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10 Best Headphones For kids

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LilGadgets Untangled PRO

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If you are researching for any headphones for kids, you reach the perfect place. This webpage specialized in investigating purchaser viewpoints about headphones for kids to provide you with all the helpful overview on headphones for kids that truly worth its’ value and also have excellent audio.

There are plenty of headphones for kids available on the internet via numerous internet sites but a lot of them are certainly not equally developed. Why don’t we get some comparison of the very most commonly used brand names with price tag cover anything from the  “middle range” towards the “very affordable” and judge for yourself which one fits your children as well as your budget  the best .

Around thirty years of age, or even before, the vast majority of us have some type of hearing loss compared to the immaculate hearing capabilities of a young person. Children can hear frequencies that older people cannot, mainly because they have not been exposed to the noisy elements of the world for as long as we have. In addition to loud and rapid noises, the main reason for hearing loss is prolonged exposure to sound at high levels. Therefore, it is not surprising that headphones are the cause of most of the progressive hearing loss in adults. In the era of smart phones and tablets, children listen to headphones from an early age and the need to maintain overall volume levels at a reasonable maximum level is very real. In addition, children break objects, lose objects or simply have enough and stop using them. All these problems are taken into account by the manufacturers when designing headphones for children. Your child will need excellent sound quality with limited volume, but waterproof construction or an affordable price is more important to you. Here we will analyze the basics of headphones for children and what to keep in mind when buying a pair. We have also listed the seven best models we have tested to date.

What is the volume limitation?

First, be careful with child headphones, for example, with colorful patterns or popular characters wearing the headband, but without volume limitation. Not all headphones for children worry about keeping the volume at a reasonable level. That said, we only look at the peers who claim to keep a low volume. Although most headphones for children point to volume levels below 85 dB, not all models limit volume in the same way. Perhaps the easiest way is to use a wireless pair that connects via Bluetooth, because Bluetooth should not exceed the advertised volume limit. However, keep in mind that some Bluetooth models come with audio cables for cable listening and may only offer true volume limitation in wireless mode. Sometimes, as with Lil Gadgets Untangled Pro, the wiretapping experience can be considerably stronger.

Types of headphones and design:

There are several types of headphones and headphones, which go far beyond headphones and cans. The circumaural headphones or headphones have large pads that completely cover the ears and are usually the most comfortable. They are also excellent for sound isolation. Supra-aural or ear headphones have smaller ear pads that simply rest on the ears. They are lighter and block less noise as a rule. The headphones are small loudspeakers that adapt to the external ear, but they are not inserted in the ear canal. In-ear headphones are as small as earmuffs, but have soft rubber or silicone tips that are inserted into the ear canal and can block sounds that come from the box, such as ear canal phones. Adjustment is a very important factor in the way we judge headphones and headphones. In the case of ear and ear headphones, we evaluate their sensation in the head and if they remain comfortable for long periods. Some headphones may seem too tight or too heavy, or exert excessive pressure on the ears or scalp, and few can be used for hours without discomfort. We also observe what the listeners include in the package. Many headphone come with detachable cables and briefcases. In addition, headphones often include several sets of tips so users can find the most comfortable solution. The accessories (and with them, the functionality) that you get for the price are an important factor when evaluating a headphone.

Do children need microphones?

Nowadays, if adult-only headphones are supplied with a cable that does not include a remote control or a microphone, it is better to be a professional model for the recording studio or designed for use with cinema systems. In simple terms, most people connect their headphones to their smart phones and often use them to make calls while on the move. However, with the headphones for children, it is less clear that the absence of a microphone is a disadvantage.



The Puro Sound Labs wireless headphones for children are exceptionally well classified in all categories for a reason. They are well made, comfortable and sound good. Puro’s attention to detail and his commitment to providing safe levels of listening are something that you and your young listener will appreciate.

  • Elegant design and several color options.
  • Effective passive acoustic insulation.
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent volume control at 85 dB
  • Durable aluminum headband
  • Simple controls on a headset
  • Requires special cable to limit the volume in difficult mode
  • The design on the ear can cause pressure points.

What is in the box?

  • Wireless headphones Puro BT2200
  • Transport bag
  • USB charging cable
  • Pure Limiter Cable 5mm
  • Quick Start Guide

Volume limiter
The volume limitation feature of the Puro Sound Labs Kids Bluetooth headset for children limits the maximum volume to 85 dB. No separate application or electronic configuration is required to activate the volume limiter, as it is integrated in the headset. The volume limiter works in wired and wireless Bluetooth listening modes. One thing you should know about the operation in wired mode is that the limiter function works only with the audio cable supplied with Puro Limiter 3.5 mm. This cable works perfectly, but only if it is connected in the right direction. Simple instructions are included to help you. Although these headphones do not have electronic components that cancel noise, headphones and padding provide excellent passive noise isolation. The sound isolation design can block up to 82% of the sound in the 1 kHz range and is effective in improving the quality of hearing.

these headphones are made with an aluminum headband and earmuffs, so they are quite robust. Previous models used a plastic headband that did not hold as well as the newer aluminum model. The headphone and headband filling is made of good quality material, resistant to stains and easy to clean. A hard case is included to help protect the headphones when it is not in use. Although headphones are durable, it is recommended to use the case instead of placing them directly in a backpack or purse.

the Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth headset for children is soft and fluffy and very comfortable. The size is perfect for an average child and will work even for teens or adults with a smaller head. They are perfect as child headphoness and headphones for teenagers due to their flexibility. If your child has a bigger head or wants to buy a headset, consider upgrading to the adult BT5200 model instead of the BT2200 child model. The atria are designed to fit small ears or to rest on larger ears. There may be slight pressure points around the outer ear if the headset cushion presses against the ear for a few hours.

