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10 Best Dishwashers 2019 Buyers Guide

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SPT Countertop Dishwasher

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Best Seller

Magic Chef Table dishwasher

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Best Value $

Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

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Nobody likes to wash dishes by hand. However, if you live in a small apartment, if you have a summer house or if you travel by motor home, you are likely to assume that standing and washing dishes is the only way to achieve them due to space, plumbing facilities and the need for a dishwasher. . Or maybe you have an outdoor kitchen and would like the dishes to be clean while you enjoy spending time with your guests and family after a delicious dinner in your patio? The dishwasher is an essential part of the modern kitchen and one of the most important machines can withstand the pain of your life. However, conventional dishwashers are expensive and require a lot of space in the kitchen. Well, there are people who can afford this equipment, but many others cannot do it due to monetary problems or spatial restrictions. A dishwasher can be a great solution for you if you need a compact and economical dishwasher in your kitchen. Finding the best dishwasher to put on can be a difficult task, and we all know how difficult it is to face the search for the perfect dishwasher for your kitchen. We perform an exhaustive search and list the 10 main dishwashers to install.


These products are designed to help you save energy and money. A portable dishwasher is an excellent device, as it can be loaned to friends or family. When buying these products, size is an important factor to consider. This product is also a good buy for students because they can carry their dishwasher when they move to college or when they change homes. The size of these products is measured in parameters on the site. A higher number means that the dishwasher has a higher capacity. A capacity of six covers is ideal for standard homes. A smaller number is ideal for people who live alone. Once the size is chosen, functionality is another important factor to consider. For optimal comfort, be sure to choose a portable dishwasher with a faucet adapter.

How to choose the best dishwasher

When you buy a new device, you must first consider your space. The type of device you are looking for will depend to a large extent on the amount or the small space available. Then you have to think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Consider the cost of dishwasher detergent and an increase in the energy / water bill, considering how much you want to spend on your portable dishwasher. And, finally, think about the features that interest you most. Do you want easy-to-use controls? What happens with the shorter washing cycles? Or are you looking for a longer warranty? It is worth taking the time to think about the dishwasher that best suits your needs. In general, when choosing the best dishwasher to consider, consider the space you have, your budget and the functions you need. Once you have decided on these answers, you can filter what you do not want and then make a more informed and informed purchasing decision.


1.SPT Countertop Dishwasher


The SPT countertop dishwasher is a great product for a small office, apartment or kitchen. It is designed to be compact and fits under cabinets, but it’s amazing how easy it is to open it. The manufacturer has ensured that the SPT countertop dishwasher is a necessity, since it can provide the same efficiency as a full dish washer. This model is lightweight for only 48 £, which makes its portability very easy for anyone. The SPT countertop dishwasher is Energy Star certified, with an estimated annual operating cost of only $ 24. Although it has 6 standard cutlery and an impressive spray arm, it still offers these features in an energy efficient design. Since it was built with a durable stainless steel interior, you can be sure to use it for many years. A complex dishwasher stand will also allow you to organize it indoors, while the faucet adapter has been designed to work with the most common faucets in our homes. We love the dishwasher because of its ease of use that allows anyone to use it.

  • It has 6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak)
  • Comes with a faucet adapter
  • It has easy-to-use controls.
  • Very positive opinions
  • Suitable for different areas of home and office due to its compact size
  • You must clean the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.
  • Some cycles may take some time
  • Some large sizes of dishes may not be suitable

2.Magic Chef Table dishwasher MCSCD6W3


The dishwasher at the counter Magic Chef has a very elegant design and very easy to use. Its appearance looks like a full-size dishwasher without occupying all the space. Easily supports up to 6 seats in its compact structure of 49.5 pounds. With 5 wash cycle options, the Magic Chef dishwasher will adapt to your washing needs. Your purchase also includes a quick installation kit that allows you to install it and start washing the dishes immediately. There is a quick-connect nozzle that fits your faucet tap and only requires a common power outlet to generate power. This dishwasher has the capacity to generate a huge power of 68 watts and includes 5 different wash cycles. The quick wash setting is one of the best and will allow you to quickly process smaller loads. With an anti-flood switch, you can be sure that you will never flood your meters.

  • It comes with a quick installation kit
  • It is silent when used
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Only suitable for a standard tap
  • Lightweight items can sometimes accumulate water during the rinse cycle

3.Energy Star Portable Dishwasher SP-SD-9241SS


The SPT Energy Star portable dishwasher is the perfect compact dishwasher if you have space on the floor but do not have space available at the counter. This design is on wheels and is of opposite height, which provides an additional counter to use when in use. The SPT Energy Star portable dishwasher has a large capacity for up to 8 seats. This dishwasher is perfect for a large family or a large office that needs to wash more at a time. With this elegant stainless steel exterior design, the SPT Energy Star portable dishwasher has an elegant look and combines with other stainless steel appliances. It has the Energy Star certification and its annual operating cost is estimated at $ 32. We find the delay functions here and you will also see them as part of a common theme to many other products on this list. Several wash cycles will make your life easier because it has different load sizes and a universal faucet adapter will work on most types of faucets.

