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 BenQ MH760 1080P

TV projectors are much more cost-effective, at least in terms of the dollar panel size. You can get a good HD projector and 100-inch screen for less than $1,000, while 80-inch TV would cost you at least $1,500, if not a lot more.


From portable projectors to 1080p home theatre versions to light cannons equipped for gaming or 4 K HDR, these are the best projectors for space.


When everybody keeps hunkering down indoors, the projector is a perfect way to brighten up those boring hours. There should be no floor wall space for a projector. For a Set, you either have to install it on the wall, or you need a stand that’s the equivalent of a heavy cabinet underneath. Not only does the latter consume limited floor space, but it also makes TV the focal point of the whole living room.


If you’re hunting for the best projector under 1000, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you do this and make the quest easier.


In reality, it’s all about a strong projector that you need to make your business meeting or presentation a success, or your family’s home evenings very enjoyable. Yet when it comes to picking one, most of you don’t have the technological features of the right projector.


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Artlii Full HD 1080P Support Projector
  • Image Contrast Ratio 3000:1
  • 1080p Supported
  • Weight 5.5 Pounds
  • 4000 Lumen
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YABER Y21 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector GT
  • Minimum Throw Distance 5.5 Meters
  • X/Y zooming is available
  • Long lamp life
  • Wide compatibility
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Optoma X600 XGA Projector
  • Luminous Flux 6000
  • X600 features
  • Clear picture quality
  • Solid build quality
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VANKYO Performance V600 Native
  • 6000 Lumen
  • Hardware Interface VGA, USB, HDMI
  • great life of a lamp
  • HDMI port (for TV stick)
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BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector
  • Minimum Throw Distance 1.8 Feet
  • 3500 ANSI lumen
  • 15,000-hour lamp life
  • Built-in 5W speakers system
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Epson Home Cinema 2150 projector
  • 2500 Lumen
  • Full HD 1080p entertainment
  • dynamic contrast ratio: up to 60,000:1
  • Lamp Type:200 W
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BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector
  • 5000 Lumens
  • 10W speakers
  • Excellent brightness
  • Sharp image
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Optoma HD143X Home Theater Projector
  • 3000 Lumen
  • 3D capability
  • 15,000-hour lamp life
  • Correction of vertical keystone
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1- Artlii Full HD 1080P Support Projector, LED Projector with HiFi Stereo, Home Theater Projector

Artlii Full HD 1080P Support Projector


Home Theater under 1000, HD Projector – Artlii 1080p LED projector Updated 4000  Lumen Movie Projector is always a perfect way to make it possible. Completely featured with 4000 Lumen image clarity and vibrant, natural color reproduction.


This marvel bullous projector is designed to deliver spectacular video resolution, and on a wider screen as well. 1080p resolution, sharp, crystal-clear pictures, and an impressive transformation will be such an awesome experience you’ve never had before.


The projector is one of the best ways to turn each video experience into a meaningful one. The projection screen created by the unit is very impressive. The tool hardly takes about 200 inches of space to give you unprecedented movies, sports, and video games experience.




Apart from the Keystone and the Emphasis Band. Under the projector, there’s a stand. Pressing the Push Button allows you to raise the projector to adjust the screen.


Modified fans are producing less noise. You won’t be distracted by watching movies or having a business presentation in a silent room. Dual 3W Sound Cavity Speaker built-in with SRS Sound System.  True HIFI Dolby version Stereo gives you outstanding viewing experience.


Image quality:


Artlii movie projector features 300 ANSI lumen brightness with vibrant, natural color reproduction, gigantic 250 Inch projection screen that gives you amazing viewing experience.


Artlii YG600 offers 300 ANSI lumen light, much stronger than the normal projector. With a higher contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a wide variety of colors, the YG600 allows precise color reproduction for stunning and vibrant pictures.


  • Excellent quality
  • HiFi surrounded system
  • Low noise fan technology
  • 4000 Lumen brightness
  • Highly compatible with various
  • Amazing video and sound quality


  • Limited keystone adjustments
  • A little bit expensive in the range


2- YABER Y21 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector 6800 lux

 YABER Y21 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector 6800 lux


Projector, so YABER Y21 is one of the finest projectors for artists.  It is a full bundle with usability, longevity, efficiency, and unrivaled performance of the projector.