In addition to the attractive and durable aluminum construction, the Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth headset is available in a variety of colors. The color options include modern and elegant combinations, such as: black, white / silver, blue, purple and gold. The headphones rotate 90 degrees so that the headphones fold and can be stored in a compact hard case. All controls are located in the right atrium. It makes things simple and easy. There are two buttons to increase or decrease the volume, a Bluetooth sync button that also functions as a play / pause button and a slide switch to turn on / off the headset. A 3.5 mm audio jack and a micro-USB charging port are also included under the right earphone. The wireless range is about 9 meters. The battery life provides 18 hours of playback in the wireless listening mode. The 3.5mm Puro Limiter cable uses a flat construction that resists tangling.

The sound quality is excellent in wired and wireless listening modes. The 40mm speakers and Puro’s “Balanced Response” arrangement provide rich bass and smooth highs for a pleasant listening experience. Many adults will find that the audio quality of Puro Sound Labs is higher than the average of headphones designed for children. Attention to sound quality and safety is another reason to consider these headphones for your child.

2.LilGadgets Untangled PRO

Versatile and economical, LilGadgets Untangled Pro Bluetooth headphones are a good choice for those with two or more children. The built-in Share Port allows you to share audio without using a splitter. There are several other features, some of which are detailed below.

  • Durable headband with stainless steel construction
  • Soft and comfortable padding
  • Share Port to share audio without a splitter
  • Maximum volume limitation at 93 dB
  • Adjustable for different head sizes.

  • The Ear cup filling can be detached
  • Passive noise isolation at 13 dB is correct but not excellent

What is in the box?

  • LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Share Port
  • Audio cable AUX 48 “3.5mm Nylon
  • USB charging cable
  • Microfiber travel bag
  • Manual

Volume limiter
These LilGadgets wireless children’s headphones are designed with a built-in volume limiter that maintains volume up to 93dB. This is not the lowest level of dB compared to other headphones on this list, but it is still effective in limiting dangerous sound levels for your child. One of the reasons for this 93 dB value is that the LilGadgets Untangled Pro earphone offers passive 13 dB acoustic insulation. This level of insulation is acceptable, but it is not high enough to block a large amount of background noise. This is one of the reasons why there is a higher volume limiter.

Constructed with a stainless steel headband and polycarbonate headphones, these headphones are ready for an active environment for children. LilGadgets Untangled Pro has survived fall tests, stretch tests, chew tests and randomization tests to ensure a quality product that lasts. A nylon-coated audio cable is resistant to tangles and is resistant to abuse. Some users have complained of a slight tear of the soft fabric on the pads and the headband. The weakest component can be where the pads meet the atria. This area can be separated in some cases if the headphones falls too often.

Soft Touch padded fabric covers the headphone foam and headband, providing a soft feel and a comfortable fit to the ear. The headband design is easy to adjust, the earmuffs slide up or down at the base of the stainless steel headband. The size is suitable for a variety of ages. Although LilGadgets recommends these headphones from 4 years old, even small children can use them.

The most notable feature of LilGadgets Untangled Pro is the integrated Share Port. A 3.5mm Share Port connector is included under each headset. This audio port allows several listeners to connect with each other and share the same audio source. This is a very practical option since it eliminates the need for an external 3.5mm audio splitter. This means that you can connect at least two of these headphones to an MP3 or a phone at the same time. Ideal for group fun in the car, for example. The included 1.2 m (48 “) nylon audio cable can be used as a wired primary connection or as a Share Port connection Note that the Share Port option will not work if the headphones are used in Bluetooth connection mode. The volume is controlled by a simple and easy-to-use sliding wheel located on the side of the right atrium. The Bluetooth button and the charging port are also found on the right handset. LilGadgets provides a flexible carrying bag for the basic storage of a headphones. The Bluetooth range is approximately 9 meters and the battery will last approximately 12 hours. You can choose from bright color options, which include green, pink, purple, black and white.

The overall sound quality is good and offers a frequency response adapted to young ears. Headphones for children do not necessarily need sound fidelity, since children are not old enough to really appreciate it. But having a good sound is definitely a benefit. The LilGadgets headphones will not win prizes for audiophiles, but they are perfect for a variety of content, including audio books, games and movies.


Available in collapsible and non-collapsible versions, the Jlab Audio Jbuddies Kids headphones offer children functions such as simple controls and personalization functions.

  • Large volume control dial
  • Volume limitation at 90 dB
  • Simple cable design
  • Light weight
  • Foldable and non-folding options
  • Easy to clean materials
  • Plastic and vinyl construction with medium durability.
  • The cable clamp may fail

What is in the box?

  • Jlab Audio Jbuddies Headphones for children
  • Soft transport bag
  • 8 different stickers of 3D characters
  • User manualVolume limiter
    The Jbuddies children’s headphones have a volume limiter that prevents the total sound level from exceeding 90dB. The volume control function is integrated in the headset and does not require cables or special electronic components. Passive sound insulation is provided with the ear pads. However, the style of use in the ear will not block much outside noise.

