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Top 10 Massage Chairs Under $5000 In 2020 | [Reviews & Buying Guide]

This guide slices through all of the uncertainty and future buyer’s regret over buying the wrong chair, completion and price categorization of the very best 10 massage chairs under $5000 In 2020. So regardless of your budget, you can be assured that you have the right massage chair, that you reduce your body pain, improve blood flow and circulation and encourage general wellbeing by only relaxing 30 minutes a day in a chair.


The purchasing of a massage chair is an excessive operation that is ironic considering the key purpose of warmth and relaxation. Much of that comes from the fact that there is a vast range of possibilities on the massage chair market, the high costs, and the sometimes contradictory ratings.


However, in this article, we review the best 10 massage chairs under $5000 with all of their specification or pros and cons like Zero gravity massage chair, Ergonomic design, recline design furthermore electric massage chair.


Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair

Best 10 Massage chair under $5000 In 2020Features:


  • Zero gravity
  • L-track massage
  • Auto Body Scan
  • 4D massage machhanisem





The Brio Massage Chair with Healthy Stance would be your escape for rejuvenation and relaxation. The L-Track massage technology makes it possible for the Brio to have a real whole-body massage from his head to his toes. Ten choreographed massage programs, which offer personalized relaxation, can be mixed with several hundred manual massage variations. Still, your body, calm your mind, relax your muscles, and with this revolutionary massage chair do it in the safety of your own home!


Smart Soft 4D step is based on conventional Chinese massage methods. During each planned session the Brio positive posture massage chair continuously changes the massage depth. Soft-to-touch massage rollers regenerate a human hand’s sense of loosening the muscles in the back, spine, hips, and glutes.


The L-track massage device is an important invention that spreads through your glutes to the surface region where your back massage covers past your lower back. L-Track nature simulates the shape of your body to give you a whole-body gluten massage from your neck.


True Zero Gravity ® location increases the supply of the blood and decreases the pressure on the joint and spine. When you recline, your legs are lifted back to the floor of the heart to relieve the gravitational strain from your joints and spine. This helps your joints and muscles relax, which deepens your massage chair’s ultimate effect.


In the lower back and foot regions of the massage chair relaxing, effective heat can be felt. This heated massage chair helps ease all discomfort and encourages you to undergo a much more profound message. Heat adds to the massage by helping the muscles relax and making them more responsive.


The Automated Body Scan Positive Pose Brio chair decides the position of your shoulder and customizes each massage according to your individual body shape. When you buy a massage chair, a body scan is really important. You always want the chair to fit perfectly on the individual size and form of the body. When you sit in a massage chair that is too wide or too tiny for you, the rollers can not hit the body’s right places, which ensures that a massage experience is not satisfying.


Airbags are an excellent way to access the body places that the massage rollers obviously can not access. Airbag, that covers your fingertips, to your shoulders, hips, and feet, offers the Positive Posture Brio Compression Massage. The footrest foot rollers produce a reflexology-style massage with a calming, kneading pressure. The inflation of the airbag activates acupuncture points.


The Brio Massage Chair provides ten massage styles. They are fast, full-bodied, refreshing, calming, meditating, stretching, neck and shoulder, low back, feet, and calves.


Our remote unit blends elegance and versatility and is easy to read and easy to use. You can quickly switch through the menus to start your massage as you wish. On the side of the chair is a pocket that helps you to position the distant person within the scope of your massage.


  • Heat Massager
  • Space Serving
  • 10 Automate programs


  • Expansive


Titan Pro Jupiter XL 3D Massage Chair


Best 10 Massage chairs under $5000 In 2020Features:


  • 2 stage zero gravity
  • 3d, L-track massage
  • Foot rollers

Titan has a fantastic chair that gives you an L-track 3D massage and is built to work for everyone up to a height of 6’6.’ There are not enough massage chairs to hold someone 5’0 “or higher. The sensation that you’ll come from this huge massage chair is going to come out of the future by mixing 3-D technology with an L-Track Massage!


The 3D massage at the Titan Pro Jupiter XL allows the rear of the robot with precise pinpoint. When combined with the L-Track, you get constant massage pressure from the top down. Conventional message paths stop in the hips, while the L-Track will stretch past the glutes to hit the bottom of the rod. Robot massage technology has been on since the beginning of the 1950s.


The Titan Jupiter was specifically designed to handle the highest human up to 6.6. The maximum extension for several massage chairs is 8-9 inches. The tracks at Jupiter have been designed to raise the default location by a further 12.6 inches.


