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10 Best PaintBall Guns Reviews 2019

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Tippmann US Army Paintball gun

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Kingman Eraser Training 11 mm – Paintball Pump Pistol

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Finding the best paintball gun that suits your needs is not always an easy task. There are so many styles of paintball guns on the market that it can be a little confusing to find the right option for you. Fortunately, our team is here to help you make it easy! Based on our years of experience in the field, we have compiled a list of the top 10 paintball markers currently on the market in 2019. Whether you are a beginner or professional, there is the ideal model for you and our handy guide for buyers is designed to highlight the different features of different styles and styles. In our Quick Reference Guide, we have ranked the best-selling and best-examined paintball markers as beginners, intermediates or professionals. Our goal is to help you save time and money by ensuring you get the best paintball gun for your level of experience, while sharing our love of paintball with the world! Remember that the most expensive paintball marker is not necessarily the best for everyone; you need to consider your skill level and your favorite playing style. A speed ball player usually chooses a quick-fire model with an automatic blocker and a quick trigger, while wooden ball players can move to a tactical or simulation style. But more on this, let’s look at our list of the top 10 current. We have also included our selection of the best paintball guns for those looking for a reliable rescue weapon. Do not forget to play safely and have fun!


1.Tippmann US Army Paintball gun

Have you ever thought about using a military gun in a paintball game? If you want to experience this exciting experience, Tippmann Alpha Elite may be the best option for you. The solid body and the quality of construction are very effective in the field. It can also withstand many difficult conditions. It contains additional space in the magazine to store your other tools while you play. The online bolt system comes very naturally with this. With some cyclone and electronic updates, the alpha elite can be unbeatable in the field. The largest cyclonic loader with 200 balls can give you a lot of confidence when you shoot your opponents. You can even switch from semi-automatic mode to fully automatic mode according to your needs. If you really want to experience the fight in the real world like the US Army, There is no choice but to buy this great weapon!

  • Hefty body
  • High precision shot
  • Super reliable
  • 2 years warranty
  • Under weight
  • The length of the gun is longer than usual.

2.Kingman Eraser Training 11 mm – Paintball Pump Pistol

Do you want to play with a firearm that incorporates cutting-edge technology? Then Kingman’s training would be the best option for you. With its many advantages and popularity, it is often excluded from the market. The body is made entirely of aluminum, which gives it great robustness and a solid surface. He is very precise when shooting. You can draw 70 paintballs at a time with a single CO2 cartridge. The shooting speed is also incredibly high (250 fps). The weapon looks very professional and your opponent will certainly fear if you have that with you. It has been very well received by the buyers, which means that it has worked perfectly for almost everyone. With good shots and a good shot, this scoreboard will never disappoint you.

  • Strong body
  • Under weight
  • Excellent air efficiency
  • Comparable to the real gun
  • High-range triggering capability
  • The connecting rods are not very reliable.
  • For some users, sometimes it’s not about shooting in the same direction.

3.JT ER2 RTS pump gun kit – The best paintball pump gun


JT ER2 is famous among all paintball fans for its smoothness and perfect action. The new technology called anti-hash offers all beginners an impressive shooting experience. If you want to fight privately with your friend, this weapon is the best option for that. Its anti-double pumping action can be of great help for the victory against a one-on-one fight. The package includes 30 paintballs, which is more than enough to allow you to make long-term shooting experiences in the field. Apart from that, there are also two Co2 cartridges, which make the kit even more durable for all players. Therefore, without delay or reading other comments, you can simply get this gun in the market if you want an exciting experience in the field.

  • Low price
  • Very trustful
  • Durable for a long time
  • Long-range shooting
  • Easy to customize
  • The precision is not very good.
  • The CO2 cartridges do not last long.

4.Valken Blackhawk MFG Black – Fed’s best paintball gun

Are you looking for an irregular surface paintball marker that can also be customized? Valken Blackhawk can respond to your request as much as possible! It is specially designed to be used with high pressure air. The most unique feature of this gun is that it has an FSR bullet and regular paintballs that can give players a lot of flexibility. You will also get a beautiful gun bag. In terms of performance, the ability of this gun is indisputable! It is popular for the initial attack skill with .68 caliber paintballs. It does not even need any modification after the purchase. The all-metal receiver and four-barrel barrel make it even more rugged and tactical to use in the field. Apart from this, the air tank of 13 cu. HPA makes it an ideal marker for everyone. Therefore, with an entry-level price, you can take it if you want interesting performance, as well as stability in the field.

  • Hefty body
  • Fast firing capability
  • Very affordable
  • Very trustful
  • Sometimes magazines are on the wrong side.

5.Spyder MR6 Black – The best paintball guns wood ball.

It has an absolutely new and unique addition of dual charging system capable of pulling. This incredible system uses an innovative and patented design that allows players to eat magazines and magazines. A long barrel is incorporated to facilitate handling, and the muzzle brake improves the performance of the marker. As an additional magazine of 9 rounds is included in this marker, players can shoot consistently for a long time. In the case of maintenance, it is very easy to clean and after cleaning, you can operate it without problems for a long time. You can even attach a hopper very easily for regular matches. The best thing about this scoreboard is that you can easily switch between the hopper and the mag powered in the middle of the game. In the long tournament, you will not feel tired because this gun is very comfortable to use and moves fast. In short, this gun is very versatile for beginner and intermediate paintball players looking to take charge.


Very light
Affordable price
Easy to operate and maintain
Quick shot


The barrel is not good enough.
For some players, the speed is too high.

