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Best Corded Beard Trimmers 2020

The convenience of being able to take your electronic beard trimmer on the road with you is something that has made the sales of these devices increase in the past 10 years. The ability to shave each morning in just a few minutes without the need to pack shaving cream, razors and aftershave is something that has helped many men make the switch. These devices can also be used as corded beard trimmers, which is great news for those men that often forget to charge their razors for when they need them the most.

For most beard trimmers, you might also be able to use them as a bearded unit or corded unit. Some of those can be used without the cord are great for those that need just five minutes to shave but forgot to charge their trimmer previously. Most of the corded beard trimmers come with quick charge features that appeal to many customers. Even the corded models offer many positive features for those men looking to purchase a new trimmer.

What are some of the best-corded beard trimmers available right now?

1- Wahl Power Pro Corded Grooming Kit #9686


With 17 trimming lengths available on the Wahl 9686, users are getting a beard trimmer that is durable with its stainless steel blades. This trimmer is corded and small, allowing you to get as precise as you desire with the patterns and designs you want to create on your face. When you purchase this clipper set, you will get three guides for stubble, medium and full beard styles.

Wahl power pro corded grooming kit is much like those you would find in a barbershop, so more maintenance would be required to keep it operating properly. From oiling to the sharpening of blades, the things you normally wouldn’t need to worry about with personalized trimmers is required.

2-  Conair Beard & Mustache Electric Trimmer


Conair is one of the most trusted names in male body hair maintenance and this beard and mustache trimmer is one of their best models. Aside from being one of the most affordable beard trimmers available today, this razor is one of the best. It has a five-position adjustable comb that lets you shave down your beard as short as you want or need it to be.

One positive aspect about this corded Conair beard trimmer is that it operates quietly, whereas other models can often wake up your entire household. The quality of the combs included with this trimmer is above average compared to other models. Much like the corded Wahl 9686, you will need to add some oil to keep the blades properly maintained, but a drop or two every couple of months should help extend the life of your Conair trimmer.


3-  Remington HC5550AM Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer


The one company that continues to compete Philips Norelco and Conair as the top manufacturer of the beard trimmer is Remington. Unlike the other models covered in this section, the HC5550 is self-sharpening and features titanium-coated blades that will last longer than conventional stainless steel blades. This trimmer has numerous features that make it stand out above other trimmers, regardless of whether they are corded or cordless.

One unique feature about this beard trimmer is that it doesn’t have the conventional cord. For men that are always on the go for business and always have their laptop handy, this electronic beard trimmer features a USB charging cord. This eliminates the worry about whether you have the AC adapter in your bag, especially considering how small the USB cable is and how it will easily fit in your computer bag or even in your pocket. The unit has a non-slip rubber exterior, ensuring you always have a tight grasp when in use.

Final Verdict

While cordless beard trimmers are the most popular type, there is still a large part of the market for corded units. You won’t be able to use your trimmer in the car if you are running late for work, but at least when you have time to shave, you won’t need to worry about making sure you have enough battery. There are other brands and models available for those looking to get a corded beard trimmer, but these Wahl, Conair and Remington units are a great place to start your search

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