The base of the seat was also extended by 2 “above the norm, making the overall clearance of the seat an overall of 21.” Although this chair can handle someone over 5.0-inch it could be easier to explore any other alternatives if you have a smaller frame, structure, and height.


The Titan Jupiter XL features advanced Bluetooth capabilities, which allow you to respond to your phone calls without interrupting your massage. Only click the phone button at the top right of the remote corner. Also On both sides of the headrest, the built-in speakers contain a microphone that allows you to speak freely.


By playing your favorite songs on your Bluetooth unit, you can also better your massage experience. How the speakers are angled emits the sound to the ears with a minimum volume experience.


There are 2 different kinds of massage upgrades at the bottom of the foot massager. The wheel has elevated bumps on the outside, which imitates the sensation of thumb rubbing into the balls of the feet on the bridge. This is followed by a move from the front to back with rounded points that move from bridge to heel, from front to back. Used with the airbag machine, you get three different massage styles all simultaneously.


The zero-gravity positions the Titan Pro Jupiter xl massage chair provides are designed to optimize every part of your massage and intensify your relief by bringing your beings to the same level of the heart. If the joint decompresses the surrounding muscles, certain users can feel weightless. It also helps you to enjoy the massage session much more.


When you relax in the massage chair of Titan Pro Jupiter and pick your massage routine, back massage rollers slide up your back to chart the distinctive curves and height of your body to accommodate your own massage experience.

On the massage seats, the Jupiter LX reworked the traditional cushion. On the sides of the pillow, Air will flame, spreading like an accordion and providing a relaxing rub, to pinch the temple.


Specific heat pads and calves are mounted on either side of the lower lumbar. Besides, Heat care for a back massage is the ultimate compliment. The blood supply increases as the body temperature increases and the muscles relax. The heating pad does not exceed 30 minutes of everyday use.


Furthermore, 9 Exclusive pre-set services offer a wide range of massages. Sleep, vitals, relaxation, mix, pain reduction, circulation of muscles, tail, and stretch will be your preference. There are five massage styles, 3D, Kneading, Clapping, and Shiatsu. There are 5. Five-speed control levels and three width change levels are available. Also, for each particular area, air intensity can be set to 5 different amounts.


  • Unique head massage
  • Ultimate 9 Pro-style Massage programs
  • Best heat therapy


  • Intensity slightly lacking


NFL Zero-Gravity Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy


best massage chair under 5000Features:


  • 3 level massage program
  • 32 airbags
  • Zero gravity mode
  • 1-year guarantee




A shiatsu massage chair that has advanced features considering the low prices of the full-body electric massage chair NFL Zero-Gravita. There’re several arrangements of other massage chairs at the entrance level that do not.


First of all, this massage chair gives you a complete body massage. It contains three preset modes that activate 8 areas in the chair backrest. Second, it is fitted with an easy to use remote control. This lets you determine on your own tastes the massage method, the duration of the treatment, and even pace.


A total of 32 airbags in various places are fitted in the chair of this Shiatsu massage chair. Also, the product will provide you with the best massage experience that lets you want more. Also has an expanding foundation of rollers, which massages the soils and increases the foot blood circulation.


It is an excellent advantage even with its heating choice and zero-gravity technology. Furthermore, with the heat treatment, the massage chair can refresh the person and lift the body to the maximum massage experience with the zero-gravity technology. However, some assembly is needed.


  • Zero-gravity model
  • 32 airbags and Shiatsu massage
  • Heating mode
  • Remote control


  • Needs to be assemble


Osaki OS-Pro Yamato L-Track Massage Chair


Best 10 Massage chairs under $5000 In 2020


The massage chair OS-PRO Yamato is a brand new style from Osaki and Titan. It provides a sleek look, a relaxed look, and a wide variety of services and options. Also thanks to the L-Track rollers, Yamato can massage from neck to blood even the top hamstrings. Along with airbags on the calves give side-by-side compression, resulting in a pinch and massage. The footrest stretches to 5.5 “to suit people of all heights comfortably.


The Osaki OS-PRO Yamato heat treatment is an outstanding complement to the Airbag massage. Also, Thermal heat will stimulate airflow and relax muscles. So, the message will make the massage much more beneficial in the cozy environment of your massage chair.


In the OS-PRO Yamato, the length of the L-track stretches from your shoulders to the bottom of your thighs. This massage track can tend faster than the shorter S-Track to your lower back, glutes, and hamstring, but it uses the same shape so that rollers even touch your physique.


