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Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Suspension

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Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er

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Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bike

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The mountain bike is great. But finding a mountain bike that’s right for you can be a difficult task if you’re new. In fact, just entering a bicycle store can be intimidating because you should at least know the basics of buying a bicycle. Suddenly, the employee begins to ask questions like “Do you want a type of hard tail, Full or Rigid Suspension? Are the 29-inch tires good or do you prefer a 26-inch one? And you end up with a feeling of fear and the need to escape At this point; will you run away or make a buying impulse that could leave you with a negative mountain bike experience? However, I am here to tell you that you no longer have to worry about this scenario of Mountain bike for beginners and veterans of the sport. Also, for all new cyclists who wish to ride a mountain bike, we have added a guide that will help you make an informed purchase instead of simply choosing from our selection if you prefer to choose a different route. However, keep in mind that although there is a greater variety of bicycles on the market and that these are considered “bicycles for beginners”, this does not It means that veterans cannot use them. Buy your own mountain bike if you wish. Buy one this year As such, here is without further delay our choice among the six best options for the best mountain bikes of 2019.

1.Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Suspension


Many mountain bike veterans have praised the Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hard tail. But, if I had to choose between Gravity FSX and Diamondback, I would always choose Gravity FSX. I have a soft spot for total suspension types and this bike is in my driveway. With the famous Single Pivot technology and a lightweight hydro formed aluminum frame, the Gravity FSX 1.0 is the perfect combination of speed, performance and durability. In addition, the brakes of this baby are known as Tektro Novela disc brakes, which are among the best braking systems on all mountain bikes, guaranteeing the safety of the cyclist and the bike in almost all cases track or path possible. Now, I want to mention that this is my first choice for beginners and that it is because of the creativity of the bike designers. The Gravity FSX 1.0 is custom made for endurance and cross country races.


Great general quality

Easy to install and repair.


It requires regular maintenance on a regular basis.

2.Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er


A hard-tail bike for generations sure to please everyone from beginners to veterans the Diamondback Overdrive 29er. Built with solid specifications and a sturdy frame built to last, the Diamondback is a solid purchase worthy of praise. Made with a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame and Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, as well as SR Suntour XCR shock absorbers, the quality of this bike is undeniable. The Diamondback is popular in cross-country, as well as for resistance, and with a price of just under $ 600, it is definitely the best option for any beginner. At the word, however, the bike does not come with a foot of support.


It comes with all the tools to assemble the bike.

Super quality for the price.


He has difficulties with some rocky areas.

The quality of the brake leaves a lot to be desired.

The steering tube limits performance because it is not tapered, which limits the ability to update.

3.Mongoose Detour Full Suspension Bike


As I already mentioned, I have a big weakness for the suspension bikes. The Mongoose Detour FS is simply another of the best options for beginners who want to buy an affordable bike. However, the fact that it is cheaper does not mean that it lacks quality or aesthetics. However, unlike the previous two models, the Mongoose is made of heavy and lightweight aluminum. But, for this reason, it is also more durable. In addition, the Shimano 21-speed shifter means that changing gear is child’s play, which keeps the momentum going at all times. Unlike the Diamondback, this one comes with a support stand.


Excellent price for quality.

The Shimano derailleur is amazing for shifting gears.


Heavier than other models because of the aluminum frame.

It uses only 26-inch wheels.

4.GT Zaskar Comp Hardtail

Another hardcore candidate worthy of praise, the GT Zaskar is a worthy purchase, not only affordable, but also premium and pedigree. Available in sizes ranging from 26 “to 29” and with features such as tapered steering tubes and wide axles, the Zaskar GT is one of the bikes that I definitely recommend to beginners because its versatility allows beginners to customize their journey accordingly. Depending on your preferences, this baby’s gears include a Shimano SLX transmission that, as mentioned earlier in the dummy, is one of the best available on the market, but once you’ve finished shifting gears, take a look at Shock Absorber Featuring a RockShox 30 Gold TK fork (designed for road riding), it will keep your trip safely planted.


Many options for customization.

The Shimano SLX power train performs well when changing gears.


The RockShox 30 Gold TK fork is not particularly suitable for large bumps and rocky trails.

5.Vilano Ridge 2.0

Vilano bikes are known for their agile and responsive aluminum frames, ideal for dirt tracks, city tours or even dirt roads. With a Shimano powertrain, shift levers, front and rear derailleurs and mechanical disc brakes, Vilano Ridge is certainly quality at an affordable price. As a bonus, the alloy wheels have an incredible look and a 26 “frame.



Quality at an affordable price.

The Shimano team is on the front line.