This lightweight and stylish style projector is capable of displaying a high-definition resolution. Plus, it is not limited to generating high-resolution images, yet this projector also supports 4K videos.

In comparison,  can create sharp, transparent, sharper, and more accurate visuals on the screen. These images and graphics are created from HD content with no compression whatsoever.


YABER Y21 home theatre projector adopts an innovative German LED light source, high-quality components, and a delicate manufacturing process. With a native 1080p, 6800 lumens, 7000:1 concentrate, it offers a vivid large-screen with superb picture quality, exceptional color reproduction, and extremely precise image detail to experience home theatre. 


The biggest function is the Newest Y21 ‘s revolutionary 4D Keystone Correction (± 50 ° for horizontal and vertical correction) & Auto Vertical Correction, which is not feasible for other projectors.


4D Installation:


Most 1080p projectors have vertical keystone correction only, while we have both horizontal and vertical projectors. Besides, the range is up to ±50 ° (other than ±15 °). Especially when the short throw projector is suspended from the ceiling, it is very convenient to change the angle using a remote control, so no need to remove the position of the projector to change it.


Keystone correction makes it possible to project ideally aligned images from a range of locations. With it, the projector can be located off-center, enabling the presenter to stand in front of the screen without blocking the display.


The Y21 projector features several inputs: 2x HDMI/2x USB / VGA / Audio Out / Audio Out / Video Out. You can conveniently connect to some entertainment/gaming devices such as a TV Set, Amazon Fire Stick Screen, Chromecast, PC, mobile, computer, external speakers,  Playstation, Xbox, DVD player, card reader, USB stick, music player, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone (note: cables and adapters for smartphones and laptops are not included). This is the best 4k gaming projector.

Image quality:


The total number of projector pixels specifies the native resolution of the projector. The more pixels you can fit in the display, the sharper and more accurate the images will look. A higher resolution is particularly relevant for home theatre projectors. For example, by comparing the number of pixels (resolution) of 1920 * 1280 and 1280 * 800 with the same screen size, the definition is 4 times larger.


The Y21 projector chip consists of tens of thousands of reflective lenses, each lens is easily flipped to 1080P fu per second.


6800 lumens brightness:


The light of the projector is determined by the lumens: the higher the lumens, the stronger the projector. Y21 LCD projector uses bright LED  light and LCD monitor technologies, with 6800 lumens of high visibility offering slightly more than 50 + percent visibility than any other mini the projector that suits the eyes better.


The 3500-lumen video projector can only be used in a fully dark setting, but the YABER Y21 TV projector can also be used in low light conditions. This is the best projector at 1000.


  • Wide compatibility
  • High contrast ratio
  • X/Y zooming is available
  • Long lamp life


  • Some people complain that the brightness is not so good


3- Optoma X600 XGA Projector for Business with High Brightness 6, 000 Lumens

Optoma X600 XGA Projector for Business with High Brightness 6, 000 Lumens


Optoma X600 is a high-lumen market projector.  A vivid projector that lets the presentations look perfect in large halls,  conference spaces, and corporate meetings.


The Optoma X600 is a projector with 6000 lumens. And that ensures that the projections can be easily seen in bright or well-lit spaces.  This makes it the ideal projector for daytime use or office hours. Also, the projector is well-built and configured to withstand regular transport. Talk about transport.


This is a commercial projector, but it was designed to be portable. The predictions of the Optoma X600 are simple. It is sharp and crisp to ensure that the audience can quickly see the specifics of the show.




Strong lighting: experience an impressive 6,000 lumens of lighting in Well-lit board spaces, conference spaces, exercise spaces, workshops, and more. Extensive networking options: the X600 features an incredible variety of connectivity options including DisplayPort, two HDMIs, two VGAs, VGAs, S-VIDEOs, composite videos, 12V alarms, forest-232c, and RJ45.


Best projector for photography presentations in business or class.




Network control with Crestron Room View: set up full network control and maintenance of up to 250 projectors, the ideal solution for large deployments in business and educational settings.


