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10 Best Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews [2020]

You can always tell that when hedge trimming season has started. You can hear a shout from your neighbors as their trimmer cuts through yet another power cord. An average person grooms his lawn, hedges, and bushes multiple times in a year. Most people trim their hedges every week or month. The best cordless hedge trimmer will help you to keep your hedges neat and clean and also maintain your ornamental trees and bushes. So, they’re many versatile outdoor tools that you must have if want to trim and groom your bushes quickly and efficiently. Therefore, a cordless hedge trimmer is the best one for you. Because of its cable-free, So it doesn’t need to be connected with a power supply. It is highly portable and it can be used anywhere outdoors.

Top 10 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

We’ve sampled different hedge trimmers mentioned in this article and compare them to how they performed in different hedge orientations. We used them in different seasons over the past year, and we can safely say that we have to come to a sound conclusion. Therefore, we carefully laid out our research in finding a hedge trimmer that is easy to follow structure, which includes the in-detail review of each product to help you to choose the best cordless hedge trimmer.

ProductsBlade sizeDevice weightPrice
Black DECKER LHT2436
(Best cordless hedge trimmer)
24-inch9.28 pounds Check Price
(Best battery hedge trimmer)
22 inches8.8 pounds Check Price
Matika XHU02Z
(Best electric hedge trimmer)
22-inch9 pounds Check Price
Scoots outdoor Ht10020S20-inch4.8 pounds Check Price
EarthWise LPHT12022
(Best pole hedge trimmer)
20-inch7.2 pounds Check Price
Poulan Pro PR2322
(Best gas powered hedge trimmer)
22-inch11.1 pounds Check Price
WORX WG261 22-inch7 pounds Check Price
EGO Power + HT2400 24-inch6.2 pounds Check Price
Black DECKER HH2455
(Best cordless hedge trimmer)
24-inch6.5 pounds Check Price
Ryobi P2900B
(hedge trimmer)
20-inch4.00 pounds Check Price

1- Black DECKER LHT2436 – Best cordless hedge trimmer


Black Decker is one of the top companies known for manufacturing household equipment. This cordless hedge trimmer is powered by a 40V powerful battery. So, you can get enough time for your cutting operation with its ability to cut bushes as well. It also comes with an energy star qualified charger, which makes this gadget environment friendly. Vibration is minimum as the trimmer features a 24-inch long reach blade. With this, the user can easily get a clean and comfortable cut. Whatever, the cutting direction, the handle comes with a full wrap, which gives a pretty comfortable gripping area. The sharp steel blades are rust-resistant. That’s why they lasts for a long time. On a full charge, this cordless hedge trimmer can handle 6000 square feet expanse of land. It also comes with a battery and a charger. The lithium-ion battery becomes fully charged in 1-hour.

  • Battery: 40V
  • Blade size: 24-inch
  • 3/4-inch thick blade
  • Ideal for trimming
  • Comes with a full wrap handle


  • Compact design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Fast-charging.
  • Can handle thick bushes as well.


  • Some user reported the possibility of jamming.

2- DEWALT DCHT820B – Best battery hedge trimmer


Also in our this article best battery power hedge trimmer is Dewalt. It is one of the high-quality products with various advanced features, which makes it stand out. It can deliver powerful cut, millions of thanks to its high output motor that powers hedge trimmer. Moreover, it also equipped with hardened steel blades, which gives this trimmer rigidity and strength. With its 22-inch large blades, it can handle tall and thick branches without sacrificing efficiency. It is lightweight, which ensures it reduced stress and fatigue when using this lightweight hedge trimmer. It is very easy to use. So, you can easily it for a long period of time. It is compact and light-weight that’s why it gets the job done effectively. Weighing less than 8 pounds. The ease with which it cuts the bushes and thick branches are absolutely amazing. It is cordless and runs about an hour when fully charged.

  • Battery: 20V
  • Powerful motors
  • Cutting strokes: 2800 spm
  • Device weight: 8 pounds
  • Easily cut 3/4 thick branches


  • Impressive ergonomics.
  • Extra sharp blades.
  • High-build quality.
  • lightweight.


  • The battery is not included.

3- Matika XHU02Z – Best electric hedge trimmer



Matika is the best to hedge trimmer in terms of power in this list. It is a must-have tool to keep your garden, lawn neat, and clean. This hedge trimmer comes with all the necessary features to give you a clean and comfortable cut. Powered by 18V lithium-ion battery and it is quite light which gives you an impressive cut time. Vibration is greatly reduced as this cordless hedge trimmer features five cushions within the motor. There’s also a warning system that turns on an indicator light when the battery needs to recharge. It is one of the quietest hedge trimmers in the market. Weighing less than 8 pounds. It is comfortable and does not trigger fatigue. There is also a star protection computer control, which protects this trimmer from overheating, overloading, and dis-charging. It cuts very fast, with an amazing cutting speed of 2700 spm.