Only available n 26” tire.

6. Marquette Alloy Mountain Bike Framed

With a weight of 30 pounds and manufactured by Framed, the Marquette alloy is a solid choice for any beginner in the search. Framed really reduces the cost on their bicycles by manufacturing their own components and the lower price should not discourage you from buying your products. The SRX GX 1 × 11 transmission does not have the usual speed of other bicycles, but it should still allow you to cross the mountain trails quite easily. In addition, the 27.5-inch tires absorb the bumps in the road you find yourself. The RockShox Reba RL fork is good for cross country and does a great job to keep you stable even on bumpy roads. A tapered head tube with a large frame may look different, but provides additional stability at high speed.


Hydraulic disc brakes for safety and stability.

Adjustable brake levers for different hand sizes.

Reduction of costs due to the manufacture and manufacture of the bicycle by the company.


Only available on 27.5-inch wheels.

Unsealed bearings that require additional maintenance when driving in wet / humid / muddy conditions

7.Santa Cruz Nomad – The best mountain bike that absorbs impacts.

The Nomad de Santa Cruz is one of the best options if you prefer high quality characteristics of shock absorption. It comes in two colors that you can choose to be more elegant while driving. The change system of this bike comes from SRAM, and different versions are equipped with different sets. If you are looking for variety, Nomad is the right choice for you. Each model has a different set of components and materials. You can choose the aluminum frame or choose its carbon equivalent. SRAM’s front disc brakes allow the bicycle to have a sensitive and sensitive brake system that also provides safety on difficult terrain. The bicycle is not assembled, and it is not so easy to assemble. You may need the help of a professional to do so. However, the Nomad mountain bike cannot support more than 250 pounds of weight. Also, you cannot adjust the seat according to your needs. Another feature that is missing is that this bicycle has no place to store a bottle of water.


The Santa Cruz Nomad mountain bike is available in different sizes.

You can choose between the aluminum frame and the carbon frame. These models also come with different components.

The bike is equipped with SRAM gearboxes to operate on any terrain

It has different shock absorption characteristics to keep your trip without damage.


There is no bottle holder in Nomad.

The bicycle cannot support a lot of weight (more than 250 lbs)

8.GT Bicycles Fury Carbon Expert – Best MTB Pendant

The GT Bicycles Carbon Expert Fury is highly recognized for its premium suspensions. The Schwalbe tires are robust and durable, allowing you to control your driving. You can even go for a walk when the roads are wet in the rainy season. The Magic Mary Bike park tires of 27.5 inches give you excellent traction to avoid slips on the road. In addition, the bike comes with a seamless gear system from Shimano. You can change gears without problems with the Zee SLM640 installed on the right side. You can change gears smoothly to accelerate your speed. They are very precise and precise. In addition, you will be impressed by the brake control of this bicycle. The TRP Slate T4 disc brakes are very sensitive. Whether you drive on a rough or flat surface, you get optimal braking control with these hydraulic disc brakes. The carbon frame of this bike is light and very solid. The saddle is not very comfortable. You may feel pain and pain in your back if you plan on walking longer.


GT Fury Bikes have a spectacular design made of durable carbon.

The tires of this bike allow you to absorb the blows properly and avoid the blows.

The bike does not weigh much.

The powerful disc brake control gives you a good grip.


The front brake is slightly hard.

The chair is uncomfortable and is not suitable for long walks.

9. Diamondback Bicycles Release 5C Carbon – The best hard mountain bike

Diamondback bikes are very popular among the masses because of their durability and resistance. There’s nothing better than Mountain Bike Release 5C in this situation. The 5C Release is a unique bicycle with a carbon fiber frame and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. The bicycle is available in different sizes and you can choose one according to your size and weight. The frame is relatively strong and durable, made of carbon fiber for better strength. The tires are made of extra soft and very thick rubber, with a wider lateral line than their conventional counterparts. This bicycle is ideal for users who want a brake system in all conditions. The RS Guide brakes for this bike come from SRAM and are hydraulic. Normally, the brakes may not work or work properly on most motorcycles, but not in the case of the 5C version. The rear derailleur is an X01 Eagle SRAM, which can handle different speeds with relative ease and comfort. Despite all the positive aspects, there are some negative aspects associated with this mountain bike. Its performance can be a little low in wet or snowy climates, and sometimes the bicycle can slip or skid.



The carbon fiber frame of version 5C is strong and robust.

It can run without problems in almost any type of terrain.

The bicycle comes with a comfortable seat for long walks.

It has a braking system for all weather that works very efficiently.


Version 5C does not work well on wet or snowy terrain.
its brake calipers can be noisy.