Forest-232 power: take control of the projector using hex or ASCII control via forest-232 cable.  Quick set-up: vertical keystone correction + /15 degrees enables the projector to be off-center without having to lift it to project the image onto the screen, resulting in a simpler, more flexible set-up of the display; and 1. 1x zoom allows precise positioning in any area.


Image quality:


Incredible display quality: witness displays with vivid colors and sharp, transparent text and graphics; XGA resolution (1024 x 768) and 10 000: 1 contrast ratio. Full 3D compatibility: view true 3D content from virtually every 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D broadcasts, and game consoles of the latest generation. 144Hz rapid-refresh rate support offers ultra-smooth flicker-free images.


3D glasses are required. Throw Ratio: 1.8-2.1:1.1.  The  Optoma X600  will make your presentations shine with a strong, bright 6,000-lumen performance and a breathtaking 10,000:1 contrast ratio. It provides stunningly vivid XGA resolution presentations with vivid colors and sharp, transparent text, graphics, and video.


Easily offers the amount of lighting required for use in medium / large spaces with ambient light — including conference areas, classrooms, and lecture halls.


Critical when it comes to delivering a business message to your customers. The Optoma X600 also works gently. Since the Optoma X600 is a powerful, high-lumen projector. It’s got its downsides. This projector does not have a horizontal keystone correction.


  • Solid build quality
  • Super-bright
  • Clear picture quality
  • Quiet 


  • No horizontal keystone correction
  • Not Full HD


4- VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080p LED projector

VANKYO Performance V600 Native – 1080p LED projector


The Vankyo V600 is a projector that could be considered the first native 1080p device for the market. If you’re in the first-hand market for projectors, this is the lowest you’re ever going to find, so the question is if it’s worth $250.


Keep in mind the class of customers that stores for a projector in this range can only be defined as fully casual. It’s also potentially a customer who has very little idea of what to expect because the first experience here matters a lot.


The Vankyo V600 comes wrapped in a sleek black package and the packaging experience is different from the el-cheapo projectors that are currently entering the markets. Vanko needs to separate itself from its rivals and to create an easily identifiable brand identity.


The projector comes bundled in a high-quality carrying case (don’t you just love Value-added products?) with a power cord, an HDMI cord, a component cable, and remote control.


Everything you need to do is drive this bad boy inside the package.




The projector itself is boxy in style but uses good quality materials, including an aluminum finish that gives it a pretty pleasant look. A lens cap and a lot of IO are also attached to the projector. The orientation mechanism is also placed at the foot, and the entire projector is well built. The infrared window for remote control can also be seen at the front. The architecture of the projector is quite durable and can withstand being knocked around very well in the carrying case.


The IO consists of a VGA port, two USB ports, and two HDMI ports. Manual control keys, in case the remote is not operating for any reason, are also included. Focus and zoom rings are also available from the top like most of the projectors in the upper class, and the whole system is cooled properly. The speaker window is also positioned at the rear along with the power socket.


Switch on the projector shows a fairly complex interface of contrast, saturation, and device modes for saving your preferences. All and all, this seems like it’s only going to be great for a darkroom and a monitor with a screen size of fewer than 100 inches.


At 50-70 inches, I can imagine that this guy is a really good value for money. The auto keystone function is also present within the menus (I don’t advocate using auto keystone in high-end projectors, but I’m probably not going to start now). Let’s get into the meat of the review with the intro out of the way. the cheapest projector for gaming and home theater.


Picture quality:


Needless to say, any projector that promises to achieve 5000 lux is indulging in, yeah, let’s call it marketing mambo jumbo, but I was expecting to be happily shocked by this guy’s performance and I wasn’t disappointed. My calibrated 4k movie projectors that I use to test will deliver about 300 lux of brightness at 150 inches and 2200 lux at the source.


This tiny projector was able to squeeze 80-90 lux of light at 150 inches and 700 lux at the source-which is not all that bad. At 100 inches, the show was crisp and simple to see, and that’s what I will deem the highest suggested for this projector (still, a tonne gave the price point!), and at 70 inches, the picture was just fine.


