or large groups. The reversible plates are fluted on one side and flat on the other, which allows you to use this electric grill as an electric plate. You can also open the lid to leave it flat and the independent heating controls allow you to cook at different temperatures simultaneously on the plates. This is ideal for breakfast foods such as pancakes and eggs, as well as for vegetables. In addition, the removable plates are easy to clean and clean. The only drawback of Cuisinart Griddler is that it needs a little space to store it. Fortunately, as it is a hot dish, you can get rid of your old one to make room for this versatile device. The lid has six key positions, allowing you to fly over steaks or grilling chops, and the handle stays fresh while pressing the perfect panini or burger.

  • Reversible plates allow you to cook more varieties of food
  • The lid can be locked in place.
  • Independent control of upper and lower temperature.
  • It takes a lot of space at the counter
  • The handle does not fold.
  • No digital signage

2.Delonghi BG24


Grilling food on an electric grill can often provide dry meats, but because the affordable DeLonghi BG24 has a glass lid to prevent moisture from entering the grill, the meats cooked on this grill during our tests were among the most juicy and tasty. The lid also prevents grease from splashing on your countertop, an additional advantages or cleaning. Although the BG24 is manufactured as a hotplate, it does not come with a flat plate for cooking foods such as eggs or pancakes. But the 19.7 x 13.2-inch baking surface is ideal for baking several hamburgers, steaks or vegetables at the same time. These characteristics, combined with its good price, make it our best option for indoor electric grills. DeLonghi BG24 is easy to clean with the non-stick grill and some parts of the appliance are dishwasher safe. Our testers were impressed by the ease of use and the quality of the cooking, but many pointed out that it occupied a valuable space on the shelves or counters, without eliminating the need for a separate cooking plate for the preparation of pancakes and similar foods.

  • The lid prevents splashing of grease.
  • The wide design allows you to cook several items at once
  • Non-stick surfaces are easy to clean
  • There is no flat plate to use as a cooking plate.
  • The temperature is not uniform throughout the grill.
  • The one year warranty is not as good as the other grills we examine

3.George Foreman GRP99


George Foreman grills have existed for more than two decades and come in a variety of sizes and styles. We tried the George Foreman GRP99, one of Foreman’s high-end electric grills. We discovered that although it produced medium-flavored foods, it was the best one to eliminate fat from meat, an PROS for those looking to reduce their fat intake while enjoying their favorite meats. The GRP99 has removable upper and lower plates, which facilitates the elimination of cooked foods or spices, but does not return the corrugated plates for use as a cooking plate. A different model of the Foreman range has interchangeable plates, but not the GRP99. However, this model stands out for offering plenty of space to cook large steaks, thick hamburgers and long vegetables such as asparagus. And the digital display and controls allow you to adjust the temperature instead of guessing with a lever or a dial. Our testers were impressed by how easy it was to clean the grill and how quickly it cooked. Although you can potentially dry your meats, controlling the temperature and duration of cooking can result in satisfying meals.

  • Grease drips better than other electric grills
  • Digital temperature controls and push buttons
  • The plates are removable to facilitate cleaning.
  • The elimination of fats can dry
  • cord is only 2 feet

4.Smart Planet SIG-1


With Smart Planet SIG-1 you get an open grill surface that produces well-cooked meats with grill marks as well as an outdoor grill. Our tests showed that he cooks the meat well, leaving it juicy and tasty. However, the open grill is not supplied with a lid. The grease has been splashed about 20 cm (8 inches), which means you have to clean a little more (the countertop and its surroundings), as well as the grill itself. Nor will you get a cleaning tool with this grill, which would be useful. The SmartPlanet SIG-1 includes a removable thermostat and useful information in the user manual to guide you in the cooking time. However, the manufacturer makes it clear that this information is for reference only. You should estimate the cooking times according to factors such as the type of food, size and thickness.

  • The raised grill surface cooks the meat well and leaves attractive grill marks.
  • You do not have a blanket, which means that the fat can splash a great distance.

5.Presto Cool Touch 09020

Presto has no limit in the production of high quality kitchen equipment. Once again, he made an impressive innovation with this interior electric grill. It has a unique cooking mechanism that allows the fat to flow directly to the food tray. This helps maintain a clean strap and, in the long run, improves durability. With its cold touch, it protects you from all sides. There is also a main temperature control function that automatically maintains the temperature. So you should not oversell yourself for the food. Fits most kitchen cabinets and can be an ideal choice for travelers. It comes with a spatula as an additional gift to enhance your grilling experience.

  • Its very easy to clean
  • it has cool touch and that is the best part of it.
  • Cooking surface is so wide so more people can easily join.
  • There is no lid.