The Jlab Audio Jbuddies Kids headphones are made of simple plastic and vinyl materials that offer medium durability. The headband has a good amount of bending without cracking or breaking. There is a folding model available with hinges on each side of the headband. The hinges are well made, but they can be a weak point if they bend too much. Smooth surfaces for all components make these headphones easy to clean. A soft transport bag is provided for basic protection when the headphones is transported. The cable tension reducer is very basic and some users realize that the 3.5 mm connection box can detach or even lose the connection. A very interesting feature is that these headphones have a limited lifetime warranty when you register with a valid serial number.

The flexible design of the Jbuddies headphones headband is flexible to fit a wide range of head sizes. There is very little clamping pressure. Hypoallergenic pads covered with vinyl are soft and easy to clean. While Jlabs suggests these 2-year-old headphones, most users consider them suitable for children ages 4 to 14. Basically, everything depends on the size of your children’s heads. Some have bigger and younger heads. Younger children with smaller heads may feel a loose fit around the ears, at least initially. But, again, you do not want a perfect fit in a small child anyway.

Jlab Audio Jbuddies Kids headphones are available in a variety of options and color combinations. It is ideal for families with several children who may want a specific color. Additional personalization is available through the eight 3D character stickers that are provided with each headphones. Controlling the volume is very easy with the large dial located in the left atrium. There are two different design options: folding and non-folding. The compact and foldable design is available with non-pinched hinges. They are an excellent option to travel because the folded dimensions are only 14.5 cm x 10 cm. The 3.5mm angled plug can be a problem for some users whose large mobile device housings can prevent the thicker plug from connecting through the opening in the box.

These headphones produce a lot of sound, which is good for the average child. The plastic headphones and controller design do not produce many deep sounds, but these headphones are perfect for most users. Some parents may think that the maximum volume of 90 dB is too high for very small ears, but the volume limiter is very practical.


If you need headphones that fit even the heads of smaller children, you should try LilGadgets Connect +. For children older than 6 years old, check out the Connect + PRO model here. These compact headphones come in a variety of bright colors and sound very good.

  • Compact design with folding headband.
  • Perfect for small children (2-8)
  • Long 52 “nylon coated cable
  • Share Port to share audio without a splitter
  • Maximum volume limitation at 93 dB
  • The hinges on the headband can break.
  • Passive acoustic insulation is not the best solution for air travel

What is in the box?

  • LilGadgets Connect + Premium Wired Headset with Share Port
  • 52 “3.5mm nylon audio cable
  • Microfiber travel bag
  • Manual

Volume limiter
Volume limitation is important for children’s headphones, especially for younger children. The LilGadgets Connect + headphones protect the child’s ears with a maximum volume limit of 93 dB. The volume limiter is integrated in the headphones. You do not need a special adapter for the electronics to work. Like other LilGadgets, the Connect + model offers 13 dB ambient noise isolation. This level of passive isolation is acceptable, but it may not be the best for traveling in stronger aircraft or in similar environments.

The design of the headband allows these headphones to be compact, but it can also be a weak point in construction. Most users enjoy excellent durability with headphones, with the exception of the part of the hinge that can be broken if the headphones are too crooked. The audio cable of LilGadgets Connect + is covered with a braided nylon fabric and is quite resistant. There is a soft microfiber bag available to protect the headphones when they are not in use. The good thing about these headphones is that there are no controls on the outside of the headphones that can break and deteriorate. A standard one-year warranty is provided and LilGadgets is reputed to provide excellent customer service in case of a problem.


These headphones are perfect for smaller head sizes. Children from 2 to 8 years old should be able to find a perfect fit in the adjustable headband range. LilGadgets Connect + is reasonably lightweight. They also have a good fill in the headband and the cups of the ears. The hinges on the head band have a non-pinching design that prevents hair and clothing from getting in the way of the hinge.
If you have several children who want to listen to the same audio source, you will love the SharePort function built into these headphones. Each headset comes with a 3.5mm connector under each headset. This allows you to connect a device to the source (MP3 / smartphone) and then connect additional headphones to the first device for group fun. The 1.3-meter (52-inch) audio cable is longer than most other manufacturers’ cables. The longer cable offers more comfort when your child is sitting further away from a reading device. LilGadgets Connect + does not have built-in volume control, but the volume limiter circuit will stop at 93dB if a device is turned on. The colors of the headphones are comfortable and easy to use: blue, green, pink and black purple and black. With many excellent features for less than $ 25, these headphones are definitely a good choice for the value-added buyer.

For such headphones, the sound of Connect + is pretty good. The 40mm amplifiers are large enough to provide a frequency response throughout the range. There are even serious and a generally better sound than many adult headphones.


The Onanoff Buddy phone In- flight headphones bring together many interesting options in a compact product. With features such as a folding headset, 3-step volume limitation and a built-in sharing port, these headphones can be an excellent choice for families traveling.

  • Compact and foldable design.
  • Volume limitation in 3 steps (75, 85, 94 dB)
  • Integrated audio splitter
  • Detachable cable
  • Loose fit for the heads of small children.
  • Large audio splitter / connector
  • The first models had problems with quality control.

What is in the box?

  • Flight headphoness Onanoff Buddyphones
  • 31.5-inch removable flat audio cable with splitter
  • Soft travel bag
  • Airplane audio adapter

    Volume limiter

The unique feature of these Onanoff Buddyphones Inflight headphones is that you can select the maximum volume level for your small listener. The user can select three volume limiter settings: 75 dB, 85 dB and 94 dB. You may want to use the higher setting (95 dB) to fly and use the lower setting for quieter listening environments. A tamper-resistant dial on the handset allows you to change the settings. The dial can be difficult to use. So be patient when using the 3-step volume control function for the first time.