The default settings the projector ships with are over-saturated and over-enhanced and can destroy the credibility of almost every image you have on them. The first thing I did was calibrate the picture by absolutely lowering the sharpness and reducing the contrast by 90%.


The outcome was a much better shot, but at the cost of lost brightness (which is how this method functions, it’s just fine).


One caveat to this projector that everybody must be mindful of when buying, and in reality, this is valid for all projectors in this series, is that the projector must be angled to a dead center of the viewing surface to generate minimal or no distortion, any attempt at an angle to a keystone or project would be met with abject failure. This is not a limitation of this projector, I should add as a cinema-grade mirror.

Here’s how the focused and measured version of the Vankyo V600 looks like 120 inches. This best 1080p projector under 1000.


Best projector for Netflix


As you can see with the calibrated settings and with a strong emphasis, the picture was more than appropriate (compared in-class) and I’m sure it would please the casual buyer. If you’re someone who likes to connect up their console or just Netflix on a big enough screen, and you don’t have a budget for a decent projector (which normally starts at $479), then this is a reasonable option for you, if you understand the caveats involved.


On the $250 price tag, you can’t truly argue, because all you felt this was a perfect value for money until you set it up properly because calibrated. You can get “wallet” native 1080p  projectors below this price point, but they have laughable brightness or you can get equivalent brightness at a lower native resolution, but I can claim with confidence that this is one of the best, if not the best, brand new projectors at this price point and the cheapest native 1080p projector in the country.


I would recommend this projector to a potential customer looking to set up a projector with a screen size of up to 70 inches in an ideally dark space and a budget of just $250.


  • Contrast and sharpness are the best in class
  • Very little distortion if properly focused
  • Lots of functionality and ports for IO
  • The great life of a lamp
  • Driven HDMI port (for TV stick)
  • Comes with a high-quality carrying case


  • The projector must be centered on the dead center of the panel to prevent flickering.
  • Calibration decreases strength


5- BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector

BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector


The BenQ TH685 1080p is a projector developed especially for the game consoles by a well-known manufacturer. The developer company has made every attempt to maximize the performance of the picture and make the game operation comfortable, with a low response period of 8.3 s and a frequency of 120 Hz.


This model supports 4 K resolution, has support for HDR technologies, which enhances color rendering. The model occupies 95% of the Rec. There’s 709 color space.




Integrated 5-watt treVolo amplifier, with an equalizer, for perfection in audio.  1080p 4 K HDR READY: 3500 ANSI lumen brightness; 1080p HDR-enabled W/4 K  compatibility; 100-inch images from 8.2 feet (2.5 m) away; beautiful HDR10 4 K input technology improves lighter whites and dark blacks for improved user experience.


GEARED FOR GAMING: low latency [email protected]/120Hz low input lag, Game Mode / Game Sound Profile fine balanced audio and pictures, LumiExpert beats eye strain during prolonged play.


Compatible with major video game consoles (SonyPS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One X, Google Stadia), the TH685 gaming projector brings big-screen TV gaming to a new level with massive, vivid, sharp images and even audio.


Exceptional 3-year warranty (not sold by other brands) and 15,000-hour lamp life.

Image quality:


1080p HDR graphics and 3500 lumens of ultra brightness offer extremely daylight action and awe-inspiring sound immerses you in spectacular gaming unlike anything else.


The projector produces a luminous flux of 3,500 LM such that the image it creates is visible even in relatively bright ambient light. At the same time, the BenQ LumiExpert device automatically adjustments the brightness of the projector according to the ambient lighting.


  • 15,000-hour lamp life
  • Built-in 5W speakers system
  • Microsecond response time.


  • It might get hot quickly
  • Makes a noise 


6- Epson Home Cinema 2150 projector

2- Epson Home Cinema 2150 projector


Well, Epson’s Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 3LCD projector is the best option for you to enjoy much of the beautiful features at a very reasonable budget. Filled with 2,500 lumens with equivalent color and white brightness combined with an impressive dynamic contrast ratio with up to 60,000:1, the home entertainment projector is perfect for several lighting conditions, for even finer clarity in dark scenes.