6.Tippmann TMC – The best paintball gun Mag Fed.

The TMC Magfed has received excellent reviews from excellent users around the world. In fact, it always produces impressive results, as you wish. It comes with adjustable sights on both the front and the back. It has a rubber grip for a firm support when used. The best part of this paintball marker is that it requires virtually no maintenance. All you have to do is clean it thoroughly after using it and always lubricate each time before participating in a battle. It costs about two hundred dollars on Amazon. With this paintball gun, you get the best of both worlds, where you can use the magazine option or the traditional loading option. It is easy to customize the TMC to present the player with more options. This way you get functionality and reliability.


Unique design

Comfortable rubber grip

Extremely light


The load handle is not sturdy.

Often, CO2 gas leaks.


7.Tippmann TiPX – The best paintball gun on the market

Tippmann has made a name for himself in the paintball industry, an equally remarkable name. The Tippmann TiPX is one of its most beautiful creations. The best thing about this is that their pistols are very affordable and require less maintenance compared to other brands of paintball guns. Tippmann pistols are used mainly for the rental of land. What I liked immediately about Tippmann is its lightweight design and easy to maintain. It has a CO2 air system that comes with a metal trigger. It weighs only 1 pound and 11 ounces, which includes the luxury case and its maintenance kit. I also liked his true military style design. It has an external speed regulator with a feed speed of 8 balls per second.



Very light

Extreme precision

Adjustable speed outside

Installation of large weapons


Very consisten

Little magazine

Some users find it difficult to close the CO2 limit.

8.Empire Ax – The best intermediate paintball guns.

When buying the best professional paintball gun, most players look for a durable and durable paintball gun that must be very accurate. The Empire Ax Paintball marker allows you to do the job correctly the first time. This single fact is enough to give him an additional advantage against his opponent. He goes for about three hundred and fifty on Amazon. It comes with a unique push button system to remove the bolts, which greatly facilitates maintenance. It also has an ASA or Empire relay regulator with a lever to facilitate tank removal.



Quick shot

Very reliable and durable

Extreme precision

Easy maintenance

Silent operation


Some users have a problem with stock barrels (not adjustable).

9.Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 – The best electronic paintball gun.

A new paintball gun is introduced to the market almost every day. However, most of these manufacturers do not think of you (as a player). Planet Eclipse is a game changer in the paintball industry and has never failed to provide the best paintball guns that undergo torture tests to ensure their ability to withstand tough competitions. This paintball gun can be purchased on Amazon at a price of less than five hundred dollars for a new or used one. He uses the spin-offs presented by his brothers and sisters. It also has a built-in LPR package with an online reflex controller that guarantees the constant operation of the ETEK 5 so that the shot is as comfortable and stable as possible.



Super silent shot

Return of magnetic trigger.

Very trustful

Extremely effective

12 months warranty



A little difficult to clean

The trigger is not good enough.

10.Planet Eclipse Etha (the best high end paintball gun)

There’s the paintball marker Planet Eclipse Etha, and then the Planet Eclipse marker Etha 2. This Etha 2 paintball marker is a brilliant Etha improvement. It has been refined and redesigned to provide maximum reliability. It is a perfect combination of creativity and innovation. Its outer body has been built to ensure a hard exterior. This is an additional benefit because it allows the paintball marker to resist impacts while providing greater durability. If you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, you cannot go wrong with the Planet Eclipse Etha 2. That’s about four hundred on Amazon. It has many amazing features as described below:




Extremely strong parts

It can withstand bad weather

High durability

Anti-snap system

Minimum maintenance


A little stronger than the other markers.

What defines a good paintball gun?

As I said earlier, choosing a good paintball gun is a daunting task because you have to choose from a variety of models. However, some factors will help you choose the best paintball gun that suits your needs. Here are the factors that define a good paintball gun:


The precision of a paintball gun varies from one model to another. The factors that affect the accuracy are the length and diameter of the barrel. The precision of a paintball gun is also affected by the propellant it contains (CO2 or HPA) and the consistency of the paintball used. A high quality paintball gun is more accurate than others and should be chosen if you want to win.


The weight of a paintball gun is also an important factor. A good paintball is light and easy to hold because you have to use it while you play. A lighter gun or a paintball marker model will help you be more mobile and shoot easily and accurately.


Different players have different tastes, so their choice of material depends on their preferences and needs. Metal guns are more robust and durable than plastic guns because they are designed to withstand the rigors of the game and hostile environments. In addition, paintball guns must be abused because of their style of play, so they must be strong and durable.


Playing style
Paintball guns or markers can be used for different game styles and games. Woods ball and speedball are two different types of paintball games and have different requirements. Paintball guns to play woods ball must be accurate and quiet, while paintball guns must be accurate and shoot as fast as possible. You must choose the right gun for the type of game you want to play if you want to have a good experience. Believe me; nothing is more difficult than participating in a speedball tournament with a slow weapon.

Paintball guns or markers have a wide range of prices. There are some very affordable models that you can get even for $ 200, while more expensive models can cost around $ 1500 or even more. Most mid-term paintball guns and markers cost between $ 200 and $ 600.

To get the best paintball gun, you should also consider its design. The appearance of a paintball gun is very important. These guns are available in different shapes and sizes, and some offer a very ergonomic design. The shape of a paintball gun has a significant impact on the accuracy and regularity of the shots. A compact design is easy to use because it offers more coverage and angles to aim at the target.

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