Buddyphones Inflight headphones have a very flexible and durable headband that can twist, twist and bend without breaking. The quality of the construction is generally good and the components resist abuse and misuse. The hinges are included in this Buddyphones Inflight model. As with most hinges, they can break if they are bent or overloaded. Some users have reported that the first models came with defective components, but the company is very receptive when it comes to solving all the problems.
The adjustable headband provides a comfortable fit for a variety of head sizes. The padding of the headphones and the headband is good, but it is not as luxurious as some of the other headphones on this list. Onanoff Buddyphones Inflight headphones are recommended for children aged 3 to 10 years. The only disadvantage in terms of comfort is that children with smaller heads may find that the flexible headband does not have a perfect size.

In addition to the 3-level volume limiter, there are several other interesting features. A tangle-resistant flat audio cable is provided to match the color scheme of the headphones. The cable is a bit shorter than other wired headphones and only reaches 0.8 meters. A 3.5mm audio splitter is integrated into one end of the audio cable. Up to four Buddy phones can be connected through the same audio device. However, if you have a mobile device with a thick case, the combination of the cable and the separation connector may not fit in the case. The Onanoff Buddyphones Inflight headphone model is the premium version of the Buddyphones series and includes most of the options and accessories. Its folding design makes them very compact, and the included antenna audio adapter makes them perfect for air transport. The total folded dimensions are 110 x 150 mm (4.3 x 5.9 inches). An inline microphone with a play / pause / call button is another convenient feature that other children’s headphoness do not always have. The colors are very funny and there are six sets of decorative stickers for more customization.

Cell phones respond to most hearing needs, especially when listening to movies on airplanes. Other friendly headphones for airplanes. The frequency response of 30mm speakers is reasonable, but you will not get many powerful bass. One thing to keep in mind about sound is that you probably do not want to share the audio splitter with different types of headphones. This can result in volume differences of the other brand. So try to use only Buddyphones headphones with the integrated audio splitter.


Thanks to its ultra-light design, these Sony MDR-222KD children’s headphones are easy to use all day long. These headphones will work well for both children and adults, but the volume limiter will work too well for some users. More details below.

  • Very light and comfortable.
  • Easy to use for long periods
  • Integrated volume limitation
  • Foam pads can tear
  • Reduction of cable tension
  • Poor sound quality
  • Not loud enough for noisy environments

What is in the box?

Headphones for children Sony MDR-222KD

Volume limiter

The volume limitation function is a basic resistance included in the cable of the Sony MDR-222KD. The volume limiter works fine, but almost too well. These headphones will not be suitable for air travel or noisy environments. The cable is permanently connected, so you can not change it or skip the volume limitation setting. However, listeners who use this handset in quiet areas will probably be satisfied with the maximum volume level. There is very little passive noise isolation, which also means that there will be sound leaks. You can also listen to what your child is listening to.


The lightweight design is mainly due to the thin plastic headband. Although the construction is flexible and the plastic is of adequate quality, these headphones could be broken by a pull of war or some other restriction when traveling. The tension relief of the cable is minimal when a single cable is inserted into the headset and the 3.5 mm connector. Foam ear cups can also break if used excessively, but replacements are available. The quality and durability are correct, but not excellent. The use of these headphones in the house should not be a problem. You just want to be careful when you take these headphones out of the house and subject them to the usual stress and tension that travel can cause. Also keep in mind that Sony only has a 90-day warranty period. It is much shorter than the typical one year warranty offered by other brands.


Sony MDR-222KD children’s headphones are certainly comfortable. With just 1.84 ounces (52 grams), these are some of the lightest traditional headphones on this list. The design of the headphones and headband make it an excellent choice for long listening sessions and for use in warm environments. Sony recommends them for children 8 and older, but the MDR-222KD is also suitable for other head sizes, including adults. The headband can be easily adjusted so that the pads rest gently on the ears without much pressure. The light style also means that these headphones do not heat the ears or are too sweaty.
Apart from the two color options (black and pink), there really are not many options to choose from.They basically require very high impedance to drive them.This means they will be much quieter with smartphones, tablets and MP3s The flexible headband and the size of the ear in the ear are perfect for most head sizes, from small children to adults.These are really a versatile headphones in this regard.
While it is easy to look beyond some of the minor defects of the product mentioned above, the quality of the sound may be another problem for you. These headphones are usually a little muddy. This could be due to the resistance of the volume limiter circuit or to the smaller headphones controllers. They might work well for your child if they do not require a large amount of full audio and deeper bass in their headphones.


Looking for an alternative to traditional children’s headphones? In this case, the headband with the CozyPhones children’s headphones could be the ideal solution. These headphones are ultra compact and very comfortable. Probably the best headphones for small children with its simple and durable design.

  • Compact speaker design
  • Adjustable and washable headband
  • Bands of funny characters
  • Soft fabric for comfort.
  • Long braided audio cable
  • The speakers can move inside the headset.
  • The specifications of the volume limiter may not be accurate

What is in the box?