A monitor in the back of the chair tests the body’s curvature to make sure that the massager moves accurately. This scan reveals the chair where both the height and width of the shoulders and neck lay.


The base stand in OS-PRO Yamato will stretch up to 5.5 “to suit customers of varying heights conveniently.


Along with an armrest’s side controller allows the user to navigate fast buttons more easily when they are massaged in the chair. The gap is very wide for the Osaki OS-PRO Yamato, which makes reading quite quick and makes you know at any moment exactly what happens to your message. Thus, if you don’t want to keep the remote, you can use the buttons on your shoulder.


Furthermore, full-body deep tissue massage focalized on the stomach, shoulder, and tape, Thailand, Thai-rhythmic, rhythmic Thai- massage motions, stomach/shoulder, calm, kneading, and heavy taps, rejuvenation, blood flow improves as well as calming. The Yamatos OS-PRO massage chair comes with 10 pre-designed message routs: gentle relaxation-stimulating tapping, light KNEYING;


Also, the Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling are all possible for you with the OS-PRO Yamato. The body distance, strength, time, area including spot and partial massage, thermal heat, and airbag pressure can also be managed to personalize the massage experience.


The Osaki OS-PRO Yamato’s airbag massage system delivers a soothing yet soothing massage as the airbag inflates and deflate. Along with the airbag compression massage is intended to promote muscle circulation and enhance your sense of comfort and well-being in turn. In the shoulders, sides, thigh, bald, and foot zones, you can notice airbags.


Together with Bluetooth speakers will attach to your intelligent computer so that you hear songs, sounds of nature, audiobooks, or something else.


  • 10 Auto modes are exited
  • Not expensive with these features
  • with 36 Bags massage is awesome


  • needs to enhance user versatility


Osaki OS-Pro with LED Light Control, Beige, Advanced 3D Technology, and L-Track Massage                                  Best 10 Massage chairs under $5000                                                                                                                                                                     



  • 3D technology
  • L-track
  • Auto body scan
  • 16 Massage programs
  • Zero gravity mode



One of Titan’s newest launches includes an L-Track machine with Zero Gravity, a 16-car massage software and a full-bodied airbag massage, and an Osaki OS-PRO Admiral massage chair with LED buttons. Thanks to the six forms of massage, 2 “space-saving technology, lumbar and calf fire, and a superb 3D massage, you will have full control over your relaxing experience.


When the rollers spin, it activates the point of acupressure and the airbags inflate to produce a much deeper massage around the feet. It also has a knee grip feature that keeps your feet secure. Also, the OS-PRO Admiral has an extensible footrest up to 7.1 inches which are automatically extendable and can be remotely controlled.


The OS-Pro Admiral has heating pads on the lumbar and calves that increase the massage effect. As the roller mechanism massages the neck area the glutes and the upper strings are massaged down to the lower back. An L Track provides all an S-Track can do, except the hamstrings and glutes can be more available.


The OS-Pro Admiral conducts a body scan to chart the main areas of the neck and back and make sure that you have the right pressure during the massage. It can detect the height of the shoulder, which can be modified after the scan has been done.


The Osaki OS-PRO comes with a manual mode so you can pinpoint a desired massage for a specific area on your body. Coupled with the Admiral can perform Kneading, Tapping, Kneading &Tapping, Clapping, Rolling, and Shiatsu.


You can either pinpoint a specific spot on your back or massage sections of the body. There are 16 separate self-massage services in OS-Pro Admiral. OS-Pro Admiral comes with its own built-in message software.


The massage chair has many airbags to provide a total body massage experience. Similarly, in the massage chair, the Admiral provides a total of 24 airbags. As a result, this compression massage helps continue to increase blood flow to alleviate pressure and discomfort in the body.


The next 3D roller generation has excellent versatility and reach. The three-dimensional technology helps you to change the distance from the backrest. Five stages of 3D sensitivity monitoring are available in the OS-PRO Admiral.


However, the creative design of Osaki has developed a spacious massage chair that slides as its slopes. It takes only two centimeters to rest.


  • Lumber heat gives the most relaxing massage
  • With 6 Massage Style feature makes it excellent
  • easy to use touch screen LCD remote


  • Not for people with the weight 260lbs


Infinity Altera Full-Body Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Top 10 massage chair under $3000 in 2020




  • 3D body scan
  • Zero gravity
  • Hybrid track design
  • Lumbar Heat


The massage chair Infinity Altera has a splendid build, full of relaxation and therapeutics. Users up to 6 ‘high recommended.