Enhanced projection technology confirms image enhancement and frame interpolation for seamless, sharp, true-to-life pictures, streaming movies, gaming, and more.


The Epson Home Cinema 2150 is the best product you can get in Epson’s home theatre line without going to the 4-digit price tag territory. It lives up to its pedigree, in our view. It was a joy for us to get a perfect photo during our home theatre evaluation.


However, we’ve found better money at or about the same expense, so it might not be the highest value for money. Best projector under 1000.


Picture quality:


Home Cinema 2150 was one of the highest performers in our picture consistency studies. When we used it in a home theatre setting, it created a crystal clear image with strong color composition and contrast. Skin tones have usually been rendered quite correctly, one field that many other models have failed.


The 1080p resolution rendered everything from tiny text to informative images with perfect clarity. The only minor downside of the 2150 ‘s cinematic success is that vivid scenes will often appear a little washed out.


In our experiments, we found some lack of clarity in the light areas on the screen. This is by no means a dealbreaker and a relatively mild complaint. Best 4k projector for home theater.




Home Cinema 2150 was one of the most user-friendly versions we reviewed, sharing the highest score of 7 out of 10 in this metric. It provides a variety of adjustability for both vertical and horizontal keystone correction and vertical lens changing. The optical zoom is 1-1.6x alos. This gives you a lot of room for error if you like 2150 on a permanent install.


If you put it on a flat surface, changing the leg is fast and simple. Only push the release button, lift the leg to the height you want, and then click the release button.


We weren’t fans of the 2150’s remote. Its buttons are fairly small and grouped close together, making pushing the wrong button by accident a common occurrence. The remote is not backlit, making it even harder a dark home theatre environment. This isn’t a big concern, since after you’ve set up your projector, you actually won’t need it remotely for anything other than flipping it on and maybe picking inputs.


  • Ideal for a wide spectrum of lighting conditions
  • Richer info in the dark scenes
  • Image quality improved
  • Light and accessible weights


  • Not 4K or HDR-capable
  • Wireless” is simply for mirroring / streaming, which
  • does not work well for iOS which Mac computers
  • Difficult wireless design


7- BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector 5000 lumens

BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector 5000 lumens


BenQ MH760 is an outdoor projector with outstanding features, including5000 Lumens visibility, two high-capacity 10W speakers and high networking, LAN socket, D-Sub, S-Video, and Composite connexion, and two HDMI ports and one USB connexion.


Besides, this platform provides a 3000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p native resolution, and, most significantly, IMAX display image.


In other words, the image is crystal clear, with authentic colors arising from the introduction of the BrillantColor Platform and the interchangeable six-segment color wheel.


The MH760 features simple configuration functions, including a retractable foot change to improve functionality. And the vertical keystone for you aligns the picture exactly, making it easier for you to have a meeting immediately.




The MH760 features simple configuration functions, including a retractable foot change to improve functionality. And the vertical keystone for you aligns the picture exactly, making it easier for you to have a meeting immediately.


Quick transmission for reliable high-resolution video playback the optional QcastMirror is required to use this feature. The transmitting efficiency depends on the Wi-Fi area and the compatibility of the mirror feature with various mobile devices.


Image quality:


Total HD with a high native contrast ratio renders this projector easily noticeable to the user everywhere. 5000 ANSI Lumen’s visibility makes it suitable for large panel applications.


Crestron, AMX, and PJ-Link for network access over LAN, and RS-232 for up to 49-foot installs. Wi-Fi dongle optional and mounted wireless adapters

This surely the best projector for daylight viewing.


  • Excellent brightness
  • Sharp image
  • Good connectivity


  • Costly

8- Optoma HD143X Home Theater Projector

 Optoma HD143X Home Theater Projector 


Optoma HD143X is the best home projector under 1000. Optoma ‘s native 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution offers a sharp,  transparent image. This projector has a 3,000-lumen material, making it ideally suited for bright room conditions where there is no influence over ambient light. The HD143X would also be ideal for Superbowl parties, as you won’t have to close the curtains and have your party in a completely darkened room. If you’re using your projector in a living room, a media center, or a bedroom, you’ll notice that the HD143X has enough lumens to suit most conditions.