Children’s headphones CozyPhones

Ultra-slim speakers with 52-inch braided audio cable

 Volume limiter
The output volume of CozyPhones is good, and could even be too high according to some parents. The company states that the volume limiter is set to prevent the earphone from exceeding 85 dB. However, the output volume of some headphones seems to be slightly higher than in some cases. This is probably due to the power of your music device. Since the headband can cover the ears completely, it helps block out ambient noise so your child can concentrate on what he is listening to.

There is not much to worry about with these headphones in terms of durability. The adjustable headband is made of a soft and soft fabric, and the drivers of the thin headphones can be removed. These detachable headphones, together with the cable, allow you to wash the headband whenever you want. A twisted audio cable also makes the design robust. All these features make CozyPhones children’s headphones perfect for compact travel. You will not have to worry about a special case or fold these headphones. CozyPhones also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you need to process a return or have a question.

The very soft fleece and the adjustable headband make this headphones extremely comfortable. The adjustment range of the headband is suitable for children of 1 year or more. If your child does not like in-ear headphones and earphones, the CozyPhones child restraint band is one of your best options. It is known that these headphones work for children with sensory problems and SPD (sensory processing disorder). It is also very easy to pull the front of the headband to use it as a sleeping mask. And because they are thin, it is easy to wear the headphones while you sleep. A very secure fit is obtained once the head band fits correctly. These headphones will stay in place, even in a small asset. A disadvantage of these headphones is that the polar material can heat up. If you live in a very hot climate, you may need to consider this comfort problem.


The most impressive element of the CozyPhones Kids headband is perhaps the thinness of the speakers. They only measure 0.31 cm (1/8 in.) In thickness and fit easily into the headband. Adjusting the headband and speakers is very easy and it should be easy for your child to install quickly. A long 1.3-meter (52-inch) audio cable connects to the headset and is compatible with any standard audio playback device. In addition to being lightweight and compact, these headphones are also a favorite choice of children. There are several fun models to choose from: blue unicorn, fox, purple frog, panda, green monster and kitten.


The ultra-thin speaker does a good job, but may lack bass simply because it is covered in cloth. Honestly, Cozy Phones Kids headband focuses more on comfort, playful design and a secure fit than sound quality. This is exactly what children like.


Artix headphones for children are seen as high quality headphones. They come in funny colors and a big size for kids! There are many quality features to explore, so let us interest you.

  • Plush headphones and headband cushion
  • Durable twisted audio cable with microphone
  • Good sound insulation
  • Foldable design for portability
  • Without volume limitation

What is in the box?

Artix headphones for children

Basic instructions and warranty card.

Volume limiter

The main disadvantage of this handset may be that there is no volume limitation function. You can find a variety of volume limiting cables or adapters for use with the original cable, but these Artix headphones do not have this feature. However, passive acoustic insulation is very good. Padded foam and insulated plastic tips help reduce hard external frequencies. This means that your child does not need to turn up the volume too high to get a quality sound.


The physical design of the Artix children’s headphones is elegant and robust. A folding hinge on each headset allows these headphones to be relatively compact, although the design of the headset is a bit larger than that of the other headsets on this list. The design of the hinge is robust and can withstand daily use without problems. A braided audio cable is supplied with a 3.5 mm angled connector. The tension relief of the cable is excellent at both ends. The audio connector fits perfectly into the playback device and does not produce any creaking or intermittent sound that can occur with cheaper headphones. The only minor defect and the weakest point of the design is the exposed wire of the hull near the hinges. This cable can sometimes be taken or tensed if you are not careful. Only a few users have noticed that one side of the headphones does not work, so it is quite minor. Artix offers a one-year warranty and its support service is based in the United States.


The Artix headphones for children are very comfortable. The pads are very soft and rest gently on the ears. The headband provides good cushioning, but is not as bulky as some headphoness. The weight is average for the headphones, making it suitable for long listening sessions. The size is adjusted by moving the earmuffs up and down at the end of the headband. This type of adjustment style works well for average head sizes, but may not be suitable for very young children with smaller heads. That said, the headband is narrower than normal headphones, making it a comfortable option for most children ages 3 and up.


Available in a variety of colors, the Artix children’s headphones will appeal to all young listeners who want a quality product that looks good. The colors included are blue / green, olive green, orange / black, pink / blue, purple / pink and light turquoise. The twisted audio cable includes an in-line microphone with a multifunction button to play / pause and answer a call. The multifunction button works with most playback devices, but there is no remote volume control option. What is probably best. You can only control the volume in the source and your children can not change it in the headphones. These Artix headphones are perfect for traveling because they fold in a compact package. The case is not included, so you must obtain it separately if you wish.


For headphones in the $ 20 to $ 30 price range, these elegant children’s boxes sound quite good. The highs are clear and the lows are beautiful and strong. The quality ear pads block a lot of external noise so you can concentrate on what you are listening to.


With all the evidence of an overwhelming superb testimonials and excellent trustworthiness of it’s brand name, we remarkably endorse the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids as the best all-around headphones for kids presently being offered on the internet.

  • Lightweight design with split band design
  • Excellent passive acoustic insulation.
  • Volume limiter cable adapter
  • Online volume control
  • The audio connector is subject to breakage.
  • Y cable entry in both headphones.

What is in the box?

Kidz Gear wired headset

Lifetime limited warranty

Kidz Gear is definitely a well-known brand within the product range of audio for little ones and focuses primarily on  offering the middle with high-quality, completely functional and comfort and ease developed products which are  value-priced as well as in the styles and sizes little ones and mom and dad will fall madly in love.