The Altera gets high points right off the bat for its key concept features. The Hybrid L / S track is a state of the art massage chair technology that enables its quad-roller to massage not only your back but also your glutes and thighs under the seat.


A long massage track with rollers that replicate the feeling of human hands is fantastic. However, the relaxation you get would have little benefit, whether these rollers are hurt the sore spots on your body. And here comes to play the 3D body scanning.


It scans your body and adapts the location of the rollers every time you use the chair, to guarantee that they meet the pressure points.


In the few situations when the software is inaccurate, alters will also manually change the position of the rollers and the breadth of the massage area, ensuring a world-class experience while using the chair. Otherwise, the Altera also features buttons on its remote portion.


One of the main inconvenience of most massage chairs is their height. They are large enough to overpower every space in which you position them. Usually, the chair rotates on its base with energy-saving technology, which minimizes the energy it has to use. Indeed, the Altera requires just three inches of space between the back of the chair and the wall.


Inspired by NASA, Zero-Gravity seats increase the overall consistency of massage by leaning you to a spot with your knees marginally higher than your heart.


Moreover, it really sounds great. Better still, the Altera does not have one but two separate sitting positions, so that you can play with who is right for you!


This is a welcome complement still. Heat + massage brings much more advantages than just massage and a major medicinal advantage.


The heat given is binary, and the temperature can not be accurately changed. Nevertheless, it makes a perfect contribution to architecture when it is there at everything.


Another small feature, which brings a certain amount of polish to the interface, is the common and still demanding MP3 support, so you can see it really cool.


Better still, Bluetooth is compatible with built-in Altera speakers that allow you to remotely attach your smartphone. Not every chair has a time adjustment option, so it’s a bonus for the Altera.


  • Wonderful features
  • Convenient setup
  • Intuitive controls
  • Accommodates for people of all builds and complexions


  • High price
  • Bulky and heavy


Human Touch Sana Full-Body Massage Chair

Top 10 massage chair under $3000 in 2020




  • 2D  3D rollers
  • Heat therapy
  • Zero gravity position



The full body massage chair Human Touch Sana offers a lightweight massage chair to enhance your foot blood supply and relief.

What you need to note is that there are 3 key styles when it comes to massage chair rollers: 2D rollers, 3D rollers, and 4D rollers. The “D” is sizeable. The Sana comes with 2-Dimensional (2D) rollers in particular.


The simplest of all roller mechanisms are 2D rollers. They pass up and down the axis of the spine and down the backside by side. We look at two aspects, the roller type, and the distance while we speak about roller track.


The “SL” form of the Sana rollers. The narrow “S” shape is the first part as the rollers are moved from the neck to back. As the rollers move from neck to gluten, the “L” form is overall.


The rollers will travel down the entire distance from the neck. Sadly, Human Contact did not define the distance for the Sana. I would say between 47-49 centimeters if I had to make a well-informed estimate, as that’s common in the most chairs on the market today.


Human Contact Sana accommodates a wide number of people easily. It will specifically be used for consumers who weigh a limit of 285 lbs in the 5’0-6’3 ft high category. You will want to explore other choices if you surpass these amounts. But most people who used the Sana massage chair feel it works very well!


My favorite thing about the Sana massage is that 9 auto modes are available. This is something else that shocked me a little bit about the Sana! Calf rollers in massage chairs are pretty rare, so I had a nice surprise to see that the Sana has a calf roller! I have always thought that the calf massage might enhance one field of the massage chair growers, as it is often overlooked. More than glad to see the Human Contact in this style tackled it!


Besides the calf rollers, foot rolls on the base of the footrest offer a kneading rub on the soles of the feet. Furthermore, airbags (also known as cloud technology) have an overall successful massage experience.


  • color schemes are light
  • SL track design
  • Many modes of massage


  • costly


INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s Massage Chair

Best 10 Massage chairs under $5000 In 2020



  • Full body air massage
  • Heaters to warm fingers and toes
  • Hybrid massage functions
  • 3D mechanism




With Nichimu Inada producing the first Shiatsu massage chair in 1962, Inada is one of the oldest names in the massage chair industry. Of course, their goods are among the best on the market and they are worth your money for premium results. Your high-end Flex 3 rows, less than $4,500, is our finest chair under $5000.


The research and development they bring in are what separates the goods of Inada. Especially, in the Flex 3S, the rollers and aircraft are involved in specialized choreographed movements. These movements are meant to stretch and compress muscles, loosening them progressively to help you feel lighter and faster.