  • It can contain up to 8 place settings
  • Easy to connect
  • Clean very well
  • He looks very strong in the kitchen.
  • It is expensive
  • It should go to the floor instead of at the counter.

4.Countertop Dishwasher SPT SD-2224DS with delayed start and LED


The SPT countertop dishwasher with delayed start offers an elegant silver appearance and perfect portability. With 7 different wash cycles, this dishwasher is ideal for washing various types of loads. The delayed start feature simply adds this convenience key to delay washing for up to eight hours. This sleek design has an LED display that can be easily seen in low light areas, such as under a dark cabinet. It uses 120 volts and weighs only 43 pounds, which makes it portable enough to be moved from one place to another. Give your home or office the natural power you need with this compact design. With 7 different wash cycles, you can choose to wash any of your clothes depending on how they are washed. You can also delay it for a few hours, which will ensure that the wash is ready when you finally need to use specific cutlery or save water in smaller quantities. The water supply indicator is also an excellent way to warn you before something go wrong.

  • The height is only 17.24 “, which corresponds to almost all furniture.
  • Easy installation with a quick connect function.
  • The timer can sometimes show incorrectly
  • The width can be considered quite large.

5.Cost way Countertop Dishwasher stainless steel 6 place settings


The Cost way countertop dishwasher offers all the power and convenience of a complete dishwasher, but without taking up all that space. The interior capacity can easily accommodate up to 6 standard cutlery, making it the perfect complement to an office, a small kitchen or an apartment. This portable dishwasher includes electronic button controls that are easy to use. It has a stainless steel interior to prevent rust and interior, a durable stand, a cutlery basket and a cup rack to allow easy distribution of your cutlery. The compact dishwasher is suitable for most standard counters and cabinets. Your start time varies from 1 to 24 hours, which allows you to wash your clothes when you are not at home. 6 different wash cycles have been included to allow you to properly wash all your details

  • It has a stainless steel interior.
  • Includes all connections
  • Very easy to use
  • Low noise
  • The dishes do not come out very dry.

6.EdgeStarDWP61ES Built-in portable dishwasher with 6 place settings


The EdgeStar 6 PlaceDishwasher comes with a digital control panel equipped with an LED display. It is designed to hold plates up to 10.5 inches in diameter. It has a delayed start function that is perfect for programming to start whenever you want. The product also has the blocking function for children that helps prevent accidents when children try to open it. The dishwasher requires a maximum input voltage of 120 V at a frequency of 60 Hz. Its compact design allows it to adapt to most cabinets. The stainless steel interior guarantees durability and protects it from oxidation.

  • Includes a lock function for children
  • Durable stainless steel interior
  • Includes delayed start function
  • Compact design
  • Expensive

7.Koldfront 6 Place portable dishwasher


If you are looking for a dishwasher that consumes only 200 kilowatts per year, Koldfront’s 6-place Portable Meter is the perfect dishwasher for you. The 200 kilowatts of energy that are used annually are 61% less than other dishwashers. With a little over 17 inches in height, the dishwasher can easily go under any cabinet. Therefore, permanent installation is not required. It is equipped with a powerful spray arm that allows you to wash dishes and other utensils with ease. It has six wash cycles and is optimized to maintain 6 place settings, a cutlery basket and a cup rack. This helps to improve the organization of utensils. It has a built-in rinse aid dispenser that helps minimize water spots on the dishes. Internal heating and intensive wash cycle eliminate germs and bacteria by heating water to 149 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Internal  heating to eliminate common bacteria.
  • Compact design
  • Powerful dishwashing spray
  • Reasonable price
  • May require professional installation

8.HomeLabs Compact Dishwasher


The compact counter top dishwasher hOmeLabs is a powerful dishwasher that requires a 120 volt power supply. It is designed with several different baskets, including the specific cup holder and holder, to ensure proper washing. It is made of solid stainless steel, which improves durability. To help eliminate any potential bacteria, the dishwasher can be heated up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has the Energy Star certification, which means you will not have to worry about the excessive use of electricity on your bill. As it is quite compact, this dishwasher is very easy to install and should not take up too much space. The dishwasher does not include an elegant faucet adapter and must be purchased separately. However, it is still quite affordable and you can easily buy it. In terms of price, the dishwasher itself is really affordable and should be compact enough to fit most counters with relative ease.

  • Reasonable price
  • Includes 6 wash cycles.
  • Sustainable construction
  • Warms to eliminate bacteria.
  • Does not include tap adapter.