You will be extremely positive that you’ll definitely getting a very reasonably priced, value for money excellent bargain  as it’s backed up by 241 reviews and a close to excellent 4.5 star rating on as well as numerous  awards like iParenting Award Winner, Preferred Choice Award and Seal of Excellence Award.

Reviewers have pointed out that Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kidsare exceptionally clear and sharp with superb quality of sound and possesses a wider adjustment variety which fits any young children’s age group right up until their ears began becoming nearer to adult size. The Kidz Gear Wired headphones For Kids is constructed of plastic-type material that appears to be flexible and durable with padding all around the ears and ought to endure reasonably rough use.

The cord has an integrated volume adjuster which can be particularly wonderful mainly because it will allow your kids to effortlessly control the volume when playing either to audio books or even popular music.

According to one particular pleased customer, she called Kidz Gear’s customer service on the telephone to question particularly about some decibel limitation concern and then she was instantly responded to by a pleasant, professional and polite man with lots of beneficial information and facts and the willingness to clarify all this. Customer service appeared exceptional, in the event you require support in the future I guarantee you will have the very best one prepared to serve you.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones -Product Features

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Custom designed fit for children 2 yrs. and older – Light weight and comfortable
  • Adult-featured stereo headphones for children
  • Built-in volume control knob to adjust the volume range within the selected volume limits
  • FREE independent Volume Limit Cable to limit audio volume to approximately 80% (~ 20dB lower) of original maximum volume.One thing you ought to know is that the cords are quite thin which can be an unfavorable factor for  something created for kids but actual breaking occurs hardly ever and if they actually do break, be assured  that this headphones have got a Limited Lifetime Warranty -thus your brand-new pair will probably be arriving really soon!.  The majority of the current customers appear to be pleased owning it along with the lifetime warranty thus; this is not really an unfavorable factor after all.


The safe headphoness MEJ Audio KidJamz KJ25 are the big winners of inexpensive headphoness. The ultra flexible headband and discreet design are just some of the features that make this headset with volume limitation ideal for children.

  • Headband very resistant.
  • Volume limitation at 85 dB
  • Easy to enable / disable volume limitation
  • Discreet design in the ear.
  • Good sound quality for the price.
  • Ear pads can come off
  • The size is small (not good for children with larger heads)

What is in the box?

Secure headphones MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25

Safe listening guide

Volume limiter

The built-in volume limiter circuit maintains the maximum listening volume at 85 dB. Parents will especially like the hidden switch that activates or deactivates the volume limiter when necessary. This is an excellent option for traveling by plane when it may be necessary to omit the limitation function. MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 secure headphoness have ear-mounted headphones. So there is not much isolation from ambient noise, it’s just average.


One feature that makes these headphones so good is that they are very durable. The headband is made of ultra flexible plastic material that can be folded in almost any direction without breaking. The headband adjustment sliders go inside the upper band. This makes them very discreet, simple and easy to use. In addition, the audio cable is also reinforced for durability. The strain relief at both ends of the cable is also robust. In addition, the ear pads can be removed quite easily, but replacements are available in MEE Audio.

The soft vinyl-covered pads rest gently on the ear for a comfortable fit. In addition, there is a modest adjustment range for the headband. The ages recommended are for children from 4 to 12 years old. A discreet design prevents these headphones from being too big or too hot. The size of the Kidjamz KJ25 secure headphones from MEE Audio is quite small, so it is not suitable for older children with a larger head.

The headphones for children come in three colors: pink, blue and black. You can switch to the model with a microphone and online volume control for only a few dollars more. The reinforced audio cable uses a 3.5 mm straight connector with good external reinforcement that is clamped below the left atrium. Note that the thick outer shell of the audio connector may not fit all mobile device housings. The small tabs on each handset provide a clear label on the left and right sides to help train your child to use the correct stereo image. The volume limiting switch of these headphones is certainly a practical feature that many other brands do not offer. Even if the headphones are not bulky, they will not fold into a smaller package. However, they will be very durable to throw in a bag or a small bag during a trip. In addition, the headband, earmuffs and vinyl pads are easy to clean, which is always important. Although you get a safe listening guide with headphones, there is nothing more to look forward to with these inexpensive headphones. But what you get is a durable game of cans for children at an excellent price.


Mee Audio does a good job producing low-cost headphones that sound good for the price. These KidJamz KJ25 headphones are no exception. The sound quality is suitable for all types of children’s music and movies, and small headphones and controllers provide a pleasant listening experience.

Best Headphones For Kids –Lightweight Stereo Headphone

Califone First Stereo Headphone Lightweight for Young Children

Califone International, Inc are often known as a front runner in style and design, advancement and production of  exceptional sounding lightweight stereo headphones, audio/visual and supplemental curriculum products  to be used in education and presentation settings,  for very inexpensive prices and the Califone First  Stereo Headphone Lightweight for Young Children are certainly the same!.

CLICK HERE For the best price we could fine on the Califone First Stereo Headphone Lightweight for Young Children. Save over 16% and get FREE SHIPPING!

With more than 30 reviews along with a close to excellent 4.5 stars rating on Amazon, these lightweight stereo headphones are certain to perform a near perfect task. For anyone searching for a middle range set that offer far better sound compared to standard lightweight stereo headphones, this set should not be missed!