10.Diamondback Bicycles Sync’r 24 –

Another Diamondback bike makes this list of the best mountain bikes. The Sync’r 24 bicycle is the most suitable for children. If you want to improve the driving experience of your children in the mountains, this bike is the right choice for you. It has all the features that your child wants as a bicycle enthusiast. The aluminum frame allows you to perfectly control the bike without affecting its weight. Your child will not feel the heavy bike when climbing on steep, rocky paths. In addition, the frame is durable and robust. This ensures that the bicycle will last for years. In addition, the 24-inch bicycle with low geometry turns out to be the best solution for your child. The set of wheels gives your child an incredible balance and stability to face a variety of tests. These wheels offer excellent traction and grip even if the test is wet. When driving your bike in difficult conditions, you need a solid brake control system. After a smooth ride, you should slow down the bike at some point. The Tektro Aurtiga hydraulic disc brake is designed for manual growth and can stop the bicycle with proper control. The bicycle has an excellent suspension, an incredible control of the brakes, a robust and lightweight frame that distinguishes it from other competitors. However, your child may complain about the hard chair of this bicycle and the lack of a bottle rack.


Your child can stop the Sync’r 24 at any time with their stable disc brakes.

The bike comes with a smooth gear change.

It has a light aluminum frame.


There is no place to put your water bottle.

The saddle is very rigid.

Choosing the right mountain bike for beginner
Hopefully you have already tried mountain biking with friends a few times. If not, it is advisable to try before buying your own mountain bike, just to make sure you are committed before spending money. Once you have made that decision, you may wonder where to start and ask yourself what bicycle you should buy and what clothes you need. We are here to help you with any questions you may have! Most people will want to start with something more affordable that is more suited to the type of trails that beginner will normally start. At the end of the day, you do not need a long-distance running machine if you are not going to walk the advanced trails for which you have built. It is better to master the basics in a capable but affordable bicycle and update it later. So with that in mind, here are some things you should consider and keep in mind when buying a mountain bike for beginners.

Hardtail or full suspension?
Rigid mountain bikes have a suspension fork in the front and a rigid back. Bicycles with full suspension have a shock absorber on the back, as well as a suspension fork.

Which is better?
Neither is necessarily better. Having suspension in the back means that you have better traction but less efficiency when pedaling. The hardtails are lighter and cheaper due to the simpler frame design and the lack of shock. So, why should you go? A hardtail will certainly do the job, but you will enjoy a little more comfort on a full suspension bike. One thing you should be careful of is the real bifurcation and the blow used. There is a world of difference between a fork / shock absorber of good quality and a cheap version. The first one will give you a comfortable walk and improve your performance, while the second one could behave like a pogo stick and cause you problems. The mere presence of suspension on a bicycle does not automatically mean that it is good.

Frame material

There are three commonly used materials for modern frames for mountain bikes: aluminum alloy, carbon or steel. Producing carbon is expensive and steel is generally used on custom or boutique bikes.

Wheel size

It has been replaced by 27.5 “and 29” wheels. A larger wheel can roll more easily over obstacles on the road, better speed but accelerates more slowly than a smaller wheel. The speed of acceleration should not be a concern for you as a beginner, but the advantages of a large wheel should definitely be. The choice between sizes will be reduced to your height. The taller riders often feel more comfortable at 29 inches.

In mountain bikes for beginners, you can expect to see drivetrains with 2 plates in the front and a cassette of 9, 10 or 11 speeds (2 × 9, 2 × 10, 2 × 11). If you are lucky, you will find one with a configuration of 1 × 10 or ideally 1 × 11. A single plate combined with a cassette of 10 or 11 speeds will give you the range of gears you need with less weight than a configuration of 2x (less plates, less gear changes and no front derailleur or additional cables).


To enjoy mountain biking, we recommend that you settle for nothing less than hydraulic disc brakes. The difference in power and braking performance compared to the traction of the cable or the rim brakes is enormous. An affordable mountain bike will not have the best brakes, but as long as they are hydraulic disc brakes, you can stop easily and comfortably. If you are looking at a bicycle that does not have disc brakes, check if the bushings, the fork and the frame are compatible and consider buying a game that fits your new bike.


Do not expect too much from the series tires on mountain bikes for beginners. They are likely to be cheap and use hard compounds to keep the price of the bicycle low. The rims have a profound effect on the handling of a mountain bike, so it is strongly recommended to upgrade to a set of rims suitable for mountain biking. I hope this guide has been useful to choose the best mountain bike for beginners that fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a bike that I did not include, use my contact form to get in touch.

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