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We know what an electric pressure washer is. The basic definition is that it is a high pressure mechanical sprayer. These machines are known to be very effective in cleaning walkways, buildings and other hard-to-reach places. Being used for both households and commercial purposes because of their versatile and diverse nature, these are very effective in removing moulds, grime and dust from the surfaces in a matter of seconds that would be requiring hours of cleaning otherwise. This is the reason it is time for us to present to you the best electric pressure washer for the year 2016.
Top 10 Best electric pressure washers



At the time of publishing, Amazon: 2,595+ Customer Reviews

The AR Blue Clean AR383 Reviews will tell you all the specifications and features that you need to know in order to make sure that you get the right information about the product. With a pressure discharge of 1900 PSI and a GPM of 1.5 you can be rest assured that there will be hardly any dirt that will survive the wrath of this washer. Other features including the Triplex 3 Axial piston pump and Total Stop System or TSS make this electric pressure sit in the higher echelons of the washer world. This is the reason we will focus on the features of the product in the AR Blue Clean AR383 Reviews more closely.

  • The accessory kit: this electric pressure washer comes with a full accessory kit for taking care of different duties. This kit includes a high pressure hose to clean tough dirt, a foam dispenser with lance to use foam as and when required, adjustable spray nozzle to reach the remotest corners of the house and a spray gun.
  • The Total Stop System or TSS: this system is in place for the rotating nozzle and is designed to automatically switch it on and off as and when required.
  • The hose and the cord: the hose that is available to you is 20 feet in length which makes sure that you are able to reach the deepest corners and clean them diligently. Next is the power cord of the product which is 30 feet long. This allows you to cover a great distance from the original power source which can be only beneficial for you.
  • The Gun wand: the gun wand that comes with this product is a pretty useful tool and comes with a full assembly kit. You will find a detergent injector kit, water filter, adjustable spray head, detergent tank and a high pressure hose in the kit.
  • Transportation: to make transportation of the product easier, you will get a two wheel trolley on which you can easily mount this machine and take it wherever you need.

Now you cannot make the decision of choosing an electric pressure washer solely based on the features alone. To make things easier for you, AR Blue Clean AR383 Reviews has provided you with the pros and cons of the machine.

  • The power cord and hose of the washer helps in covering a large area ensuring absolute cleaning.
  • The maximum pressure is 1900 PSI which makes it a more potent washer.
  • This product is light and can be easily carried to different places.

  • The hose to the main unit can leak sometimes.
  • It is a little hard to reel back the hose reel in the conventional way.

We hope that this AR Blue Clean AR383 Reviews has been able to take care of all the questions that you had about this product. Therefore it is, but time for you to check out this washer and deliver your verdict judiciously.


Cleanliness is an issue that needs to be handled very carefully. The reason is that cleaning a building can be as hard as cleaning the patio. You need to make sure that your house is clean at all times because dirt will invariably make it look clumsy if it is left to its own devices. You must have seen the mud on the tyres of your car and wondered how to get it cleaned. The answer lies in electric pressure washer and that is the reason we present to you the Sun Joe SPX3000 Reviews.

At the time of publishing, Amazon: 1,305+ Customer Reviews

This Sun Joe SPX3000 Reviews will tell you all that you need to know about this best electric pressure washer. This device takes roughly 30 minutes to properly assemble and become fully functional. The various features including the removable dual detergent tank and the 35 foot cord are some of the reasons as to why they are touted to be one of the best in the business. This is the reason we should pay more attention to the Sun Joe SPX3000 Reviews and take a closer look at the product to make sure that they can back up their claim.


  • Assembling: let us first talk about the assembling of the product. Firstly they come partially assembled which means that all you need to do here is to simply fix certain parts of the washer and fit them and it is good to go.
  • The cord and hose: the two important features of the product are the power cord and the hose of the machine. The power cord is 35 feet in length which allows it to cover a great distance from the power source. The hose on the other hand is 20 feet which means you can use it to clean deep and unreachable places easily.
  • The different nozzles: you will find 5 different types of nozzles with this product. Each of these nozzles is to be used for different purpose. They will let you select the pressure level from high to low and vice versa.
  • The total stop system: as you already know that there is a trigger gun which allows you to control the machine. Therefore in situations when the trigger gun is not being used, then the Total Stop System or TSS will automatically stop the washer.
  • Dual detergent tanks: if you want to use different cleaning solutions for different purposes then you will be thrilled to know that there is a dual tank to take care of that.