The aircraft control Inada’s product more effectively than traditional airbags. The smaller style often imitates a human touch better, contributing to a more realistic massage experience.


The chair also uses the patented 3D roller of the business that can shift onto the roller arm with airbags. This helps you to measure very reliably the intensity of a fully tailored massage by the rollers. The chair also has slopes on the sides to match your arms and have an aircraft rub on the braces and wrists for a relaxing experience. Heating tubes and footrests in the armrests provide subtle heating that simulates a massage of hot stone for extra relief.


Perhaps the most important thing about this chair is to use stretching alongside traditional massage therapies. The chair then retains its goal not only to relax but also to strengthen your position.


The wide remote with handheld controls also features four pre-programmed massage modes, making the chair easy to use without losing its customization. The chair also incorporates thoughtful additions such as extendable leg rest for wider users and lumbar support for extra coiling.


The Inada Flex 3S offers, in all ways, one of the best massage chair experiences of all costs. The choreographed motions not only calm the body, but they also strengthen the balance by using 3D rollers and air cells. That said, the chair has no place of zero gravity, which is a drop in the price. Lower back heating pads are still a missing feature, although they are very popular in budget versions. Despite this, the Flex 3S is one of the best massage chairs in the market today with its top massage results, legendary Japanese construction quality, and a 3-year warranty.


  • The excellent output of a whole-body massage
  • Shoulder pads make it feel like a human touch hug
  • Intuitive user experience and well-built predefinitions
  • Smooth heating on the feet and palm soils
  • Disconnecting headrests and lumbar help
  • Excellent standard building and assurance coverage


  • No seat or lower back heating
  • No zero gravity position


Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, Dark Brown


Best 10 Massage chairs under $5000 In 2020



  • 8 pre-program massage functions
  • Shiatsu massage feature
  • Design for younger users


If the budget is not limited, then you can select another Inada product for our best massage chair: their Dreamwave massage chair top. This is the finest massage chair on the market today at less than $5,000, which offers a completely incomparable experience.


As with other Inada goods, the focus of the chair is not only on soothing and calming but also on counseling. This is accomplished by stressing extending the motions alongside the massage to strengthen the balance of the user and loosen tense joints, thus facilitating muscle flux and relaxation.


The chair requires a massage of 20 aircraft on either hand to massage not just the forearms and the wrists but also the top shoulder. In addition, prototypes for the head and neck rest have been revised to create a new feature called Shugi spread, which is aimed at minimizing stress in the neck and shoulders. Shoulder bolsters often hug you softly when sitting on the front of your shoulders to offer a genuinely inclusive massage experience.


A second industry is a single swinging action, integrated into the sitting by way of a complementary airbags action to the side of the sitting. This not only lulls you into comfort but also allows the chair to strengthen the body by the relaxed movement of the pelvis.


All in all, the Dreamwave is one of today’s finest massage beds. It features revolutionary new methods including full arm massages, variations of shoulder and neck, and a swing motion that any rival would find challenging to accomplish. The control interface is not as intuitive as the Flex 3S below, however, we have checked and there is still a significant absence of palm and feet heating alone. However, if you get an incomparable massage, the Dreamwave is impeccable.


  • Top of the line for an outstanding performance massage chair
  • Emphasis on health and relaxing. 
  • First full arm massage from shoulders to fingertips Industry 
  • The neck and shoulders are specially oriented 
  • Gentle bench with lower back heating 
  • years of on-site service and guarantee


  • Lack of heating for the feet soles and palms
  • The user interface is less intuitive than the lower-priced Flex 3S


Frequently asked a question for Top 8 massage chair under $5000


Is Full Body massage chair is worth it?


In conclusion, if you use it much of the time, we will assure you that the purchase of a massage chair is undoubtedly worth the cost. So, it is not worth the investment to purchase and use it only a few times a month. Do this instead if you need only a hand massage often.


What is a Zero Gravity massage chair?


Gravity zero is a characteristic that aligns your body so that your knees are marginally higher than your heart level.  So you feel weightless as you sit in the chair.


This trait is present in most high-end massage chairs since the consistency of the massage is increased by blood blow and lowered blood pressure.




The above product list indicates that only the wealthy will profit from the myth of the massage chair.


These products are not only affordable but also feature characteristics that really affect your health. In reality, you can be sure that you enjoy a relaxed and safe life with the best massage chair under $5000, without hurting your bank balance unduly.



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