The electric grill T-Fal has a patented technology that allows you to cook professionally. This is the first model designed to detect the thickness of food and provide the necessary heat accordingly. It offers a total of 6 food programs for a hamburger, chicken, sandwiches, red meat, sausage and fish. It has intuitive lights and audible beeps for rare, medium and well-made models. You can evaluate your grill thanks to the preheating functions that facilitate the monitoring of the cooking process. Since both cooking modes are frozen and manual, you can cook any food without fear of overcooking or overcooking. In addition, the quality of the construction is excellent because it consists of die-cast aluminum and removable plates. These removable plates facilitate the extraction of food and the effortless cleaning of the different compartments. In addition, a complete user guide will help you learn how to adjust the temperature and remove the plate compartment. The washable part is compatible with the dishwasher and the design is compact to allow its transport and storage. Therefore, it is an excellent indoor grill to use during your vacations and when you want to try unfamiliar foods.

  • It can adapt the thickness of meat to make sure proper cooking
  • I has beep that alarm you that your meal is ready to eat.
  • there is indicator that tells you about grill heated.
  • Display is little bit confusing.

7.BLACK + DECKER G48TD Iron for 3-in-1 Cooking


You can use three different applications with this grill. You can grill sandwiches, bake eggs and even make waffles. Just change the dishes to the grill. Variable temperature controls allow you to adjust the temperature. It is ideal for cooking different dishes. You will have maximum temperature control to make sure that your food is perfect. Grease spills allow fat to move away from food. You can clean the pans easily. You will not have to worry about the fact that there is a lot of fat in your food.

  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to clean
  • A light indicator alerts you when it is ready.
  • It may not be hot enough.

8.Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor electric grill


You can cook different foods on the grill. Whether you are preparing a steak, fish, chicken or hamburgers, you can be sure that this grill will do it. You can expand your favorite dishes. The non-stick surface allows you to cook almost anything on the grill. Your food will not stick to the surface, which will allow you to have the entire last piece. It is perfect for any grill. The grill allows you to adjust the heat to the desired location. Thanks to the handles, you will not be afraid of the grill burning your hands. The housing prevents heat from reaching the countertops. The grill is easy to dismantle, so you will not waste too much time cleaning it. The drip tray recovers the grease and you can put it in the dishwasher. This is great to save cleaning time.

  • Isolated below
  • The safety mechanism prevents the grease from sinking into the countertop.
  • The cast iron construction makes it durable.
  • Cover the food with oil before putting it on the grill.

9.Excelvan Electric grill for indoor


For an excellent and uncomplicated barbecue, the Excelvan indoor grill has many impressive features. The first thing to appreciate is the cooking area that measures 15 x 10 inches. This expanded area allows you to cook a variety of ingredients at the same time. And having a heater and separate dishes, you will enjoy a quick clean and a healthy diet. If this terminology is not new, you will appreciate the grooved design of the cooking zone that improves the maximum thermal coverage for fast cooking. The base features a channel design and the cast aluminum material protects the heater for a durable surface. In addition, the ease of washing and the highly portable design make this unit ideal for parties, camps and other occasions when you are away from home. The non-stick surface saves used oil. It keeps food without excess oil and improves the natural retention of flavors.

  • You can easily control its temperature
  • cooking area is wide
  • Coating on the drip plate is not enough.

10.Cuisinart GR-4N baking tray, silver, black spheres 5 in 1


This indoor barbecue is for kids who can not live without partying. The Cuisinart GR-4N indoor grill features a 5 in 1 counter that allows you to cook multiple ingredients in simultaneous events. These units include a half rack, a full rack, a hot plate, a contact grid and a panini press. It is thanks to its versatile design that it has earned an excellent reputation as an indispensable tool in any home. It is an ideal tool to prepare food for the whole family. The integrated drip tray facilitates the removal of excess fat and oil for the production of healthy foods. In addition, you can easily adjust the temperatures according to the indications of the LED lights. In addition, the packaging of this product includes gourmet recipes and a scraping tool. The brushed stainless steel construction is resistant to corrosion and, therefore, easy to clean and improves the decoration of your kitchen.

  • Dual temperature control
  • you can easily clean I with the help of brush
  • its plates is removable and reversible
  • Surface is not so wide.

Factors to consider when buying indoor grills

Just like when you buy a barbecue, you should consider some special features before making a purchase decision.

Power: most grills do not exceed 1800 watts, but it may not be surprising to find one with more. Wattage means the speed and efficiency of the equipment to roast your food.

Cooking zone: some high-caliber models have a cooking surface of approximately 90 square inches. The larger the cooking surface, the easier it will be to roast.

Grid material: An ideal material would be one that offers incredible heat transfer and retention. In addition, it must be free of rust and easy to clean. Most are stainless steel.

Temperature controls: For roasting, the food must react at the correct temperature to improve its flavor. Therefore, temperature control is an important feature that should work properly.

Size and weight: Size and weight are also important to consider. Both factors improve the portability of the equipment. They also improve stability, as well as the ease of roasting.


Grilled foods have been classified as the most adored foods in the world. And roasting has evolved from traditional methods to recent methods in which we have indoor grills. The final result should be a food cooked in good taste and healthy. However, not all models of indoor grills can meet your expectations. It is better to try something that has been tested and meets the performance criteria. The ten products mentioned above have already been used, and thousands of genuine reviews indicate that they are actually the best. Get yours today and discover a new way to make barbecues indoors.

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