It is not possible to simply decide on an electric pressure washer by looking at the technical features of a product. Therefore, you need to check out the pros and cons of the washer in the Sun Joe SPX3000 Reviews to be absolutely sure whether this is the right electric pressure washer or not.

  • The different nozzles allow a cleaning range from 0° to 40° meaning that you can clean everything with it.
  • There is also a cord lock system of the product that assures tangle free cables
  • The pressure discharged by the product is 2030 PSI.

  • Although it is partially assembled but it does not come with a manual for assembling the rest of the washer.

At the end of the Sun Joe SPX3000 Reviews we can safely say that we have covered most of the information you will need for deciding on this electric pressure washer. Therefore remember to choose wisely and clean your house happily.

3. GENERAC 6596 2800 PSI 2.5 GPM

Generac, since its inception in 1959, has been catering to people’s needs and providing them with efficient generators. The same level of commitment has been brought forward in their pressure washers.

Generac 6596 comes with an ergonomic design with a spray gun that reduces your effort. The machine gets the job done for you. This can clean a number of places, especially those that are otherwise hard to reach. Be it your car deck, the house driveway or the patio furniture, everything in and around your house will be kept clean. This is evident from the powerful 196cc Generac OHV engine that comes with it. So, we have brought this Generac 6596 reviews to help you know the product.

Now, if you are planning to buy a best electric pressure washer for yourself, you need to know the product in and out. So, let us look into some of the features of the product in this Generac 6596 reviews.

  • The engine: Generac has put in its best in this product with the 196cc OHV engine. This delivers very efficient cleaning. This is also a durable product that stays with you for a long long time.
  • The pump: The pump is placed well above the ground to get rid of any difficulties the users might be facing. So you do not need to kneel down on the ground in order to make proper connections. The axial cam pump has proven to be very effective in giving you powerful cleaning services. It also provides maximum heat dissipation to extend the life of the device.
  • Hose: Yes, whenever you are cleaning outdoors, or even indoors, you need a proper long hose in order to reach all the places. Generac understands your issue and brings to you Generac 6596 with a 25 feet PVC hose. This is connected to the rear part of the spray gun. This makes it easier for you to move around with the pressure washer.
  • Tank: This is another important aspect in a pressure washer. You need to have detergents stored in the tank in order to use this machine as a pressure washer. The ¾ gallon capacity of the b goes a long way in providing you with ample storage, so that this never poses to be a problem.
  • Spray gun and nozzles: The spray gun helps you spread the detergent over the areas which are to be cleaned. The cushion grip handles makes sure that you do not have to over-exert yourself while working. The four nozzle tips add to the list of advantages for the machine.

Now that we know the features of the product, let us now look in to the advantages and disadvantages of the same in the Generac 6596 reviews.

  • This is easy to maneuver for using it outdoors for the large wheels and upright orientation.
  • The nozzle tips come in 0 degrees, 25 degrees and 40 degrees such that a wide area can be covered by it.
  • The setup is very convenient. It takes you 20 minutes to take the contents out of the packaging and assemble them together.
  • The 25 feet hose might prove to be a problem for some people as a longer hose is often expected.
  • Sometimes, the motor shuts down on its own.

Overall, this is not a bad buy. It is affordable and you get efficient cleaning at all times as seen in the Generac 6596 reviews. This product is worth a try and we would definitely recommend it.

4. POWERORKS 51102 1700 PSI

The next washer in the best electric pressure washer list is Powerworks 51102. The machine is induction motored powered which is known for its efficiency. The 1700 PSI along with 1.4 GPM makes sure that it cleans plenty of dirt. The 25 foot long hose is there for cleaning some of the difficult places in the house that requires extensive cleaning. The power cord is 35foot long and comes with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for better functioning and safety. The handle bar of the product is a little fragile and it requires more attention.

5. KARCHER K 2.300 1600PSI

Karcher has always been known for electric pressure washers that clean diligently and quickly. This machine can switch from detergent to high pressure instantly as and when required and it also includes the Vario wand. The nozzle of the washer is known for its prowess to clean efficiently and gives one of the quickest washes. The upright handle of the product makes sure that you can easily manoeuvre the washer. The bayonet trigger comes with a child lock for safety to children. Connect all the hose connections with the quick connect system; all you need to do is place it in the right place and then click it in. The pump tube needs little more working but it is not bad and does the job.