  • Cutting speed: 2700 SPM
  • Anti-vibration
  • Star protection computer system
  • Blade size: 22-inch
  • Battery warning system


  • Excellent cutting speed.
  • Reduced vibration.
  • Easy to use.


  • The battery does not include.

4- Scoots outdoor Ht10020S – Review


Scoots is one of the best electric hedge trimmers in 2020. It is a quality hedge trimmer with many amazing features that make it one of the top choices. If you want to make your lawn, garden appealing to the eyes, and in the right condition, then this corded trimmer is a perfect choice. Featuring ith its 20-inch large cutting blade. It is fast and gives swift and effective cutting operations. The hardened steel aluminum blades specially designed for heavy use. The 3.2 Amp powerful motor, it trims easily and also cuts thick branches up to 0.63-inch. It is very easy to use and requires no gas and oil. The built-in cord retention hook system keeps the cord secure. The blade also comes with a protective cover that allows easy storage. The cutting speed of this trimmer is 3400 spm. It gives excellent performance and can handle everything.

  • Motor: 3.2 AMP
  • Cutting speed: 3400 Strokes per minute
  • Built-in cord retention
  • Blade size: 20-inch
  • 5/8” thick and clean cut


  • Easy to use.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can be easily maneuvered.


  • Cord retention needs some improvement.

5- EarthWise LPHT12022 – Best pole hedge trimmer


If you need a long reach hedge trimmer t take care of your long branches and shrubs, then Earthwise is an excellent choice. It is one of the top quality pole hedge trimmers and comes with various mind-blowing features that make it the choice for many people. That’s why it is the must-have accessory that takes care of your garden. It is comfortable and easy to use. If you want to cut off branches from hard to reach areas, then this trimmer will do a terrific job. The 20-inch dual-action blade provides a clean and efficient cut. It also thick branches up to 0.625 inches thick. It is very powerful thanks to the 2600 strokes per minute cutting speed. This awesome product comes with protective covers, which gives you safe and secure storage when this trimmer is not in use. The reason behind this powerful gadget is its 20V lithium-ion battery. That’s why it gives superior performance, excellent run-time, and long hour of cutting operation. It is lightweight and also features five adjustable cutting edge positions.

  • Battery: 20V
  • Blade size: 20-inch
  • 5 adjustable cutting positions
  • Cutting speed: 2600 spm
  • High-efficiency motor


  • Easy to use.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • 2-year tool and 1-year battery warranty.
  • Suitable for hard to reach places.


  • A bit heavy unit.

6- Poulan Pro PR2322 – Best gas powered hedge trimmer                   

Poulan is one of the best hedge trimmer powered by gas. It is the must-have accessory for everyone that values a well-manicured garden. With its advanced features, it is the top choice of many people who needs a good gas hedge trimmer. It is easy to use, powerful, thanks to its dual cycle engine and the right tool to handle overgrown hedges and shrubs around you. No matter how overgrown the hedges are, Poulan Pro will handle it easily. Its ideal for trimming every kind of shrub, millions of thanks to its high-quality sharp blades made up of stainless steel. The sharp blades can handle limbs up to 1-inch in diameter. It is very comfortable to use and produces less fatigue. The rear handle of this gadget will give you a firm and comfortable grip on it. With this cordless gas hedge trimmer, you can cut from any angle. Weighing less than 12 pounds.

  • Dual cycle engine for maximum cutting
  • Blade size: 22-inch
  • Rotating handle
  • Device weight: 11.1 lbs
  • Anti-vibration


  • Produces less fatigue.
  • Light weight.
  • 2-years warranty.
  • Stainless steel blade.


  • Spare parts are not readily available.

7- WORX WG261 – Review


With various professional and advanced features, WORX made it into our list as the best cordless hedge trimmer reviews. This gadget made his name in the production of household equipment. It is equipped with a D-grip front handle with which you can easily and make your cutting operation pretty comfortable from any angle. Weighing less than 6 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to use. And you can cut a wide expanse of land without unnecessary fatigue. With its dual-action stainless steel blades that are hardened, it can cut through wigs and bushes easily without any excess of vibration. The 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery can power any Worx tool. The blade is long enough to reach high branches. With its D-grip handle. You can hold it from any angle and extend it for long cuts. It can also handle low undergrowth grasses as well. That’s why it gives a powerful, fast, and efficient cut. The battery is rechargeable also.