This Optoma has a very remarkable lamp life. Up to 15,000 hours is just as nice as a lamp centered projector, which seriously decreases the lifetime cost of ownership! Yeah, lamps are pretty inexpensive these days – anywhere from $100 to a few hundred dollars – but it’s not just about money. With such a high lamp life argument, you’ll save several hours of your life for a decade by not having to turn off the lamp every few thousand hours if you ever have to replace this Optoma with a higher-resolution one. Time is the most important luxury for you, my friends.


In addition to Optoma HD143X being a time-saving device, the Projector also has a range of other special features that we will address in-depth on the following page. These are: Dynamic Black for enhanced black level performance, 3D capability, and ISF calibration modes – to name a few. This Optoma also has all the inputs and connexions you need for home theatre purposes, as well as a 10-watt mic, which adds portability to the projector.


With a built-in speaker, you can conveniently switch the projector from room to room or take it out for a movie night  (weather, of course).




The Optoma HD143X also features a six-section RYGCWB color wheel. This is not a traditional color wheel that we have on the projectors these days – you’re usually going to see an RGBRGB or an RGBW (red, green, blue, and a white stripe).

The color wheel is red, yellow, green, cyan, white, and blue. It’s not just what sort of color wheel the projector has, or if it’s special, but how it functions in terms of color. I’m going to give you the full scoop on that when we get to the Image and Sound  Quality Tab. First up is a summary of the highlights, accompanied by a close glance at the basic aspects of the projector. You’re on the next tab.


Image quality:


If you have a smaller screen or a dim-light view, you have the option of flipping to Eco mode or a predefined low-light mode that you may want to do to get the best display quality. Many DLP projectors have lower color brightness than white brightness, and the Optoma we’re evaluating isn’t remarkable, but it’s still adequately fit for a 92-inch display in a family space.


Best projector for the small rooms.


  • Simple to Compact
  • Sharp and informative pictures
  • Extraordinary video content for film, athletics, and apps
  • Correction of vertical keystone
  • 47 – 1.62 tipping ratio


  • The 10-watt mono speaker offers enough the clarity of a small family room
  • Puts a lot of heat off while working


Frequently ask questions


How to choose the best projector for the home theater or gaming under 1000?


Here are some points that help you to decide what is the best product for you that make your life entertaining.




Don’t settle for something less than 1080p because 1080p is an HD resolution that provides life-like image clarity. 1080p is more flexible than any other level of resolution.


You will use it for animations, art projects, performances, and even outdoor parties. In particular, 1080p is suitable for immersive and vibrant video games. In comparison, higher resolution projectors are more costly. 1080p projectors are more accessible, which is why they are more common in any household.


Contrast Ratio:


This is a phrase that you can hear in this review. So what does that mean? If you understand how the projectors are functioning, you know that each picture comes in frames. The frame is originally black and white, while the light reflected from the white decides the color of the picture.


The contrast ratio is the degree of light reflected in a fully white or black series of images.


Therefore, if the projector has a contrast ratio of 30,000:1, this means that the white image is 30,000 times clearer than the black image, making the image more crisp and vibrant.


Size of the screen:


It also depends on your projection room/wall. For eg, if you’re planning to project a game in your basement, you need to calculate the scale of the wall and the scale of the space.


The scale of the panel you select would be dependent on the dimensions you obtain. However, we suggest the design of a  projector with a responsive minimum and maximum size.


For eg, a screen size between 40 and 200 is best, as it gives you a well-rounded image.  As a consequence, you can use the projector on different displays.




With the decline in projector prices over the last few years, there is no doubt that they have become a huge hit among consumers now, particularly among those who are willing to experience the greatest possible pictures at cheap prices.


Choosing the right projector for the home theatre isn’t that straightforward for sure. There is a range of items that we need to remember ranging from measuring the ability to their characteristics.


Technology has made new projectors more effective and more accessible. Innovations have since been developed to make the functionality since better. Out of a massive list of different choices,  we’ve tried to send you the top best home theatre and gaming projectors.  Many of the solutions presented above are consistent with the preferences of customers and also contain detailed professional and user feedback.


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