Another Karcher washer to land on the best electric washer review is this product. The water cooled motor of this Karcher machine is patented and it can last up 5 times longer than the other ones. It also has a non-corrosive N-Cor pump which takes care of the longevity of the motor. The dirt Blaster wand of the product increases the cleaning capability of the washer by 80% which is not bad. Plus the Nozzle of the washer allows for a more efficient and quicker wash. This product has an ergonomic and upright design which helps the user to easily manoeuvre the washer to reach difficult places. This product has some small leakage problems which need to be taken care of soon.


If cleanliness is something that you like and want to keep your house in tip top shape then it is imperative that you have an electric pressure washer. An electric pressure washer is something that can reach some of the remotest place in your house and clear it. The pressure discharged by an electric pressure washer makes sure that grime, grit, mud and all kinds of dirt are removed without breaking a sweat. This is the reason we bring to you the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Reviews. This review will give you with an in depth analysis of this particular electric pressure washer.

The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Reviews is something that you need to go through carefully if you take the hygiene and cleanliness of your house seriously. This machine can effortlessly clean your driveway, car, patio, lawn, etc. With a pressure discharge of 1800 PSI, there is hardly any dirt that can hide from this washer successfully. The various features of the product including the motor of the washer and the start/stop feature of the product make it a formidable machine and hence contribute to the growing popularity of the product. Therefore, without wasting a moment further let us check out the various features of the product.

The specifications and features of the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 washer is as follows:

  • The pressure hose: the hose of this electric pressure washer is about 20 feet long. This makes cleaning more efficient as your pressure washer will be able to reach some of the deepest corners of the house which are usually hard to reach.
  • The swivel hose adapter: among the various accessorises that you get with the product, you will also find a swivel hose adapter. This adapter can easily hook up with the garden hose ad play an integral part in cleaning the garden.
  • Start and stop: as we all know that the function of the washer is done by the trigger gun, therefore in the absence of such a device you will find this particular feature. It shuts off the pump automatically if it detects that no trigger gun is being used. Remember, this helps in protecting the pump of the product and as a result helps increase the longevity of the product.
  • The detergent tank: you will also find a fully functional on board detergent tank which is able to hold a substantial amount of cleaning solution. Moreover, this tank has the holding capacity of 1 litre which allows you to put in enough detergent for cleaning.

Now you must remember that in order to figure out the actual worth of any electric pressure washer you will need to check out the pros and cons of the product. This is the reason we have incorporated the pros and cons of the product in this Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Reviews.

  • It is lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another using the wheels which are durable.
  • The pressure discharge of the product is 1800 PSI, which is good enough to clean tough dirt.
  • Is effective in cleaning outdoor objects and surface areas smoothly.
  • The hose of the product is a little inflexible.
  • At the end of the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Reviews we can say that this is a decent product and deserves at least one chance. This is why you must go through this review diligently to decide whether this is the right product for you or not. Happy cleaning with this Happy Product!

    8. AR BLUE CLEAN AR118

    There is no bigger job for you than to keep your home or office clean at all times. The reason is that you stay in your house and earn money from your office. You should make sure that these places are kept in top notch shape. It is often hard to do so, but the most effective tool at your disposal for this job is a best electric pressure washer. This is all the more reason you should check out this AR Blue Clean AR118 Reviews. This review is for those people who make cleanliness their top most priority.  This is a product that looks after your convenience at all times and is very tempting as far as affordability is concerned.

    The AR Blue Clean AR118 Reviews will help you to know this product a little better. This review is meticulously drafted to make sure that every aspect of this machine is covered which plays a very crucial role in deciding whether to buy this product or not.  This product is perfect for cleaning decks, walkways, cars, sidings, etc. The triplex plunger pump, 35 feet power cord and the soap foam dispenser are some of the features that have transformed this product into something very efficient. This is the reason we should check the specifications of the product closely in this AR Blue Clean AR118 Reviews.


    • The 35 feet long cord: the power cord of the washer is 35 feet long. This length of the product helps the machine to move around and cover a larger area from the power source. This makes this more useful in both at home and at work.
    • The 20 feet hose: almost complimentary to the long cord is the 20 feet hose. This hose is ideal for cleaning dirt in the deep corners which was not possible in the past. Thus, this hose can successfully remove some of the dirt that has been getting accumulated for a long time in just one shot.
    • Auto safety: this washer has taken care of the safety quotient quite nicely and it is indeed commendable. You will find this on the head of the pump. This auto shut off valve make sure that the pump is protected from any adverse effect. At the same time this increases the life of the product.
    • Steel plungers: the plungers of the machine are made of stainless steel. This is apt for cleaning the tough dirt diligently and moreover, it will not get rusted and this makes sure that these plungers last longer.