  • Blade size: 22-inch
  • D-grip handle
  • Battery: 20V
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Device weight: less than 6 pounds


  • Lightweight but powerful.
  • Extended run-time.
  • Impressive ergonomics.


  • No cons yet!.

8- EGO Power + HT2400 – Review


If you’re considering purchasing a high-quality battery-powered trimmer, then EGO power is the brand that is worth considering. It stands out with several amazing features, making it a top choice of many house owners. According to the manufacturers of this battery-powered hedge trimmer, the performance is similar to a gas-powered hedge trimmer. It is equipped with a dual-action stainless steel blade. With its extended reach, it can cut long and high branches easily. It can handle branches of up to 0.75-inches thick. It gives clean, fast, and effective cuts, thanks to its 3000 strokes per minute cutting capacity. Moreover, it is weather-resistant, So it can be used in any type of weather condition. Weighing less than 7 pounds, and does not produce accessory fatigue. The D-shaped handle gives you a soft and comfortable grip. This allows for max control and comfort. Moreover, with its 24-inch large blade, you get from trim from any angle.

  • Blade size: 24-inch
  • Cutting speed: 3000 SPM
  • Weather-resistant
  • 3/4 inch cut capacity
  • Device weight: less than 7 pounds


  • Powerful cutting operation.
  • Best battery-powered hedge trimmer.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Up to 1 hour run time.


  • A bit heavy with a battery attachment.

9- Black DECKER HH2455 – Best cordless hedge trimmer


If you need a professional hedge trimmer to handle overgrown shrubs, wide and large branches, then this model of black Decker would be an excellent choice. It is equipped with a powerful inline motor, which good control and balance. The long stainless steel sharp blades are light in weight and give enough improved reach. The design of a cordless hedge trimmer is unique. The sharp is powerful enough to cut up to 0.75-inches thick branches. The vibration is minimum than another hedge trimmer out there. You can either turn to trim vertically or sculpting as the handle rotates up to 18 degrees with five optional stops. There is a lock-on switch that gives continuous operation. And you can also prevent accidental starting with the lock-off switch. It provided 2800 strokes per minute which is great. Moreover, the built-in plug retention system prevents accidental unplugging. These are safety which makes this product the best professional hedge trimmer in the market.

  • Blade size: 24-inch
  • Handle angle: 180 degrees
  • Powerful motor
  • Plug retention system
  • Cutting speed: 2800 SPM


  • Excellent safety features.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Minimum vibration.
  • Light weight.


  • No cons!.

10- Ryobi P2900B– hedge trimmer reviews


It is a battery-powered hedge trimmer that you can use to take care of cleaning and small trimming jobs around the house. With its 18V battery, it gives enough power and stress to keep your lawn and garden in the right condition. It is light in weight and has a compact design. Weighing less than 10 pounds, you can easily maneuver it. It has an ability to cut branches of up to 0.75-inch thick. It offers minimum vibration. You can rotate it at any angle thanks to its rear rotating handle and wrap around the front handle.

  • Blade size: 20-inch
  • Battery: 18 V
  • Lightweight
  • Device weight: less than 10 pounds


  • Minimum vibration.
  • Easy to use.
  • Less expensive.
  • Rotating handle.


  • Battery sold separately.

Are cordless hedge trimmers any good?

They are safe to use since you won’t need to have an extension running through the garden. And there’s no risk electrocution through cutting the corded hedge. Cordless hedge trimmer is a great addition to your tool head.

Which is better corded or cordless hedge trimmer?

Cordless hedge trimmers, because they have more cutting power – tend to be more expensive. Whereas, Corded hedge trimmers are less time-consuming, easy to use, and light to carry. Therefore, if you need a hedge trimmer for doing some light work in your yard, then, by all means, invest in Cordless hedge trimmers.

How thick can the hedge trimmer cut?

Trimmers with a dual-action blade can cut either direction from either side of the plant. Blade sizes range from 5 inches to 26-inch for heavy-duty cutting. Most of the blades can cut branches up to 3/4 inches thick, but the larger capacity trimmer is also available.

How does the hedge trimmer last?

It safe to say that an average hedge trimmer lasts about 40 min to 1 hour. Depending on how hard you’re working.

How much hedge trimmers costs?

Gas hedge trimmers cost more than electric trimmers. Starting around 250$ to 500$. The high-cost gas trimmers are useful for contractors and business works, while home users should satisfy their needs at an affordable price.


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