Many have pointed out these particular lightweight stereo headphone is rather ideal for travels on the long hours airline flight pairing it with a portable DVD player. It’s light-weight, simple to operate, and also the sound quality is superb. They can fit kids’ ears excellent and did wonders without any problems. If you happen to be looking for something for your young child or kids, these are a fantastic choice. A few other users use them in public places to listen to music and watch movies with wonderful fulfillment as well. The volume level was good, as well as the max level on the player  didn’t appear too loud.

Califone First Stereo Headphone Lightweight for Young Children is available in quite a few wonderful colors. These headphones are created for precisely the ideal size of a young child’s head and have been tossed a beating but really sturdy because it continue to function equally well as they did as new. Their customer service is outstanding and shipping and delivery is super fast as well!

Califone First Stereo Headphone Lightweight for Young Children -Product Features

  • Specifically built for young students
  • Safety is its first concern
  • Rugged ABS plastic ear-cups
  • External volume control set by the teacher for student safety
  • Permanently attached with reinforced “strain” connection resists accidental pull out

CLICK HERE For the best price we could fine on the Califone First Stereo Headphone Lightweight for Young Children. Save over 16% and get FREE SHIPPING!

The only disadvantages worth bringing up is considering they are the around the ear type, they occupy some space while in the carry-on whenever you travel, especially when you have several kids. The cord is quite lengthy as well; however with the truly amazing quality of sound as well as their durable quality, you will have no regret having them.

Best Headphones For Kids –Volume Limiting Earphones

Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Volume Limiting Earphones

Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Volume Limiting Earphones is one of several best choice for anyone trying to find a  terrific pair of volume limiting earphones; with more than 17 reviews along with a near excellent 4.5 star rating on  Amazon, this set of earphones lower the maximum volume no less than 30% when compared with common ear buds.

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Loud Enough Volume Limiting Earphones also blocks out background noises effectively considering the proper size ear cushions. The comfy seal suggests they don’t really need to enhance the actual volume to put emphasis on their popular music, motion pictures, or video games. They can fit smaller sized ears which feature tender silicone ear cushions (in extra-small, small, and medium size) to obtain the most comfy, fantastic sounding match up.

Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Volume Limiting Earphones come with three sizes that you could swap around until eventually you find the most comfy fit for your ear and also the cable length is also just great. If you love to listen to music when getting to sleep or relaxing in your bed, these earphones are comfy enough to get to sleep in and you’ll be really happy beyond doubt! Numerous satisfied users have had them for more than 12 months without any problems.

The audio quality of these earphones are vibrant and of top quality. Furthermore, it fit comfortably in tiny ears.  The volume limitations are there and it isn’t difficult to listen to at all. The major relief for all of us mothers and fathers would be the kids are not able to turn them up far too loud, thus we don’t need to worry about them harming their hearing. Quite a few  kids utilizes it to watch movies on their own IPod device with virtually no issues, even when travelling over a 747 going towards the western side coastline.

Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Volume Limiting Earphones -What’s in the Box

  • Loud Enough earphones
  • Pocket-ready hard case
  • Two sets of silicone ear cushions in each size (XS, S, M)
  • Instruction manual
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty

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There is simply one concern pointed out by one particular customer about these ear buds which is the lifespan of these  ear buds is roughly about a 12 months plus but she also declare that the peace of mind is well worth the  price!

Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design Review

Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design

Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design are perfect for kids. Their awesome design makes them very attractive. If are searching for a way to keep your child entertained on a long trip, these headphones will do a great job.

What’s so special about Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design? Considering the fact that they were specially developed for kids, they weigh only 0.5 pounds. Your child will not have to wear those heavy headphones which were developed for adults. This product comes with dimensions of 6.8 by 6 by 2.5 inches. These are perfect for a child’s head. Moreover, if you decide to get these headphones you will not have to replace them as your child gets older and older. They are light weight, cute and they can perfectly fit your child’s head.

Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design come with a jack that’s compatible with many different gadgets. Just think that they can be connected to various types of Mp3 players, Mp4 players or walkmans and also to iPods or iPads. Same headphones can be connected to a desktop PC or to a laptop. You can be sure that these headphones will entertain your kid.

Califone 2810-TI Kids Headphones are made of durable plastic. This means that they will not affect the health of your child in any way.

One of the features that come with these headphones allows user to set up the volume very easy. The volume control is visible so your child will not have to take the headphones off if he/she wants to change the settings.

Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design Features

Some of the features provided by Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design include the following:

  • Slotted baffles which can protect the internal speaker of your child.
  • Special earcups which are capable to reduce the ambient noise.
  • Perfectly isolated earcups.
  • Volume control that’s located on the cord portion of the headset.
  • Their cord comes with a jack that’s compatible with a large variety of gadgets.

People who already purchased Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design say that:

  • This product is perfect for those kids who still believe in fairytales. Their design is very attractive and that’s the main reason why kids love wearing them.
  • Califone 2810-TI Headphones are perfect for those parents who are searching for a way to entertain their child when they have to travel by plane, train and even by car.
  • They are very easy to use because the ear pieces never collapse or swivel. That’s because they are padded.
  • Most kids love the tiger design of this headset and that’s the main reason why there are not too many people who complain about the fact that their child refused to wear it.
  • These headphones are adjustable so they can last several years. A child can grow up with them. Parents don’t have to replace their child’s headset each and every single month.

There are many customers who are very satisfied by the quality of the sound that’s produced by these headphones. There are even people who say that Califone Headphones are better than those developed by Sony. It seems that these headphones really reduce the ambient sound. That’s the main reason why there are so many kids who use them while they are travelling by plane or train.