    If we look carefully then you will understand that all these specifications and features are merely technical aspects of the product and not enough for deciding the fate of the washer. If you want to know about the usage of this product then you need the positives and negatives of the machine in the AR Blue Clean AR118 Reviews.


    • 1500 PSI makes sure that dirt is removed consistently
    • The automatic safety valve plays an important role in keeping the pump safe
    • The length of the cord and hose make sure that a large area is covered and cleaned properly
    • The instructions of the electric pressure washer are a little confusing
    • It usually takes quite some time to take care of dirty jobs

    After gauging every aspect of the AR Blue Clean AR118 Reviews, we are certain that this is a good washer. Therefore, it is time for you to put your thinking caps and deliberate on whether this is the one for you or not.


    This is a high powered electric washer can that would be a good fit for any industrial setting. It works on 7.5 horse power, so you can understand how strong it is it. The washer has a pressure discharge of 3000 PSI which is very helpful if you are trying to clean tough dirt. The aluminium frame of the product is of aircraft grade and comes with dual handles. It also has pneumatic tyres which are apt for any surface and also has dual shock absorbing feet to make it shock resistant. The sensor of the machine warns the user if it detects overheating at any point of time. But the bulky structure of the product can be a little problematic sometimes.


    This is a product that is best suited for commercial purposes because its design is built for industrial use. The pump of the washer is of professional CAT standard and has good storage which is something which is very much needed in any electric pressure washer. It also has a portable steel cart with pneumatic wheels that allows the user to use it on all surface and come with comfort grip handles to make sure that they can do work without hassles. This is good for both outdoor and indoor use which is a big advantage here. Plus it also has a heavy duty induction motor which helps it to perform better. One disadvantage of this product is that is a little heavy.



    One of the most important parts of any electric washer is the hose. The length of the hose decides how far and deep the washer can reach; needless to say that the longer the hose, the deeper it can go. The ideal length of the hose should be around 25’ as it allows you to reach decent level of depth.


    The power cord is the component of the washer that helps it to connect to a power source. If the power cord is long then you can carry the washer to a longer distance and as a result it allows covering a larger area.


    The trigger gun is the component that controls the functioning of the product. You can start and stop the electric washer with the help of this component.


    The motor controls how much power is required by the product and helps in deciding how much pressure can be discharged. Most of the electric pressure washers use the induction motor as it saves energy and can work more efficiently. They work very quietly which makes sure that unwanted noise is not created.



    The first thing that you need to look for in any electric pressure washer is the capability of the machine. By capability we mean how much pressure discharge it can make. This choice will also depend on the purpose of buying the electric pressure. If you are selecting a washer for your house then anywhere between 1500-1900 PSI is more than enough. But if you are choosing it for commercial or industrial purposes then you would need a machine with at least over 2500 PSI, although the best ones for this purpose will be the heavy duty electric pressure washers.


    The next thing that you need look for is the various features and specifications that will assist the machine. The hose length and power cord length are pivotal in deciding how much area it can cover and the depth it can reach. Moreover, you can also check whether the hose can be attached to the garden hose or not. You also need to check the capacity of the on board tank that will store the chemicals. Another important feature that needs attention is the nozzles that come with the washer. You must make sure that the nozzles are adjustable so that it can reach difficult places without any problem.


    The motor is the next thing that you need to carefully check when you are choosing the electric pressure washer. Nowadays, induction motors are in rage. They are reliable and efficient which makes them invaluable.


    Chemicals recommended by the manufacture of a particular machine must be used in the pressure washer. If you do not follow this recommendation then it can lead to severe damage of the electric pressure washer.

    This review will give you a concrete idea about electric pressure washers. If you want to choose an electric pressure washer then you must check every aspect of this review very carefully. In the review you will come across many different electric pressure washers. It is for you to decide which one suits to your specifications after examining all their features properly.

    Moreover, in order to get accustomed with the electric pressure washer we gave you a brief idea about the different components of the machine and how to choose them. We believe you deserve the best and therefore it is high time you choose wisely.