9.Westland Sales DWV322CB Vesta Table Top Dishwasher

Then we have the dishwasher Vesta Westland Sales DWV322CB and this powerful dishwasher has been designed to help you save space in your home. It comes in an elegant black color and was built in stainless steel to ensure maximum durability is needed. Inside, it has 4 different placement configurations and helps diversify where all your dishes and utensils should come from. It uses only up to 4.2 gallons of water per wash cycle, but this can also be reduced depending on the cycle chosen. In addition, it has the Energy Star certification to guarantee the best possible functionality. This could be a bit expensive for most people to buy. However, it is protected by a one-year guarantee that gives you peace of mind. It should also be taken into account that the installation process only takes a few minutes.

  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Easy installation
  • one year limited warranty
  • Limited use of water
  • expensive

10.Sunbeam DWSB3607BB Portable dishwasher


Finally, we have the Sunbeam DWSB3607BB Portable Dishwasher. This dishwasher also continues our trend of conventional dishwashers that will ensure optimal performance. In addition to being compact and easy to install, one of the key features is the portability that can carry it. Includes 6 different wash configurations, which will allow you to wash all your details depending on how they should be washed. An automatic rinse dispenser will ensure that the dishwasher always clean all your dishes and prepare it for drying when you need it. As for the price, this is one of the best parts and you do not have to spend a fortune if you want this dishwasher. It is really affordable and its installation will not take long. We recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking for a new dishwasher within their budget.

  • Very affordable
  • Portable design
  • 6 different wash configurations
  • compact
  • Small capacity

Heavy-duty portable dishwasher Whirlpool

For a portable dishwasher that leaves little to be desired, choose this rugged model from the appliance giant Whirlpool. Our selection of the best portable dishwashers offers many places to place your plates, glasses, cutlery and more. In fact, this 24-inch wide dishwasher has a “high-bowl” design and can seat up to 12 seats, making it the best of almost any portable dishwasher on the market. If you are an avid artist or a large family, this model will give you the room you need to wash the dishes quickly and efficiently. The Whirlpool portable heavy-duty dishwasher also offers a good selection of cycles, including a quick one-hour cycle for quick cleaning. A floor sensor allows the machine to automatically adjust the normal cycle, ensuring that the load is clean and does not need to be washed again. The machine also includes a heavy cycle for the most demanding dishwashing jobs, as well as high temperature washing and heat drying options. Dry drying is of particular importance because few portable dishwashers are equipped with built-in heating. At 64 decibels, this model is comparable to the noise level of most larger portable dishwashers. It is not particularly silent, but it is not stronger than units of similar size. The many features and functions of the Whirlpool heavy duty dishwasher make it a clear choice for the best portable dishwasher in the world.

Best Budget: Danby Portable Dishwasher DDW1801MWP

If you are looking for the best portable dishwasher on a budget, the Danby DDW1801MWP is a popular choice. Made a few years ago, the latest model of this compact Danby dishwasher measures 17.7 inches in diameter, but manages to accommodate up to eight place settings, at least according to the manufacturer. Real users say it seems less difficult but it’s big enough for one or two people. Its small size contributes to an efficient use of energy and water, thus contributing to the economic factor of this model. If you are interested in this economical portable dishwasher, you should keep in mind that the power cord is only 5 feet long and that the garden hose is only 3 feet long. This means that you will need a plug near your sink or that you may have difficulty connecting the machine to both the current and the water. In addition, some users find that the dishes are very wet at the end of the cycle. To deal with this, it is recommended to open the door at the end of the cycle to allow the steam to escape. However, for a portable dishwasher that does not take up much space in your kitchen or budget, the Danby DDW1801MWP portable dishwasher is a good choice.


The only dishwasher that does not require plumbing.  Designed for small spaces.  And now, awarded the CES 2019 Innovation Award. Honorary Award: only 18 “wide x 16.75” high x 14 “deep, Tetra is a compact dishwasher that quickly cleans plates, glasses and plates, etc. Simply pour water, choose modular racks compatible with the items you are washing and see how Tetra cleans your dishes in a few minutes Use it wherever there is an outlet The sink uses 10 times more water than dishwashers, and with Tetra you save water and energy , so you can easily control the temperature, unmolded plastic containers, cleaning the fruit or dripping soft cycle wine glasses, and since there is no metal heating element inside to rust, the hot water is purer than Everyone’s water, another dishwasher available in the area.


In our opinion, we would choose the SPT countertop dishwasher for several reasons. It has the best positive comments on (in fact, it currently ranks number one) and the price is right. Finally, it is full of features such as energy savings thanks to the Energy Star rating; It is quite compact, has a durable stainless steel interior and consumes little water. In general, select the right one for your space, either on the floor or at the counter, and say goodbye to washing the dishes by hand.

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