Not too many customers complain about Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo and PC Headphones, Tiger Design. Almost all of them say that they worth all the money. There is one single person who complains about the fact that the plug cannot stay inserted in different gadgets. However, the manufacturer is ready to change those headphones which come with this problem.

Vic Firth Kidphones -Isolation Headphones for Kids Review

Vic Firth Kidphones -Isolation Headphones for Kids

Vic Firth Kidphones – Isolation Headphones for Kids are smaller than those isolation headphones which are designed for adults. They look a lot better too! They have an eye catching color so you can be sure that they will attract the attention of your little child.

One thing is for sure – these earmuffs which are specially designed for kids are very popular among those parents who are searching for a way to protect their child’s ears against loud noise.

Now the good news is represented by the fact that these earmuffs are not only very effective but also pocket friendly. They represent the perfect protection for a child’s ears because they are capable to diminish those sounds which are produced on different occasions.

These isolation headphones are perfect for daily purposes and you will be surprised to see that your child will be able to sleep during an outdoor concert, for example.

What’s great is that they look very attractive. You can be sure that they will catch the attention of your child! You will not have to spend minutes on trying to convince your son/daughter that he/she has to wear these isolation headphones.

The positive parts

It seems that there are many people who appreciate the features provided by the Vic Firth Kidphones — Isolation Headphones for Kids. The truth is that these headphones are very effective!

Even if their name suggests that they can only be worn by kids and toddlers, adults can wear them too! They fit all types of small heads and ears.

Their greatest feature is that they can reduce the noise level by 22 decibels. This means that if you want to take your child at a concert you can be sure that you will not damage the internal speaker.

There is a customer who says that her daughter used these headphones during fireworks shows and plane flights. Same customer says that her daughter didn’t have a problem with wearing them on her head.

Another customer says that these headphones are perfect for those children who are suffering of different sensory disorders. Automatically this means that they can be used by all those children who are sensitive to noises.

Most people appreciate the fact that these isolation headphones are adjustable.

The negative parts

Those who complain about the Vic Firth Kidphones — Isolation Headphones for Kids say that this product is not adjustable. You should not listen to what they say because these headphones were specially designed to fit heads of different sizes.

A negative reviewer complains about the packaging of this product.

Another customer complains about the fact that his headphones were not delivered on time.

The conclusion

Would we recommend you to get the Vic Firth Kidphones — Isolation Headphones for Kids?


These isolation headphones will be very useful in those cases where you will have to protect your child’s ears against loud noises.

By purchasing this product you will be able to take your child in many different places. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about air shows, fireworks, outdoor or indoor concerts. These isolation headphones will protect their ears.

Also, these headphones are perfect for those children who are suffering of different types of sensory disorders or who are sensitive to loud noises.

As you may already noticed, there are many reasons why you should purchase these headphones. You will be surprised to see that they really do an awesome job.

You should definitely give them a chance! In this way you will convince yourself that they worth all the money.

This product can be purchased from Amazon with less than $25.

Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port Review

If you are interested in a headset that is capable to provide you with many benefits, then purchasing the Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port is the wisest decision that you could ever make.

That’s because this product sold at a reasonable price in comparison with other types of products from the same category.

They come with some high quality acoustic ports and so, the greatest advantage of these headphones is represented by the fact that they were specially developed to provide an unforgettable bass experience. To be more specific, they come with a deep and accurate bass.

Even if they are not as big as professional headphones, they are capable to provide you with a high quality stereo sound.

They are excellent for those who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing a set of headphones or for those who lose their headphones pretty often.

Amazon is the place where you can find them at an affordable price.

Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port Features

Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port come with a never ending list of features. That’s the main reason why there are so many people who choose to spend their money on purchasing these headphones. However, maybe you would like to know more details about the features which are provided by this product.

  • They weigh only 1.2 oz. which means that they are very comfortable to wear.
  • Their XBS port is a huge advantage for those who are interested to purchase a product that’s capable to provide an unforgettable bass experience.
  • The neodymium magnets of these headphones provide a high quality, deep sound.
  • Foam-cushioned earcups for an increased comfort.
  • A wide headband for those who’d like to purchase a product that perfectly matches with the dimensions of their head.
  • These headphones come with two silver earcups and a black headband so they can be easily matched with many different types of gadgets.
  • They were specially developed for everyday use.

Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS Port Reviews

Positive Reviews

There are many people who are satisfied with the quality of the sound that’s provided by these headphones. Most of them say that they are using these headphones each and every single day of their life and that they didn’t encounter problems.

Most people say that these headphones are worth the money. Some users say that they are sold at a very good price even if they provide more features than other types of headphones.

Others are happy with the fact that these headphones are compatible with many different electronic devices such as mp3 players, walkmans, laptops and not only.

This is the perfect set of headphones for those who are big fans of various sports. Many users say that they can practice their daily physical exercise while wearing these headphones on their head.

Negative Reviews

Several users complain about the fact that these headphones come with a bad sound quality. It seems that they are bothered by the bass dominant sound. Fortunately, you can change this.

The conclusion

These headphones are worth the money. They come with many interesting features which are not included in the price of other types of headsets. If you are not that kind of person who enjoys listening to house or trance music, you can change the sound settings of these headphones. In this way you will not be bothered by the bass dominant sound. This is the perfect solution for those who are searching for some cheap but high quality headphones. What’s great is that they can be used in many different situations.

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