    What’s an electric pressure washer?
    An electric pressure washer is one of the many different types of washing systems available. It’s a machine that cleanses several surfaces types by using high water pressure. They can be used effectively for surfaces such as wood and concrete. Pressure washers are also much more effective than regular garden hoses. One reason is that they reduce the amount of water used for cleaning.
    When should I drain gas from the engine?
    You should take this step if you have one of two plans. One is to store th
    e electric pressure washer, and the other is when you plan to transport the unit in a vehicle. Make sure to never store combustible substances in your house or apartment.
    What is the process of power washing?
    Power washing is also known as pressure washing. It involves using a high-pressure water spray. The spray is designed particularly for spray. However, the spray is 100x more powerful than a standard household garden hose. It’s used on different types of surfaces. For example, it helps wood decks to have the appearance of new wood, and removes old finishes. The system can also remove items from concrete including dirt, mold, bubble gum, etc. Power washing can also help to clean siding on homes, such as vinyl and aluminum. It can help to remove mildew, pollution, etc.
    Why is water exiting the pressure washer’s pump?
    This happens when you run the unit’s engine but don’t spray the wand. When that happens the pump automatically uses water to protect the unit from getting to hot. The name of the function is the thermal relief system or automatic cool-down system.
    Which chemicals should I use for electric pressure washers?
    All cleaning solutions must be power-washer approved. However, in particular many people are looking for solutions that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. This will help to minimize their impact on the environment, which is definitely a benefit in terms of “green” options.
    How is anti-freeze and water solution added to the unit?

    If you’re required to store your electric pressure washer in a place that drops below freezing temperatures, you can add antifreeze to protect the machine. Here are the steps:

    • Turn off the water supply
    • Disconnect the garden hose but keep the high pressure hose attached
    • Tip the machine on its side
    • Place a small funnel in the inlet/pour in 5050 antifreeze/water solution
    • Disconnect the spark plug wire
    • Pull the recoil many times
    • Keep adding antifreeze/pull the recoil until the antifreeze starts to exit after the trigger is pulled
    • Turn the machine upright
    Is PSI or GPM more important?

    GPM stands for gallons per minute and PSI means pounds per square inch. Both of these figures are important when comparing different electric pressure washer units. PSI provides powerfor the machine, forcing the dirt and grime off the surface.On the other hand, GPM will help to flush the various contaminants from the surface. It really depends on the function of the pressure washer. Homeowners typically look for more PSI. Meanwhile, farmer/agricultural needs look for higher GPMs in order to move contaminants to their last destination.

    Are there chemicals/liquids that I shouldn’t use?

    There are actually various substances/chemicals that you never use with your pressure washer. Hot water shouldn’t be used because it will cause damage to the pump and o-rings. More specifically, you should prevent the water you use from reaching 145°F. However, the maximum temperature allowed for different pressure washers can be higher, so it’s important to know what that figure is.You should also avoid using household bleach with the pressure washer. The reason is that you can damage the o-rings and seals of the pressure washer. They’re located in various parts including the gun, hoses, pumps and wand.

    However, some power washer users explain that the use of a solvent tube allows bleach to be used. The tool is used for mixing and applying cleaning agents. The bleach will stop being dispensed when the tip is changed after the application.

    What’s the meaning of different models’ power supply requirements?
    Every electric pressure washer has a so-called standard voltage/phase thatis listed with the model’s specifications. However, other power ratings are sometimes also listed for different pressure washers.
    How do the units plug in?
    The process is different for different units. Some models are plugged directly into outlets by using a built-in cord, and no extension cord is required. This would affect where you can clean the unit. If theunit works with an extension cord, it’s important to verify that it’s one that’s allowed by the manufacturer.
    What are the key benefits of electric pressure washers?

    You might be uncertain whether you should choose an electric or gas pressure washer. There are certainly benefits of an electric unit. In particular, they’re ideal for small projects and light projects. That includes cleaning sidewalks and patio furniture.Another key benefit is that they’re lighter and quieter than gas pressure washers, which is another plus. Besides that, if your concerned about choosing green machines, you should know that electric units run much cleaner than gas engines, which is definitely another plus in terms of choosing electric units is that they’re very easy to turn on, and only require turning on a switch.

    Why should I keep the nozzles clean?
    The reason is that when the nozzles are clogged, this can boost the pump’s pressure. In addition, it could even damage the pump, and when that happens it’s critical to take immediate attention.
    Where should I store my electric pressure washer?
    It should be stored in a clean and dry place that has enough ventilation and is far away from open sparks and flames. If you’re going to store the pressure washer in an unheated garage or shed, it’s important to winterize the unit before the season’s first frost. Also, if you have plans to store the electric pressure washer in the basement, make sure to remove all gas from the unit’s engine.

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